“The Girl Who Sees Smells ” ep 10 ~ Moo Gak:”Please stand by me and let me know what kind of person I am.”

Moo Gak and Cho Rim are closer to each other, but Cho Rim is also closer to getting her memory back. Jae Hee knows every step Moo Gak is doing since he downloaded the spy application in Moo Gak’s phone.

While Cho Rim reads the letter Dr. Chun left her, Jae Hee finds her.

Episode 10

Moo Gak and Cho Rim arrived at the police station. Cho Rim is supposed to meet lieutenant Yeom to continue with the sketch of the woman Cho Rim remembers. Before Cho Rim arrived, lieutenant Yeom already finished the sketch and realized that the woman Cho Rim remembers is one of the barcode killer’s victim, Choi Eun Seol’s mother. When she sees Cho Rim and Moo Gak, lieutenant Yeom hides the sketch and doesn’t tell them what she knows.

Lieutenant Yeom and Cho Rim enter the sketch room, but when Cho Rim went to buy drinks, lieutenant Yeom photographed Cho Rim’s ID. While she was remaking the sketch, lieutenant Yeom made sure that she didn’t get the right sketch, but after Cho Rim and Moo Gak left she searched for information about Cho Rim using her personal data. Lieutenant Yeom found out that Oh Jae Pyo is Cho Rim’s father so that means Cho Rim is Choi Eun Seol the witness she’s been looking for.

On the other hand Moo Gak and Cho Rim went for drinks. At the restaurant Cho Rim went to the bathroom, but bumped into a pervert. Cho Rim and Moo Gak left the restaurant and went to catch the pervert who jumped on the bathroom window.

Cho Rim and Moo Gak split for a second and Cho Rim saw the pervert. She runs after him, but after he crosses the road, Cho Rim sees a truck coming towards her and remembers the moment of her accident when the barcode killer was running after her.

Cho Rim:”I saw the moment of my accident.”

Moo Gak is washing dishes at Cho Rim’s house when he feels itchy. His wearing gloves so he asks Cho Rim to scratch his nose. They realized that Moo Gak is starting to heal so he is starting to feel again. To be sure that Moo Gak is starting to feel again, Cho Rim pushes him, than she hits him. He says that he can’t feel a thing, but he wants Cho Rim to kiss him to see if he feels that.

Moo Gak is eating lunch with his team. The police chief forgot something and Moo Gak goes to return it. While looking for the police chief, Moo Gak sees Oh Jae Pyo and follows him. Oh Jae Pyo met the police chief. He wants the police chief to give him all the information the police has about the barcode killer. Oh Jae Pyo wrote his address on a paper from the coffee shop.

Now Moo Gak knows Oh Jae Pyo’s address and calls lieutenant Yeom. When Moo Gak was telling lieutenant Yeom the address where Oh Jae Pyo is, Jae Hee heard the address also.

While lieutenant Yeom left towards the place where Oh Jae Pyo is, the Moo Gak’s team found out that the man Moo Gak followed the other day, that hurt his head, is actually an arsonist, not the barcode killer. Hearing that, Moo Gak realized that while he was following the barcode killer, the murderer changed places with the arsonist. While Moo Gak ran after the arsonist at the construction site, the barcode killer remained hidden there.

Moo Gak returned to the storage where Dr. Chun’s things are and realized that there are two books missing.

Jae Hee arrived at the place where Oh Jae Pyo is. The girl from the restaurant Oh Jae Pyo is staying made the mistake to tell Jae Hee where he is. When he saw Oh Jae Pyo, Jae Hee throw himself towards the car Oh Jae Pyo was driving, pretending that Oh Jae Pyo hit him.

While Oh Jae Pyo took Jae Hee to the hospital, lieutenant Yeom arrived at the restaurant, but none of the people there tell her that Oh Jae Pyo stays there. Lieutenant Yeom texts Moo Gak to tell him Oh Jae Pyo isn’t at the address he gave her. Meantime Jae Hee is with Oh Jae Pyo, holding him busy for a while so Oh Jae Pyo won’t meet lieutenant Yeom.

Moo Gak broke into Jae Hee’s house. He sees Moongchi barking at a door and goes in, but he can’t find anything suspicious there. While Moo Gak was searching around the house, Jae Hee and Cho Rim arrived. When Cho Rim noticed Moo Gak’s scent she broke a glass to make Jae Hee leave the room so that Moo Gak will be able to leave.

Later they meet at the park and Cho Rim scolded Moo Gak for trespassing.

Moo Gak:” I am willing to do anything that’ll help catch my sister’s murderer.”

For a while they talk about Moo Gak’s sister. He even shows Cho Rim his sister’s picture.

Cho Rim:” I’m going to find a brother that’ll love me and mo only.”

Cho Rim and Moo Gak and eating and watching the show she filmed few days ago. Then Cho Rim received texts form people she knows.

While Moo Gak washes the dishes, Cho Rim asks him different things to see if their like the same things or not. She is looking at Moo Gak’s back and suddenly she gets up and hugs him. He turns around and tells her to be by his side forever.

Moo Gak:”Please stand by me and let me know what kind of person I am.”

Then Moo Gak drops a bowl and Cho Rim wakes up from her dream. She gets up from her chair and goes to Moo Gak to make her dream real, but she slips on water and fells.

Cho Rim wakes up from her sleep and Moo Gak was lying next to her. He hugs her.

Moo Gak:” I’d love to sleep until morning.”

While he was hugging Cho Rim happily, Cho Rim wakes him up from his dream.

Since she knows that Oh Cho Rim is the witness she is looking for and that Moo Gak’s sister was killed because she had the same name as Oh Cho Rim, lieutenant Yeom removed Moo Gak form the special investigation team.

Moo Gak:”I must catch my sister’s murderer!”

The same time Cho Rim was filming a show with Jae Hee at his house. A girl from the filming team recognized her as Choi Eun Seol.

Because he needed a book, Jae Hee sent Cho Rim to get one from the library. There Cho Rim found the letter Dr. Chun wrote for her. While she was reading the letter, Jae Hee appeared behind her.

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