“The Girl Who Sees Smells ” ep 11 ~ Moo Gak:” The witness who has the same name as my sister is…Oh Cho Rim?”

What happens when destiny plays a joke? What will you do when you find out the truth? You run away or you embrace what comes your way?

Both Moo Gak and Cho Rim found out that Cho Rim is Choi Eun Seol, the barcode killer witness.

Jae Hee got close to Oh Jae Pyo and send a text to Cho Rim while her father was in his house.

Episode 11

Cho Rim went to find a book for Jae Hee, but found Dr. Chun’s letter. Shocked she reads the letter in which Dr. Chun was apologizing to her and telling her that she is Choi Eun Seol. Because she was late, Jae Hee comes after her and finds her reading the letter. Not knowing what to do, Cho Rim’s first instinct was to hide the letter for Jae Hee. She lied telling Jae Hee that the letter she was reading is actually the script for the show they were about to film.

Meanwhile Moo Gak wants to know why lieutenant Yeom dismissed him from the team. After sending Moo Gak home, the other detectives find out that he was removed because one of the barcode victims was his sister.

With the letter, Cho Rim goes to Moo Gak. She wants to let him know what she found, but he was troubled by his own problems. When he told her that he was kicked out form the investigation team, Cho Rim decided to show Moo Gak the letter another time, when he will feel better. After leaving Moo Gak’s house, Cho Rim went to see her father to ask him if it’s true what the letter was saying.

Cho Rim:”Am I Choi Eun Seol not Oh Cho Rim?”

Jae Pyo:”No matter what happens, you’re my daughter.”

Jae Pyo told Cho Rim that when she had her accident he was the detective in charge of it. Because no one would come to take care of her while she was in the hospital, he decided to adopt her. Cho Rim had the same age Jae Pyo’s daughter would’ve had if she didn’t die at a young age.

While helping Moo Gak find out what lieutenant Yeom is hiding from him, the other detectives took her out for dinner and didn’t let her leave for a while.

At the police station, Moo Gak logged in on lieutenant Yeom’s computer and saw Oh Jae Pyo’s family register, where there was Oh Cho Rim. Then on lieutenant Yeom’s files, Moo Gak discovered pictures with the fisherman couple that where killed by the barcode killer together with the portrait sketch lieutenant Yeom did for Cho Rim. After seeing the sketch Moo Gak remembered that lieutenant Yeom hid that sketch from Cho Rim and realized that Oh Cho Rim could be the witness they are looking for, Choi Eun Seol.

Moo Gak:” The witness who has the same name as my sister is…Oh Cho Rim?”

Before going back to her office, lieutenant Yeom called Cho Rim and went to see her. She proposed Cho Rim to try and get help to recover her lost memory, but Cho Rim refused. Cho Rim knows that her mind is blocking unpleased memories so she doesn’t want to remember, for now, anything. Also Cho Rim is happy with her life then way it is at the moment.

Moo Gak went to see Oh Jae Pyo, but on the way he met Kwon Jae Hee. They face and threaten each other. While they were talking Moo Gak received few text messages, but in the same time Jae Hee was receiving text. Seeing that Jae Hee receives texts the same time as he, Moo Gak realizes how Jae Hee knew where to look for Oh Jae Pyo, he realized that Jae Hee installed a spy app on his phone.

Moo Gak:” Now I know how you found out about this place.”

Continuing with each other’s ways Moo Gak went to find Oh Jae Pyo, but he arrived late. Oh Jae Pyo already packed and left. On the other hand Jae Hee went to Oh Jae Pyo and took him somewhere.

Later Moo Gak met detective Ki for lunch and during their meal he called detective Ki’s phone just to send a message to Kwon Jae Hee.

Moo Gak:” Are you listening? Listen carefully! I’m going to catch you soon. Don’t even dream about finding the witness. I won’t let another witness die by your hands. The Choi Eun Seol that you killed at Jeju Baekrok Hospital was my sister. We’re on different paths and this will be over only when one of us dies.”

Moo Gak is supposed to meet Cho Rim, but he can’t do that. He leaves without saying a word, letting Cho Rim wait for him.

She goes to the police station looking for Moo Gak and hears inspector Kang talking to detective Ki and detective Ye about Moo Gak’s sister being killed instead of another Choi Eun Seol. They now suspect that the witness Choi Eun Seol is still alive. Hearing them talking Cho Rim realized that Moo Gak’s sister died instead of her. Cho Rim is shocked!

The next day, late in the night, Cho Rim goes home and finds Moo Gak waiting for her in front of her house. It’s his birthday and he brought a lot of grocery for Cho Rim to cook. He is happy as if nothing happened, as he didn’t discovered the truth, but Cho Rim isn’t herself. She is acting strange and asks him what will happen if he won’t like what she remembers when she will get her memory back.

Moo Gak:”I think we only need to know and remember the things that came after our first encounter. The meaningful thing here is being with you. The past isn’t important at all. “

It’s late and Moo Gak has to leave. Since it’s his birthday Cho Rim walks him home. On their way she breaks up with him.

Cho Rim:”Let’s break up. I don’t want to see you anymore. I don’t like you anymore. “

Cho Rim met lieutenant Yeom because she wants to recover her lost memory. She is the only surviving witness that knows who the barcode killer is. After Cho Rim left, lieutenant Yeom told Moo Gak that she knows that his sister was killed because she and Cho Rim had the same name, Choi Eun Seol.

While waiting for the buss Cho Rim received a text from her father in which her father was telling her to pick him up because he is drunk. Cho Rim’s father went to see Jae Hee. He thinks Jae Hee is just a family of one of the barcode killer victims. On the other hand Jae Hee is surprised that Oh Jae Pyo knows what even the police doesn’t know, that Cho Rim’s biological parents were his tired victims, not the second ones as everyone, including the police thinks.

After his daughter dies, Oh Jae Pyo and his wife divorced. She was one of the barcode killer victims.

Cho Rim arrived at Jae Hee’s house and the door was opened. She enters while calling her father. He isn’t answering. Oh Jae Pyo’s phone is with Jae Hee.

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