“Murphy’s Law of Love ” ep 7~ Jia Wei:” Don’t make me wait too long!”

A battle of love is like a battle of war.

Because Xiao Tong always puts other’s first leaving her last, Jia Wei decided to confess his feelings to Xiao Tong so that he could take care of her from now on.

Episode 7

Returned to the hospital, Xiao Tong received a text from Zi Yan in which he was telling her to call him if she needs anything.

The next day, Xin Xin tells Xiao Tong that Jia Wei interrogated her to find out where Xiao Tong is after he run away from an extremely important meeting at his office.

Jia Wei spends the night working when Polo runs away. He goes after Polo and saw Polo with Xiao Tong.

Jia Wei:”Why are you so close to him? What are you doing here at this hour?”

Xiao Tong brought food to Jia Wei in the middle of the night. The sit in his office and eat together. They open up about each other. Jia Wei tells Xiao Tong why he is working so hard at his company. Jia Wei wants his company to succeed because if he will fail his father will use that as an excuse to close his company. Jia Wei’s father wants Jia Wei to join and succeed his company, while Jia Wei wants have his own achievements doing something that he wants and likes.

Because Xiao Tong is upset with everything that happened to her lately, Jia Wei takes her to a movie theatre to watch a sad movie and so she will cry her stress out. While Xiao Tong was crying and watching the movie, Jia Wei fell asleep.

Jia Wei met his friends. He’s been spending everyday with his male friends and agrees with Simon when this one said that they need girls around. When Simon asks the conditions Jia Wei wants to find him a woman on the internet, Jia Wei refuses because he already has someone in mind, Guan Xiao Tong.

Simon:”According to what I see, from the gaze Boss gives when he looks at Xiao Tong, I strongly fee that you are in love.”

The next day Jia Wei asked Xiao Tong to go with him at a divorce meeting. He wanted Xiao Tong to stop blaming her for what happened to the man that followed her recently and to understand that she isn’t God to see what is in everyone’s mind. The way he sees her, Xiao Tong is a professional that does her job the best way she can. Then he gave her the dating registration form of the man that followed her. That man decided to trust Xiao Tong and let her one more time to find the right partner for him.

Xiao Tong reopened her blog and answered to Wayne’s massage. She decided to leave her past behind. For that the first step she took was to delete the pictures she had with her ex boyfriend.

Home, Jia Wei reads the message from Dr. Love and suddenly Dr. Love appears next to him. He wants to know if Xiao Tong likes him or hates him. But Dr. Love doesn’t give him an answer, because he already has the answer he wants. He just needs to decide if Xiao Tong’s feelings towards him are important or not to him, if Xiao Tong’s feelings are important for him then that means that Jia Wei hopes that Xiao Tong like him.

Murphy’s eighth law:”The day you wear high heel, the ground will be covered with cracks and holes.”

Jia Wei took an important decision is his life. He has to say goodbye properly to his past to be able to look towards the future. He goes to the restaurant where his ex girlfriends left him, calls her and even if no one answered he still said his goodbye to Zhi Yu.

Looking on the window, Jia Wei sees Xiao Tong sitting outside at a table alone in that same restaurant. He goes to her and noticed that she has the ring he put it in a stranger’s hand a year ago. Seeing Xiao Tong with that ring, Jia Wei realized that Xiao Tong is the woman who was crying drunk a year ago, the woman he gave the ring with whom he wanted to propose to Zhi Yu.

Jia Wei sits at Xiao Tong’s table and tells her his story, how he ended his most important love there at that restaurant. He opens up towards Xiao Tong and tells her how he felt during that whole time and how he helped him while he was sending her messages on her blog using the name “Wayne”.

Both Jia Wei and Xiao Tong left the restaurant together. On their way Xiao Tong’s heel stuck on a street and she needed Jia Wei’s help.

Jia Wei:” If you need me, then tell me.”

If the lady asked then the gentleman helps! Jia Wei goes closer to Xiao Tong, he takes her into his arms and puts her on his car. Then he returned to get her shoe.

Jia Wei:” To think that we have already walked into each others lives long ago…”

Jia Wei, Simon and Shao Qiang are going to have lunch. When they see Xiao Tong, Xin Xin and Qi Lun and Simon invited them as well, it’s on Jia Wei after all. Because Xiao Tong didn’t came to have lunch, since she has a lot of work, Jia Wei found and excuse to call her to his office and have lunch together.

Xiao Tong brought some documents to Jia Wei and saw a lot of food.

Xiao Tong:”Don’t tell me that you ordered for the both of us?”

