“Love on a Rooftop ” ep 11~ep 12 ~Do Jin:”You did sing to me all night saying “I’m okay!” “

Seung Hye and Dae Shil celebrate until they get drunk. Seeing Seung Hye drunk, Do Jin had to carry her home, where her whole family is curious what Do Jin and Seung Hye’s relationship is.

Episode 11

Do Jin took Seung Hye to meet president Jang and while they were talking he went to see Se Ryeong.

Hearing that Seung Hye is with her father, Se Ryeong got upset. She is upset that Seung Hye is telling her father that she was fired, but Se Ryeong is more upset that Do Jin helped her. For her it doesn’t matter that Seung Hye suffers because she lost her job. In Se Ryeong’s eyes, Seung Hye brought everything upon herself. While Se Ryeong was screaming angry at Do Jin for helping Seung Hye, the secretary came in, Se Ryeong’s father wants to see her.

As soon as Se Ryeong entered, her father asked her to apologize to Seung Hye. Because Se Ryeong refused to apologize for what she did, her father, president Jang apologized instead of his daughter.

Seung Jae called Seung Hye out. They met at Yoon Ho’s coffee shop. Since Seung Hye had a hard time lately, Seung Jae wanted to go on a date with his sister and make her feel better. At the coffee shop Seung Jae met Yoon Ho and found out that Yoon Ho wants to train Seung Hye to become a barista.

Later Seung Hye met president Jang and told him that she doesn’t want to get her job at the hospital back because she decided to follow her dream.

The same time Do Jin shows Kyeong Tae his new shop.

Seung Hye and Dae Shil met to celebrate that Dae Shil signed with a publisher. When Dae Shil, drunk, goes to the toilet, Do Jin and Kyeong Tae came in, but Kyeong Tae had to use the toilet and left Do Jin to order their chicken.

Drunk, Dae Shil entered the men’s toilet and after talking to Kyeong Tae took his phone and run away with it. Arrived in the park, Dae Shil fell asleep on a bench.

Do Jin sees Seung Hye sleeping, drunk, on a table from the chicken restaurant. Because she is too drunk and starts singing, Do Jin had to carry her home on his back. Arrived at Seung Hye’s house, Seung Hye throw up on Do Jin in front of her family.

Episode 12

With Seung Hye on his back, Do Jin entered Seung Hye’s house. When everyone came out, Seung Hye threw up on Do Jin. Seung Jae and his mother jump to get Seung Hye from Do Jin’s back and take her to her room. But Seung Hye woke up! Still drunk she tells few words to every member of her family. She told her grandmother that she will make her grandmother proud instead her grandmother has to love her a little bit. Towards Seung Ah she feels bad because of the scar and she promised to pay for Seung Ah’s plastic surgery. Then she said her parents who much she loves them.

Seung Ah and Seung Jae took Seung Hye to her room and put her to bad. Meantime their parents asked Do Jin what happened. When Seung Jae came out, he brought some clothes for Do Jin to change.

The next morning, both Seung Hye and Dae Shil are scolded. Seung Hye was scolded because a man brought her home on his back and Dae Shil was scolded because she didn’t come home until morning. Seung Hye’s grandmother didn’t let them eat soup for breakfast to punish them.

Kyeong Tae tells Do Jin why he disappeared from the chicken shop the night before. The same time Dae Shil tells Seung Hye what happened to her. From the restaurant toilet, Dae Shil ran away with Kyeong Tae’s phone. He followed her until she fell asleep on a bench in a park. Kyeong Tae took his phone and wanted to leave, but he couldn’t let a woman alone in a park.

When Dae Shil woke up she was sleeping on a strange man’s knee in a park. Embarrassed she ran away without saying a word to Kyeong Tae.

Do Jin waits for Seung Hye’s phone call. When she called he was really happy. Embarrassed she asked to him to meet so she could return his clothes and to apologize.

Do Jin:”You did sing to me all night saying “I’m okay!” “

While he was talking to Seung Hye, Do Jin sees Seung Ah. She comes to him and seeing that he is looking for a part timer, she asks him to give her the job. To get the job, Seung Ah lies to Do Jin that she needs the job to help Seung Hye with the payments for their house.

Seung Ah:”I can’t have her getting married off to some guy already. Unless you want to provide for my whole family, you should definitely avoid any kind of relationship with her. ”

While Seung Ah was with Do Jin, Yoon Ho was offering a job to Seung Hye.

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