“The Girl Who Sees Smells ” ep 13 ~ Jae Hee:” Should I call you Choi Eun Seol or Oh Cho Rim?”

Jae Hee became suspicious of Cho Rim after finding her in his house. Cho Rim revealed Moo Gak’s team that she has the ability to see scents.

While Cho Rim was meeting her high school, Jae Hee discovered that Cho Rim is Choi Eun Seol and kidnapped her. A mistake occurred during Cho Rim’s kidnapping and Jae Hee is shocked to find out who he took.

Episode 13

Cho Rim is in Jae Hee’s house looking for the wallet she left as an excuse to return and get the camera the police asked her to place in Jae Hee’s library. She takes her wallet and goes to the library to get the camera, but she doesn’t know that Jae Hee returned home early and is in the library and he saw the camera. The moment the elevator door opened Cho Rim’s eyes met Jae Hee. He was standing in front of the elevator waiting for her. He recognized her clothes so he knows that it’s Cho Rim. He leaves her in the library to look for the wallet while le goes to prepare some coffee for the both of them. Now the he saw the camera, Jae Hee became suspicious of Cho Rim.

When Cho Rim came up, Jae Hee was waiting for her with coffee. No matter how hard Cho Rim tried to escape, Jae Hee insisted that she should drink her coffee before leaving. Trembling scared, Cho Rim sits at the table. She holds the coffee cup thinking of a way to get away from there. Suddenly someone knows the door furious. It’s Moo Gak! He saw on the camera that Jae Hee was home. He tried to call Cho Rim, but she forgot her phone at the restaurant and she isn’t wearing the earphones that the detectives gave her.

Cho Rim leaves Jae Hee’s house. Suspicious of Cho Rim, Jae Hee invited Moo Gak to get his camera form the library. Jae Hee believes that Cho Rim already took the camera form his library. In the library, remembering the imagine form the camera, Moo Gak goes straight towards the place where the camera is. Luckily Cho Rim was smart enough to not take the camera when Jae Hee left her alone in the library.

Jae Hee:”If you come in my house one more time, I won’t stand still then.”

Moo Gak:” You killed my younger sister and already ransacked my entire house. you’ll going to die soon. “

Later when they meet, Cho Rim tells Moo Gak that she saw on Jae Hee the same scent Dr. Chun’s body had, the smell she didn’t recognize. But not the Jae Hee is suspicious on her she can’t get closer to him, it’s too dangerous.

To find out what that smell meant and to stop Jae Hee from killing other people, Cho Rim decided to tell the other detectives in Moo Gak’s team about her ability to see smells. At the meeting that Moo Gak’s team had, Cho Rim participated and told the whole team that she can see smells. They were shocked! Not every day you hear someone saying that they see the scents of the people around them. The detectives prepared a small test for Cho Rim to prove her ability. While Cho Rim was waiting outside with lieutenant Yeom, the other detectives hid each other’s uniforms. When she came in, Cho Rim indicated which detective had which detective. Shocked, the detectives now believe Cho Rim. She even shows them her blue eye and they realized that she’s been helping them for a while now.

Returning to the detective’s office, Cho Rim is given the chance to prove her ability again. Another team lost a suspect. They ask the other team to show them the jacket the suspect was wearing. Cho Rim saw the suspect smell on his jacket and lead the detectives to the car trunk the suspect was hiding in.

Knowing that Cho Rim saw on Jae Hee the same smell that Dr. Chun’s body had, the detectives realized that Jae Hee must have a hidden room in his house, the room where he is holding and then killing his victims. With everything that they know now, the detectives make a plan to get inside Jae Hee’s house.

Meantime at his house, Jae Hee is more and more suspicious on Cho Rim. She is the only person who knows about his disease so if the police changed the picture he took with Choi Eun Seol it means that Cho Rim told them about his inability to recognize faces. He goes to the secret room where he reads what Choi Eun Seol’s mother wrote before she died. Form that book, Jae Hee found out the high school Choi Eun Seol was studying at and the name of her best friend.

Since she is a witness, Cho Rim spends most of her time at the police station when the detectives can keep an eye on her. She’s being treated to recover her memory, but until now nothing happened. They could show her the pictures of her dead parents to trick her memory, but that will be too cruel so they decided not to do so.

The detectives plan worked, the fire department ordered an inspection at Jae Hee’s house. They are looking for an illegal construction.

Moo Gak:”So I guess you kill people when you’re upset.”

