“Love on a Rooftop ” ep 9~ep 10 ~Do Jin:” The truth has become an important issue for me as well.”

Seung Hye asks one more time Se Ryeong to tell the truth, but Se Ryeong won’t do that.

Do Jin tends more and more to believe Seung Hye.

Yoon Ho, the barista Seung Hye likes, asks her to give him a tour to introduce him the town.

Do Jin follows Seung Hye around to let her talk to president Jang.

Episode 9

Seung Hye participates at the game that Jeong Yoon Ho proposed and she was the only winner.

Yoon Ho:”You’d make a good barista.”

Se Ryeong who saw everything isn’t pleased at all. When it’s time to leave, Do Jin came to pick up Se Ryeong. He has something to tell her. The moment he saw Seung Hye, Do Jin made Se Ryeong hear what Seung Hye has to say.

One more time Seung Hye asked Se Ryeong to tell the truth, even if Seung Hye won’t return to her uncle hospital. Seung Hye is ready to kneel before Se Ryeong and beg her to tell the truth, but Do Jin stops her.

Do Jin:”Don’t you have any pride? You’d kneel anywhere, for anyone? Is it that easy for you?”

But Se Ryeong won’t tell the truth, even if Seung Hye begs in her knees. Later, when they are alone Do Jin tells Se Ryeong that he suspects that she lied and Seung Hye is innocent.

Do Jin:” The truth has become an important issue for me as well.”

Seung Hye and her all family is eating. During their meal Seung Ah tells everyone that she went to see a plastic surgeon and he told her that she can remove her scar with surgery so Seung Hye should get her money ready. After dinner, Dae Shil advises Seung Hye to get a job that will make her happy, not one that will give her money for the family as she did when she got the job as a nurse.

Yoon Ho is having dinner with Se Ryeong and her father. They know each other for a long time. Yoon Ho will stay at their house as long as Se Ryeong will not fall in love with him.

Kyeong Tae talks with Do Jin about how much he pities Seung Hye, who was fired and blamed for something she didn’t do. She cured Se Ryeong’s father white coat syndrome and in return he gave her a present. The way Kyeong Tae see the whole thing is that Se Ryeong blamed and fired Seung Hye without her father knowing.

Se Ryeong can’t believe that Do Jin believes more Seung Hye than herself so to know more about how Do Jin and Seung Hye met, Se Ryeong calls Kyeong Tae.

The next day, while doing her part time job as quid tour, Seung Hye meets Yoon Ho who asked her to give him a tour.

Episode 10

Yoon Ho met Seung Hye and asked her to give him a tour of Bukchon. They walk around Bukchon having fun and talking about coffee. Suddenly they run into Do Jin. He was looking around for a place to rent and start his business when he saw Seung Hye.

Out of guilty for how he treated Seung Hye without knowing the truth, Do Jin wants to call Se Ryeong’s father and let Seung Hye talk to him.

When Do Jin approaches Seung Hye, she is cold towards him and doesn’t want to talk to him. The way Seung Hye treats Do Jin makes Yoon Ho believe that Do Jin is a stalker.

After saying goodbye to Yoon Ho, Seung Hye went to see her father and heard his talk with the real estate owner about his problems. Seung Hye accompanies the real estate owner to his office and finds out that the owner of her father’s shop dubbed the rent. While she was trying to convince the real estate owner to give her the number of the owner of her father’s shop, Do Jin came in to sign the contract for his shop. Seeing Seung Hye, Do Jin takes out his phone and calls Se Ryeong’s father, but Seung Hye left before he got the chance to talk to her.

Do Jin enters a coffee shop to get a coffee and he sees there Yoon Ho. When he left, Do Jin met Seung Hye, who was coming to get the prize she won the day before at Yoon Ho’s event. She avoids him, Do Jin grabs her hand.

Do Jin:” I’m not doing this to kill time, you know.”

Do Jin is about to tell her the reason he’s been wanting to talk to her the whole day when Yoon Ho came out and hit Do Jin.

Yoon Ho:” You can’t let a stalker who harasses women just have his way.”

Do Jin is about to fight back and tell Seung Hye and Yoon Ho what he needs to say when he ses inside Yoon Ho’s coffee shop his mother and runs away.

Seung Hye feels guilty that Yoon Ho mistook Do Jin for a stalker and hit him and went to apologize to Do Jin. Since Do Jin and Seung Hye don’t know each other’s phone numbers, Seung Hye went to Do Jin’s house.

When Seung Hye was apologizing, Se Ryeong’s father called Do Jin and Do Jin arranged a meeting for Seung Hye and president Jang. Meantime president Jang was having coffee with Se Ryeong and Yoon Ho. Se Ryeong’s father likes the exact coffee that Seung Hye likes.

The next morning, Seung Hye wakes up early to make her wake up calls. Her new client is Yoon Ho. She wakes him up and gets ready to leave. Seung Ah sees her leaving and wants to know where. Seung Ah wants to know if Seung Hye is going to a job interview so Seung Hye will have money to pay for her classes and plastic surgery.

Seung Hye:”I think I was fired so that you’d grow up.”

Seung Hye met with Do Jin and went to see president Jang. At presidents Jang’s office, Seung Hye finds out that Do Jin made the cake president Jang gave her.

Seung Hye:”I’m no longer working at the hospital.”

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