Jia Wei:”You mean I’m beating around the bush just because I want to treat you to lunch on purpose?”

During lunch Xiao Tong received a phone call. She has to return to work, even if Jia Wei isn’t pleased. She has to stop putting others first and start taking care of herself and if she will not do that then he will have to take care of her.

Jia Wei:”You are always putting others before you. Is this the right thing to do? If you still don’t learn to take care of yourself, then let me take care…”

After Xiao Tong left, Jia Wei decided to confess to Xiao Tong and take care of her.

Jia Wei:” Do you have to make me find a reason to properly take care of you?”

To “sell” their friend off, Simon and Shao Qiang prepare the place where Jia Wei will confess his feelings towards Xiao Tong. Meanwhile An Ting, using the work pretext brought Xiao Tong at to Jia Wei. When Xiao Tong arrived, Shao Qiang, Simon and An Ting left, leaving the couple alone.

Xiao Tong goes inside and suddenly she sees Jia Wei sitting in the middle with a big bouquet of flowers.

Jia Wei:” Aren’t you coming over? Do you need me to go over there and carry you here?”

Because in a pairing event the ambiance is important, Jia Wei and Xiao Tong will personally experience it. They sit at the table and Xiao Tong noticed that on the flowers bouquet there is a piece of pare. She takes it and sees that it’s Jia Wei’s registration form, but she doesn’t need to pair him up because he already found the perfect person for him. Xiao Tong reads the description of the person Jia Wei likes and realizes that he was describing her.

“Below 1.6 m, weight within 55kg, likes to eat, neat and tidy when she talks. She likes to talk back fiercely. She specializes in helping others to resolve their love problems and she needs to have a psychologist license.”

If she is unsure about anything related to him, she can ask him anytime because Jia Wei also wrote his schedule. Other than his work hours all of Jia Wei’s time is dedicated to the woman he likes.

Jia Wei:” Guan Xiao Tong, do you remember that I said that a woman lies three times a day on average and a man lies twice as much. I don’t like you! I don’t want to see you all the time. I don’t believe you often. Neither am I worried for you, nor do I want to take care of you. I don’t even want to be with you at all… I finished up my lies. “

Jia Wei gets up and goes closer to Xiao Tong. He confesses his feelings and gives her a present, but because she didn’t answer as fast as he wanted, Jia Wei threw the present away. She tried to stop him from throwing the present, but she couldn’t.

Xiao Tong:” Ji Jia Wei, you are so demanding! You don’t even give me time to consider.”

Xiao Tong enters the water to find what Jia Wei threw. He goes after her and helps her find it. But Xiao Tong doesn’t seem to understand the message on the bracelet. On the bracelet there was a coin and a shoe. He gives her time to think about her answer to his confession.

Jia Wei:” Don’t make me wait too long!”

Since they are both wet, Jia Wei takes Xiao Tong inside the polo club to change clothes. There they meet Shao Qiang and Simon. After his friends left, Jia Wei invited Xiao Tong to accompany him to a wedding in a few days.

Xiao Tong sees a picture with Jia Wei and his ex girlfriend. Thinking that Xiao Tong could be jealous or upset about it, Jia Wei tried to remove the pictures with Zhi Yu, but Xiao Tong didn’t let him.

Jia Wei plays around taking pictures with Xiao Tong.

Jia Wei:”I’m quite photogenic.”

The next morning Xiao Tong asks Xin Xin her opinion, what should Xiao Tong answer to Jia Wei. Unfortunately Xin Xin can’t make the decision instead of Xiao Tong.

Later Zi Yan came to pick up Xiao Tong. They’ve arranged a while ago to meet so Zi Yan could teach Xiao Tong to cook. When she came out, Jia Wei appeared out of nowhere and got upset that Xiao Tong leaves with “that man with a moustache”. If she want to learn how to cook, Jia Wei can teach her, but still Xiao Tong left with Zi Yan.

Back to Jia Wei’s office Shao Qiang is waiting for Xin Xin to answer his text message. Shao Qiang likes Xin Xin and he sent her a text, but it’s been few hours since then and Xin Xin didn’t say anything.

Simon clarify things for both Jia Wei and Shao Qiang, if you send a message and the other party replies you within a second, it means that she has good feelings for you. If she replies you after a short while, it means that she doesn’t hate you. If she doesn’t reply at all….there’s nothing you can do. Also Simon said that if the man give space and time to the woman he like to consider her decision suddenly another man can appear and take her away.

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  1. skittles88 says:

    Is this show good? Your recaps make me want to give it a try!

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