“Murphy’s Law of Love ” ep 8~ Jia Wei:” I like you! That’s because you are you.”

Xiao Tong decided! She gives Jia Wei the answer to his love confession.

When everything was going to the right direction…Zhi Yu appeared.…

Episode 8

Xiao Tong is shopping with Zi Yan. When Zi Yan hands over the frozen pork chop, Xiao Tong is reminded of Jia Wei. She still doesn’t know what to do with Jia Wei, she doesn’t know if she should believe in his sincerity towards her, she doesn’t know if Jia Wei is the right man for her. Remembering that he saw Xiao Tong sleeping in Jia Wei’s arms at the event, Zi Yan gives a few advices to Xiao Tong.

Zi Yan:” Love and cooking are actually the same. Other than using your brain, you have to use your sincere heart to feel and decide.”

Even if he likes Xiao Tong, Zi Yan realized that Xiao Tong and Jia Wei like each other so he decides to step aside.

Meanwhile Jia Wei is boiling with jealousy at home. How can Xiao Tong leave with another man shopping when he confessed his feelings and for how long will he have to wait until Xiao Tong gives him an answer. He decided to call her, but if he calls her, Xiao Tong could think that he is too desperate for her answer. Then he decided to send a text message, but gives up that idea too.

Using work as an excuse, Jia Wei called Xiao Tong in the middle of the night to bring him some papers. Xiao Tong isn’t a fool, she knows that the real reason Jia Wei asked her to bring the papers was because he wants to know her answer to his confession. But she is scared, in Xiao Tong’s eyes they come from different worlds. He has a big house with a yard, his own company and he is rich, while she lives with her family. The only thing they have in commune is that their offices are on the same street. She is worried that she can’t understand him well enough and that he didn’t thought clearly about his feelings towards her.

Jia Wei:” You teach others how to love bravely, but when it comes to you why are you so timid? I like you! That’s because you are you.”

Jia Wei gets closer to her, but suddenly he steps on Polo who was lying down at Xiao Tong’s feet. Polo was chewing one of her shows that she borrowed Linda. Embarrassed, Jia Wei in a cute way pretends that he doesn’t know what her shows are doing in his house, she should just ask Polo. While petting Polo, Xiao Tong tells Polo what she feels at that moment towards Jia Wei.

Xiao Tong:” It looks like I’m one step closer to understanding him. He obviously wants to be nice to others, but yet he’s pretending to be cool.”

The night before Jia Wei’s friend wedding, Xiao Tong looks at the bracelet Jia Wei gave while thinking about the moments they’ve been together when she suddenly realizes the message Jia Wei sent her with the coin and the shoe from the bracelet.

“It means he wants to walk together!”

Jia Wei picked Xiao Tong and went together to his friend wedding. At the entrance they take pictures and leave a message for the newlywed couple. While looking around the picture and the message left by others, Jia Wei barely missed the picture and message from his former girlfriend, Zhi Yu.

When the time came to go in and attend the wedding, Jia Wei saw that Xiao Tong was holding her bag nervous so he grabbed her hand and told her to hold his hand not her bag. They’ve met Simon and Shao Qiang, who were desperately looking for Jia Wei to tell him that Zhi Yu was there. Since they don’t want to hurt Xiao Tong, Shao Qiang tries to take Xiao Tong away to introduce her to their university colleagues, but Jia Wei doesn’t agree with that.

Jia Wei:”She just needs to be with me today!”

During the ceremony, while the groom and the bride were exchanging vows, Jia Wei holds Xiao Tong’s hand and for the first time she responded by holing his hand too.

After the wedding Simon and Shao Qiang look everywhere for Zhi Yu, but since they didn’t see her, they follow the groom and the bride to stop them from making a mistake in front of Jia Wei and Xiao Tong. The newlywed couple talked to Jia Wei and when they realized that Jia Wei came accompanied by Xiao Tong they didn’t mentioned Zhi Yu.

Later, Shao Qiang and Simon follow Jia Wei and Xiao Tong around with the pretext that they need a ride home, but Jia Wei wants to be alone with Xiao Tong.

Leaving Xiao Tong in Shao Qiang and Simon’s care, Jia Wei went to get the car from the parking lot. The girl who parked in front of him has problems getting her car so Jia Wei helps her. The girl that was driving was just an assistant. The owner of the car was in the back, she is Zhi Yu. She calls Jia Wei, but when he sees her, he gets out of her car shocked. Zhi Yu follows him out giving him her new phone number, but Jia Wei turns his back to her and leaves.

Leaving the party, Jia Wei takes Xiao Tong home. She talks to him about how happy she is to see a couple expressing their love for each other, but Jia Wei wasn’t listening. After his encounter with Zhi Yu, Jia Wei is absent minded. Since he said, when he confessed, that his time, except the hours he is working, will be for Xiao Tong she asks him to take her someone. Arrived at the temple, Xiao Tong explains to Jia Wei how she comes to give thanks to the god every time one of the couples she introduced gets married. She wants to do the same now. Jia Wei doesn’t understand her words, for now, but still he prays next to her. Later Xiao Tong thanks Jia Wei for being there for her during hard times and for taking her to a beautiful wedding that brought her happiness.

When Xiao Tong took a red string for her sister, upset Jia Wei asks her if she is already looking for a new partner when she didn’t even answered to his confession.

Xiao Tong:”My red string was always with me.”

She takes the bracelet out of her bag and asks Jia Wei to help her put it on. That was her answer to Jia Wei confession. Walking while holding hands, Jia Wei feels like he’s being tricked. She accepted his feelings, but there isn’t any action that represents the pairing was a success. He takes the matter in his hands, pulls Xiao Tong in his arms and hugs her. In return Xiao Tong gave him the card he gave her when he accepted to participate in her company event. On that card Jia Wei wrote “I’m willing”. Now Xiao Tong wrote next to his writing “I’m willing too” and gave him the card. After giving the card, shyly, Xiao Tong runs away.

Home, Jia Wei looks for the perfect place to put the card with Xiao Tong’s answer. He completely forgot that he met Zhi Yu earlier, now he is in love and happy that the woman he love shares his feelings. He puts the card on his nightstand to be able to see it every morning he opens his eyes and every night before falling asleep. Then he takes a picture and sent it to Xiao Tong.

Jia Wei:”You cannot destroy the evidence. You won’t be able to run off now. “

They keep sending text messages to each other for a while. Jia Wei expects Xiao Tong to text him that she misses him, but Xiao Tong, who knows what he is waiting for, doesn’t. She sends him an emoticon which made him happy.

Xiao Tong:” Does he want me to say I miss him? “

Jia Wei:” Doesn’t she know how to date? Doesn’t she know to send something like “I miss you?”

The next morning Xiao Tong is supposed to meet Jia Wei for breakfast, but she calls him saying she will be late since she has to cook for her mother. Arrived at the place where he will meet Xiao Tong later, Simon and Shao Qiang jump on Jia Wei to tell him something, but they don’t know how. Shao Qiang and Simon arrived earlier that Jia Wei and Xiao Tong and they’ve encountered Zhi Yu there. She was remembering the moment she spent there with Jia Wei.

When he saw Zhi Yu, Jia Wei changed. She wants to talk to him so Shao Qiang and Simon leave them alone.

Jia Wei:” I have nothing to say to you.”

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