“The Girl Who Sees Smells ” ep 12 ~ Moo Gak:”I’ll love, you’ll just receive it!”

Jae Hee knows that Oh Jae Pyo’s daughter is Choi Eun Seol, but since he has prosopagnosia he can’t recognize her. To be safe, Cho Rim is moved to another house. Trying to catch Jae Hee, the police placed a camera inside Jae Hee’s library, but when Cho Rim wanted to take the camera back Jae Hee found her.

Episode 12

Cho Rim arrived at Jae Hee’s house. She goes in while calling her father. Suddenly someone is behind her.

Jae Hee:” Choi Eun Seol…you know me, don’t you?”

Remembering that Jae Hee suffers of prosopagnosia and he can’t recognize facial features, Cho Rim covers her mouth and stays silent. If she will open her mouth he’s going to recognize her voice and know that Choi Eun Seol is Oh Cho Rim.

Looking a way out, Cho Rim noticed that from outside it comes Moo Gak’s scent. The lights are off! Cho Rim hits Jae Hee and runs away. Outside, Moo Gak was waiting for her. They hide and when Jae Hee came out to look for Choi Eun Seol, Moo Gak hit him.

Leaving Jae Hee unconscious, Moo Gak and Cho Rim return inside the house to look for Oh Jae Pyo. While she was looking for her father, Cho Rim fainted.

When he was taking Cho Rim to the hospital, Moo Gak met detective Ki and detective Ye. They run towards Jae Hee, but he woke up and didn’t let them enter his house. Letting the two detectives outside, Jae Hee enters his house to cover his steps. First he deleted the text he sent to Cho Rim using Oh Jae Pyo’s phone. Then he wants to hide the substances he used to make Jae Pyo fall asleep, but Jae Pyo woke up.

Moo Gak took Cho Rim to the hospital. She is alright now, the shock made her faint. Now that she feels better she tells Moo Gak that she now know that her real name is Choi Eun Seol and that his sister died because of her. Even Jae Hee called her “Choi Eun Seol”. Realizing that Cho Rim broke up with him because she blames herself for his sister’s dead, Moo Gak tries to make her realize that his sister died because of Kwon Jae Hee, she doesn’t have to blame herself, it wasn’t her fault.

Moo Gak:”I’ll love, you’ll just receive it!”

Later lieutenant Yeom and Moo Gak talked to Oh Jae Pyo. He always knew how the investigation goes on so he approached Jae Hee on purpose. Now that Jae Hee knows that Oh Jae Pyo’s daughter is the witness, he needs to go to a save place and stay away from Cho Rim for a while. The day Cho Rim is discharged form hospital, Jae Pyo says his goodbye and leaves her in Moo Gak’s care.

Cho Rim goes home and because she didn’t want Moo Gak to go with her, he followed her to make sure she arrives home safely. When she entered her house, Moo Gak felt secure and is about to leave when Cho Rim screams. Moo Gak runs inside and finds Cho Rim’s house devastated. After he calms Cho Rim they look around to see what is missing. The only thing missing is a picture with Cho Rim and that makes them sure that the person who entered Cho Rim’s house was Jae Hee, not a burglar.

She can’t stay at her house, Jae Hee knows where she leaves so Moo Gak takes Cho Rim to his house. He lies to her that he’ll stay at a coworker’s house nearby, but actually he spends the night in his car watching over Cho Rim. For a while he keeps leaving and coming back inside forgetting to tell different things to Cho Rim or forgetting to get his clothes or phone.

Moo Gak:”Make yourself at home!”

Cho Rim decided to not wait for Jae Hee to find her so she will enter Jae Hee’s house to get her picture away from him. She has the perfect cover for that since she will film another episode of Jae Hee’s show soon.

With a bunch of devices to protect herself and with a camera hidden inside a book, Cho Rim went to Jae Hee’s house the day of the filming. She takes a deep breath and goes to Jae Hee as if nothing happened.

While Jae Hee is busy with the rehearsal filming of his five minutes cooking, Cho Rim heads off to his library where she put the book with the hidden camera. Jae Hee finished his dish before the five minutes are over and everyone is looking for Cho Rim. Suspecting that she must be in the library, Jae Hee goes to look for her there. When he found her, in the elevator, as a cover up Cho Rim pretended to have some problems with her pantyhose and because there were too many men from the filming crew in the bathroom she used the library elevator.

When the filming finished, Moo Gak took Cho Rim out to eat. He chose a pork rind restaurant because after his first investigation his senior took him out for pork rinds too and there is a reason for that.

After eating Moo Gak and Cho Rim walk around the park. Cho Rim wants to know if Moo Gak will return to work at the aquarium after his sister’s killer will be punished.

Moo Gak:”When I go back after everything is over…would you come with me?”

Cho Rim will go with Moo Gak because she want to apologize to Eun Seol who died instead of her.

Meanwhile detective Ye is watching Jae Hee. He is recording what Jae Hee does and says. On that day Jae Hee called someone that will help him find someone that will help him find Cho Eun Seol form Jeju who now lives in Seoul with a different name.

Cho Rim found out that Moo Gak sleeps in the car and went to get him inside. The next day the police officers photoshopped the picture that Jae Hee took and gave it to Cho Rim to replace it with the one Jae Hee has. She managed to change the pictures before he left the restaurant and she also got his key to get to his house and get her wallet. Intentionally Cho Rim left her wallet in Jae Hee’s house so she will have an excuse to return and get the camera. Since Jae Hee has to meet the person who will find Choi Eun Seol for him, Jae Hee gave Cho Rim the key of his house and left. When he was about to arrive at the meeting place, the man he was supposed to meet called him and told him that he was discovered since the meeting place is surrounded with police officers.

Jae Hee checks the picture in his walled and sees that it has been changed, the picture doesn’t have the mark he put on the back, turns back and goes home. He looks around his library and finds the book with the camera in it.

Jae Hee:” Why are you so curious?”

While Jae Hee was inside the library, Cho Rim arrived to get her wallet. She forgot her phone at the restaurant and she didn’t put her earphones so there is no way Moo Gak can get in touch with her. After getting her wallet Cho Rim goes to the library where she bumps into Jae Hee.

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One Response to “The Girl Who Sees Smells ” ep 12 ~ Moo Gak:”I’ll love, you’ll just receive it!”

  1. Blue says:

    Oh the end of this episode was so amazing. I’m so scared of what could happen to her. Can’t wait for the ending, which should be a happy one – but then again with kdramas, you can’t be 100% sure. ^^

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