“We Got Married ” ep 34 ( WGM ep 271) ~ So Eun:” Jae Rim, I like you!”

Jae Rim and So Eun went on a outdoor trip were they confessed to each other in the rain.

Episode 34

So Eun and Jae Rim couple is in their home sauna. Jae Rim wants to do sit-ups, but while So Eun was holding his legs, by mistake she touched his privet parts. After the embarrassing moment So Eun holds Jae Rim’s legs using a towel. During sit-ups, Jae Rim stretched his arm, pulled So Eun closer and kissed her…on the check.

Jae Rim:”I’ll take you closer to the stars.”

Being in the country side has its good parts, you can see the stars at night. Leaving the sauna, Jae Rim carries So Eun on his shoulders to be closer to the stars. Earlier at the picnic, Jae Rim won a back shower, given by So Eun, with cold water.

Jae Rim and So Eun took the bus and went for an outdoor trip.

Jae Rim:” It’s better to ride a bus because our hands are free. My hands are free so I can touch you and hold you like this.”

On the bus So Eun gives Jae Rim a massage to improve his blood circulation. He has to raise his arm and she presses on his armpits, but when Jae Rim tries to do the same thing on her So Eun said it’s not appropriate for him to touch her like that.

After playing for a while with some candies, they are reminded of their trip to Turkey and they turn on the music. Jae Rim recorded So Eun’s voice when she sang in Jeju. Then Jae Rim plays the song he likes this days, JYP feat. Jessi ~ Who’s your mama? .

The bus stopped at a rest area at the perfect time for Jae Rim since the bus time matched his happy time. After Jae Rim’s happy time, the couple ate and ran back to the bus.

Arrived at their destination, the first stop is the horse riding track. Each of them chose a horse to ride. The reason Jae Rim took So Eun to horse riding is because she has to overcome her trauma. Leaving the hoses, the couple walked for a while, but So Eun’s legs hurt so Jae Rim had to transform himself into her own horse.

After horse riding So Eun and Jae Rim play a little pretending to be an innocent couple, a couple who just stated to date and they are shy around each other. Later they tried the rail bike. The only problem is that it’s started to rain and it was really cold. But since they’ve come all this way, the couple had to finish the rail bike. On the way of the rail bike there is a love tunnel and So Eun had to confess to Jae Rim. Since she is embarrassed, Jae Rim helps her a little.

Jae Rim:” So Eun, I like you!”

So Eun:” Jae Rim, I like you!”

Jae Rim:” I’m so wet because of love today…It’s been a long time.”

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