“We Got Married ” ep 33 ( WGM ep 270) ~ Jae Rim:”Don’t touch weird places.”

Jae Rim and So Eun found the perfect place for their picnic where Jae Rim tasted So Eun’s love rice balls.

Back home the couple found a chicken shop that can bring them their order in the middle of nowhere, where they are. After eating is time for exercises, but something happened between them and they became embarrassed.

It seems like Jae Rim is too nice with So Eun. He does everything she wants. That makes me curious if he is like that in real life too or just on this show….

I’m a little disappointed by the rice balls part, i was expecting more action, but well that’s just me… the producers that edited didn’t agree with me…

Episode 33

Jae Rim and So Eun couple arrived at the picnic location. When they got off their scooter, Jae Rim wanted to carry So Eun on his back, but she was too embarrassed because there were a lot of people seeing them. After checking that the rice balls are alright, So Eun and Jae Rim took some time to take pictures of each other.

While trying to find the right place to put their picnic things, the couple saw a park that had some swings and of course they had to try it on.

Jae Rim and So Eun found a place for their picnic. They sat and started eating. So Eun stopped Jae Rim when he was about to eat a rice ball and offered him one of the special rice balls she made especially for him. The first special rice ball was full of garlic. As revenge Jae Rim takes the garlic out of his mouth and tries to stick it into So Eun’s mouth, but she fought back.

The second love rice ball was full of mustard. This time Jae Rim pulls So Eun over to him, but she fought back and he fell over her.

After fighting for so long it’s time to eat the good ball rice. But this time Jae Rim made a mistake saying that So Eun doesn’t like beans when she does. A new argument starts between the couple. So Eun wants to know who the girl that doesn’t like beans is.

While Jae Rim was lying on So Eun’s knee, she broke an egg in his head. She keeps breaking egg in his head until they deiced to play a game. Each of them will write 3 notes for the other and they will hide them around the area they are having their picnic.

Jae Rim didn’t like the first note he found, but still he has to do what the note says. So

Eun on the other hand wanted to eat the first note she found, because she didn’t like what was written there.

Jae Rim:” Are you a goat? Spit it and put it together.”

Back home Jae Rim and So Eun decide to order some chicken, but the closest restaurant is at 5 km far away from them. While they are waiting for their order, the couple decided to make candies. Jae Rim’s first try failed because he put too much soda. On the second try, Jae Rim’s candy hardened before he put the shape on it and So Eun’s stick on the kitchen spatula.

When So Eun was trying hard to remove the candy form the kitchen spatula, Jae Rim bend over and kissed her. But don’t start screaming happily you Solim couple lovers, it was a kiss on the cheek.

Jae Rim:” This is how a seven-year-married couple does. Is that sweet or am I sweet? ”

The chicken arrived and the couple went to their own privet sauna to eat. In that sauna Jae Rim feels like that place is the perfect place to exercise so once again he exposes his chicken legs.

It’s time for Jae Rim to do sit-ups. While So Eun holds his legs she mistakenly touched his privet parts and both of them are embarrassed.

Jae Rim:”Don’t touch weird places.”

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