During the search, Moo Gak keeps provoking Jae Hee. Moo Gak plans to get kidnapped by Jae Hee so that Jae Hee will lock him in the secret room. But Jae Hee is no full so even if he’s blood is boiling he doesn’t respond to Moo Gak’s provocations.

While Jae Hee found Choi Eun Seol’s best friend form school, the girl her mother was talking about, lieutenant Yeom and Moo Gak took Cho Rim to meet another friend from school, the girl who recognized her while they were filming Jae Hee’s show.

Moo Gak and Cho Rim went to eat when suddenly Moo Gak said he can taste the food. Happy, Cho Rim gives him to taste the other dishes, but she realized that he was actually joking around. For now Moo Gak’s palate didn’t return, he just guest the taste by the color, if it was red then the dish was spicy, if it was white then the taste is sweet.

Since the weather is nice, after eating Moo Gak and Cho Rim went on a date in the park. He brought her a hair pin, they took pictures and they’ve rode the bike.

It’s started raining and they took shelter. Then Cho Rim realized that she lost the hair pin Moo Gak brought for her and they went looking for it. Moo Gak found the hair pin, but he hides it from Cho Rim. Since it’s raining she can’t see smells.

At home, Moo Gak returns the hair pin to Cho Rim, when lieutenant Yeom calls. The class reunion of Choi Eun Seol’s classmates was decided and they also decided where it’s going to take place.

Lieutenant Yeom took Cho Rim out shopping to buy her the clothes she will be wearing the next day at the class reunion. Then Cho Rim gave as a present an unique perfume to lieutenant Yeom. The perfume was a mixture between freesia scent, that lieutenant Yeom likes, the rose scent that Cho Rim likes and last the ocean scent because the summer is close.

The next day, before leaving for Cho Rim’s class reunion, Moo Gak shows to lieutenant Yeom and inspector Kang the information he got about Kwon Jae Hee. They found out that Jae Hee was studying at Harvard Medical School, but he drop out after the psychological test. During the time he was a student, Jae Hee was introverted and had a part time job at a Japanese sushi restaurant. Also Jae Hee excelled in anesthesia class. Moo Gak suspects that Jae Hee became a chef because it is an occupation that allows him to kill living things, this occupation was the only thing he could do to suppress his urge to kill.

Moo Gak and lieutenant Yeom accompanied Cho Rim at her class reunion. Moo Gak checks all the room close to the one Cho Rim and her friends will be and there is nothing suspicious. Detective Ki and detective Ye are watching Jae Hee’s house and he hasn’t come out.

Jae Hee has a way of getting out of his house without being sees. Wearing a costume he paid two homeless men to eat with him at the same restaurant Cho Rim will be with her friends, the room next to Cho Rim and her friends.

The wall between the two rooms is slightly moved so Jae Hee can see inside the room Cho Rim is. He watches her talking to her friends and Choi Eun Seol seems familiar. Then a girl who was late came in and talked about Choi Eun Seol being with chef Kwon Jae Hee on a cooking show using the name Oh Cho Rim. That moment Jae Hee realized that Choi Eun Seol is Oh Cho Rim, the girl who was close to him for a while now, and that he doesn’t remember anything prior her accident.

While Cho Rim is saying goodbye to her friends, Moo Gak noticed the two homeless men leaving alone. Hearing form them that a nice looking man brought them new clothes and took them out to eat, Moo Gak realized that Jae Hee was at that restaurant.

Jae Hee follows Cho Rim. He caught her, anesthetized her and took her to the secret room, where his victims stay for seven days. When Jae Hee took Cho Rim she seems a little strange, her hair was darker, but he didn’t noticed that.

The one that Jae Hee kidnapped is actually lieutenant Yeom. She wanted to buy Cho Rim the clothes for her reunions so she could buy the same clothes for herself. Since he can’t recognized faces, Jae Hee was fooled.

Jae Hee cooked for his victim and gave her the omelet. There must be something in his past where he was kept locked in a room for seven days and fed omelet. He cooks omelet for all his victims, he did the same for Dr. Chun.

Jae Hee:” Should I call you Choi Eun Seol or Oh Cho Rim?”

Lieutenant Yeom:” You can call me lieutenant Yeom Mi!”

Knowing what lieutenant Yeom planned to do, Moo Gak came in a hurry to Jae Hee’s house. He hit Jae Hee and threatening Jae Hee with a gun he asks where lieutenant Yeom is.

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