“Love on a Rooftop ” ep 13~ep 14 ~Se Ryeong:” I want my man to be a doctor.”

Seung Hye began working under Yoon Ho, but Se Ryeong found out and went crazy. Also Seung Hye’s grandmother found out that she sells coffee and told her to leave the house if she insists becoming a barista.

Do Jin tries to tell his mother that he gave up his job as a doctor to become a baker, but after talking with her on the phone he can’t bring himself to tell her.

Personal thought! So this is what I think happened until now. The grandmother didn’t want Mi Ja as daughter-in-law when Dae Ho fall in love with her and threw Mi Ja and her mother out. When Mi Ja left Dongnakdang she was pregnant…with Do Jin, since Do Jin doesn’t have any siblings. And another clue that makes me think that Do Jin is Dae Ho’s son is that Seung Hye is adopted. Seung Hye and Do Jin are supposed to fall in love so like that they aren’t blood related.

Until now I don’t know why the grandmother didn’t want Mi Ja as her daughter-in-law and why Mi Ja waited 30 years to get her revenge on Seung Hye’s grandmother.

Oh, yeah…and president Jang told Seung Hye once that he sees her as his daughter. Usually when there is this sentence in a drama later on the girl finds out that the man is actually her biological father. So if that is truth…what will be Se Ryeong’s reaction when she will find out that Seung Hye is her sister??? I’m really curious about that.

Episode 13

Seung Hye started her work at Yoon Ho’s coffee shop. She is learning to become a barista from her role model Jung Yoon Ho.

Do Jin is meeting someone at Yoon Ho’s coffee shop and is surprised to see Seung Hye there. Because he misunderstood Do Jin for a stalker, Yoon Ho apologizes. While Seung Hye was in the storage room, Se Ryeong came. She is surprised that Do Jin and Yoon Ho know each other, but she is more surprised when she realizes that the employee for whom Yoon Ho broke company policy to hire is no other then Yoon Seung Hye.

When things were starting to get interesting, the person Do Jin was supposed to meet arrived and he sat on a table to discuss business. Even if he was taking care of his own business, Do Jin was listening what Se Ryeong was telling Seung Hye.

Se Ryeong vends her anger on Seung Hye as soon as she sees her. She tells Yoon Ho that Seung Hye is the nurse that made didn’t do her job correctly and her father almost died. But Seung Hye isn’t anymore the fool who was about to kneel before lying Se Ryeong to get her job back and this time Seung Hye doesn’t let Se Ryeong insult her and fights back.

Se Ryeong:” How long will you accuse me of that when you know it’s not true? I won’t even hope for an apology from you, but you shouldn’t do things that will disappoint your father anymore.”

Because Yoon Ho’s coffee shop is under Se Ryeong’s company and she can’t accept Seung Hye as an employee there, Se Ryeong requested Yoon Ho to fire her.

Seung Hye:” I won’t get fired unfairly this time.”

Leaving Se Ryeong screaming angry, Seung Hye turns her back and returns to work.

Seung Hye’s grandmother, accompanied by Dae Shil, went to every place she used to sell her tea, but she was rejected from all those places. Do Jin’s mother, who wants to get revenge on Seung Hye’s grandmother already sold her tea at a cheaper price so now no one wants tea made by Seung Hye’s grandmother.

While they were walking in search of new places to sell tea, Dae Shil and her mother saw Seung Hye. Angry the grandmother comes in the coffee shop and wants to drag Seung Hye out. She can’t let her granddaughter sell coffee. Sick, tired and angry the grandmother fainted and Do Jin helped Dae Shil and Seung Hye take her home. Do Jin being a doctor came in handy in this situation.

It’s time for Do Jin to leave and Seung Hye accompanies him. She still didn’t apologize for throwing up on him and didn’t thank him for bringing her home and for helping her see president Jang.

Do Jin:” I’ve been here two days in a row. I think this place is growing on me.

They get closer while they tell each other about their lives until now.

Episode 14

Seung Hye has to leave the house for a little while, until her grandmother will be calmer. She goes to Yoon Ho’s coffee shop where he gives her a cup of her favorite coffee to make her feel better. Because Yoon Ho is curious why Seung Hye’s grandmother had that reaction when she saw Seung Hye there, Seung Hye tells him that her grandmother is a famous traditional tea maker.

While Seung Hye was talking to Yoon Ho, her father came looking for her. He feels bad that he didn’t know what his daughter dream was. But now that he knows and that Seung Hye found the courage to walk towards her own dreams, Dae Ho encourages her to not give up. He’ll make sure to persuade his mother into letting Seung Hye become a barista.

Yoon Ho brought Dae Ho a cup of coffee, a cup of the coffee Seung Hye love. He is sure that after Dae Ho will taste the coffee he’ll know why Seung Hye is enamored with it.

Do Jin and Kyeong Tae are home. Someone is at the door. Kyeong Tae goes to open and it was Se Ryeong. She came to verify something. She wants to know if there is something going on between him and Seung Hye. If there it’s nothing going on between them and he still carried Seung Hye’s grandmother home and took care of her them Do Jin shouldn’t give up on being a doctor. If Do Jin did all of that without having a relationship with Seung Hye then he should return to the hospital and work as a doctor because she wants him to be a doctor.

Se Ryeong:” I want my man to be a doctor.”

Because Do Jin doesn’t want to talk to Se Ryeong about her confessing he changed the subject and gave her the invitation to his restaurant inauguration.

Later Do Jin went to see his mother and give her the invitation, but when she called him and expressed how much proud is she of him who is a doctor , Do Jin couldn’t bring himself to tell her and disappoint her.

To let Se Ryeong and Do Jin talk, Kyeong Tae went to get some chicken. At the restaurant he meets Dae Shil, who came to recover her own phone. When Kyeong Tae talked about a crazy woman who stole his phone and ran away with it, Dae Shil left the restaurant embarrassed.

Returned home, Seung Hye is scolded by her mother because she left a well paid job as a nurse to become a barista. In Seung Hye’s defense came Seung Jae. He agrees with his father that Seung Hye should follow her own dream, she should stop sacrificing herself for the family.

Later Seung Ah tells Seung Hye that she got a part time job. With the money from her part time job and the money that Seung Hye used to pay her classes, Seung Ah plans to get plastic surgery and remove her scar.

The entire family is in the grandmother’s room. Seung Hye tried to explain her grandmother her dream to become a barista, but in return the grandmother told her to leave the house if she insists to sell coffee.

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