“Love on a Rooftop ” ep 15~ep 16~ Seung Hye:”I will accept the fact that you hate me, but please don’t ask me to leave.”

Seung Hye’s grandmother told her to leave the house if she insists with becoming a barista. In return Seung Hye decided to learn from her grandmother how to prepare tea.

At the opening event of Do Jin’s shop, his mother came and finds out that her son wants to become a baker.

Episode 15

Seung Hye’s grandmother believes that someone who sells coffee can’t live in Dongnakdnag so she tells Seung Hye to leave the house if she insists on working at Yoon Ho’s coffee shop.

Seung Hye:” I don’t want to leave this house again. I will accept the fact that you hate me, but please don’t ask me to leave.”

The next day Dae Ho consoles Seung Hye. He doesn’t want her to give up her dream or to be offended by what her grandmother said. But at the same time he requested her to not make a mistake like the night before and talk about her leaving the house in the past. Seung Jae and Seung Ah don’t know that Seung Hye isn’t their real sister, they don’t know that she was adopted and the entire family wants them to never find out.

Dae Ho:” Seung Hye, no matter what anyone says, you’re my daughter.”

Returned home, Seung Hye’s mother talks to her while trying to make her feel better. But in the same time her mother wants Seung Hye to return to her job as nurse in the hospital because there she can build a career and have a great pay.

After finishing her grandmother’s breakfast, Seung Hye goes to feed her. The grandmother doesn’t want to eat or to see Seung Hye, but with Dae Shil’s help Seung Hye made the grandmother eat.

It’s Do Jin’s restaurant opening. Se Ryeong pretended that she can’t come and made sure that her father will invite Mi Ja to the opening event. When she saw that Kang Tae Oh, the man sweets baker that president Jang liked, was her son, Kang Do Jin, Mi Ja was about to faint. Shocked she tells president Jang that she doesn’t feel alright and has to go see a doctor. Mi Ja doesn’t want president Jang to know that Kang Tae Oh is her son Kang Do Jin, who sees been trying to make a doctor at president Jang’s brother’s hospital.

When she left, Do Jin followed her and tried to explain her what happened, but she isn’t ready to hear him or let him do what he likes. Do Jin decided that after the event he will go see his mother and talk to her about his business and what he wants to do from now on.

Seung Hye goes to work where Yoon Ho gives her two choices, she can give up on becoming a barista and return to her job as a nurse or she can become a famous barista and make her family proud. Yoon Ho doesn’t let her think about her decision, he knows what she wants so he made the decision for her and begins her training.

Meanwhile at home Seung Jae tries to convince his grandmother to let Seung Hye follow her dreams, but is return the grandmother explained him why she can’t accept anyone in her family to sell coffee.

Episode 16

After the opening event, Do Jin cleans his shop. Next to him Seung Ah keeps talking about how tired she is. Suddenly Seung Jae comes in. He came to return Do Jin the clothes he was wearing when he brought Seung Hye home.

While talking to Do Jin, Seung Jae takes over his role of Seung Hye’s brother and asks Do Jin what his intentions towards Seung Hye are. Before leaving Seung Jae tells Do Jin that Seung Ah will have to return to her studies so she will work there as part timer until Do Jin finds another person.

When Seung Ah followed Seung Jae out, Kyeong Tae came to see Do Jin, but Do Jin leaves him in charge of the shop. Do Jin went to his mother’s house.

Kyeong Tae:” Please come back alive and well.”

The same time Dae Shil’s publisher finished the contract with her.

Returned to the shop, Seung Ah found Kyeong Tae there. Hearing that Kyeong Tae is Do Jin’s friend, Seung Ah made him to her work while pretending that her wrist hurts. While washing the floor Kyeong Tae hears Seung Ah talking on the phone that she wants to eat fried chicken. He orders fried chicken, but Seung Ah refused to eat with an older man. When the order came, Byeon Joon Bae consoles Kyeong Tae. Later both Kyeong Tae and Joon Bae read Dae Shil’s novel on the internet.

Meanwhile Do Jin arrived at his mother’s house, where she was waiting for him with a homemade meal. She pretends that she didn’t see anything that day, that Do Jin came home for a homemade meal and he will return to America.

Se Ryeong asks Yoon Ho to fire Seung Hye, but while they were arguing president Jang heard the discussion and helped Yoon Ho.

Do Jin spend the night at his mother’s place, but in the morning his mother told him that she booked him a flight in the afternoon. She insists that Do Jin should return to America and return to being a doctor, she even threatened him that if he will not return to America he won’t see her again.

Seung Hye remembered what her grandmother told her that tea means to her when she was younger. In the morning Seung Hye asked her grandmother to teach her how to make tea, but the grandmother refused.

Grandmother:”Tae is only for the women of this family…”

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30 Responses to “Love on a Rooftop ” ep 15~ep 16~ Seung Hye:”I will accept the fact that you hate me, but please don’t ask me to leave.”

  1. Hahahaha! I’m not watching it, but the line you put on the title was the opposite of Cho Rim to Moo Gak XD
    “Let’s breakup and don’t ask anything, there are no reasons, just put all the blame on me.” XD

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