“Love on a Rooftop ” ep 7~ep 8 ~Seung Hye:”Love makes you blind.”

Finding out form Kyeong Tae the real reason Seung Hye was fired, Do Jin wants to apologize for how he treated her, but Seung Hye is cold with him.

Seung Hye’s family finds out that she lost her job.

Finally something better comes towards Seung Hye! She meets the famous barista she likes.

Personal thoughts: I try to decide who is more frustrating, the family, who is treating Seung Hye as their personal Cinderella, or Seung Hye, who just accepts everything without saying a word like a complete fool.

For how long Dae Shil and the grandmother were at the hospital if Seung Hye had time to go home and then came to the hospital to pretend to be still working there?

If Seung Hye took her uniform when she went to the hospital, how was Seung Ah able to find it hidden in the room?

So the grandmother refuses to sell her tea, even if everyone wants to buy it out of principle, the father doesn’t want to sell his work to just anyone because the pieces of furniture he makes are important to him and wants to know if the buyer is a good person, but Seung Hye is the one that has to sacrifice herself in order to bring home money and to pay for Seung Jae and Seung Ah’s classes????

Another thing, Seung Hye is the one that provides the money for her family but Seung Jae and Seung Ah are the once having their own room, with a bed, while Seung Hye shares a room with her aunt, sleeping on the floor….

I knew it!!!!The moment Se Ryeong’s father said he sees Seung Hye as his daughter, I knew that there must be a birth secret in Seung Hye’s life.

Episode 7

Dae Shil accompanies her mother to the hospital, where her mother is upset that Seung Hye doesn’t come to see her. When Seung Hye received a phone call from her aunt she runs home, takes her nurse uniform and runs over to the hospital where she pretends to still be working there.

Leaving her mother with Seung Hye, Dae Shil went to the bathroom and heard the nurses talking about Seung Hye being fired. Upset Dae Shil decided to sell what she wrote even for a smaller price to make some money and help easy Seung Hye’s burden.

After meeting with Do Jin’s mother and realized how much she wants her son to be a doctor, Se Ryeong met Do Jin. She wants him to be a doctor also. Do Jin gets upset and decided to rip off the contract with Se Ryeong’s company. He wants to do what makes him happy, not what his mother wants him to do.

At the house, Seung Ah entered Seung Hye’s room to look for money, but she finds Seung Hye’s hidden uniform. She runs to Seung Jae’s room and tells him what she found. When Seung Ah told him that Seung Hye must have quit her job at the hospital, Seung Jae realized that the night before Seung Hye was talking about herself, not her friend.

On her way back home, Seung Hye is hungry. She enters the convenience store to buy a cup of ramen and rice triangle, but she doesn’t have enough money. Do Jin, who saw her, wants to buy her rice triangle, but Seung Hye refuses, she just took the ramen cup.

When she leaves the store, Seung Hye meets Do Jin. He was waiting for her to apologize for how he treated her when he didn’t know the reason she was fired. Now he heard from Kyeong Tae what happened and feels guilty, but Seung Hye is cold towards him.

Seung Hye:”Love makes you blind. Please don’t act like you know me again.”

In front of her house, Seung Hye sees Dae Shil coming home drunk. Because she can’t carry Dae Shil on her own, Seung Hye calls Seung Jae for help. While they were taking Dae Shil to her room, she was making a lot of noise and Seung Hye’s parents came out.

The drunk Dae Shil told Seung Hye’s parents to stop burdening her with their problems because she was fired.

Dae Shil:”You put all this weight on her shoulders. You say you’re sorry and grateful, yet you don’t unburden her shoulders at all! Imagine how bad it must be that she couldn’t even tell you she got fired!”

Instead of understanding what Dae Shil wanted to say, Seung Hye’s parents scold her for being fired when they need money.

That night Seung Jae decided to quit school for one year and get a job to help Seung Hye, but Seung Hye didn’t agree with that. The next morning the grandmother asks Seung Hye to get a new loan and help her father with the rent for his store.

Episode 8

Since she didn’t hire Do Jin, Se Ryeong hired a famous barista, Jung Yoon Ho. That barista, Jung Yoon Ho, is Seung Hye’s role model.

To make Seung Hye feel better, Dae Shil takes Seung Hye to a sign event held by Jung Yoon Ho. At the event Seung Hye met Yoon Ho, shake his hand and participated at a game that he proposed.

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