“Love on a Rooftop ” ep 17~ep 18~Se Ryeong:” Stay away from Do Jin.”

Because her father is punishing her, Se Ryeong met Seung Hye and apologized for everything she did.

Do Jin’s mother came to Do Jin’s restaurant. She will not accept her son giving up being a doctor. Later Seung Hye tells Do Jin her honest opinion about his cakes.

Seung Hye’s grandmother decided to teach Seung Hye how to make tea.

Episode 17

Seung Hye works at Yoon Ho’s coffee shop when Seung Ah calls her, scared. Seung Ah said that her stomach hurts like crazy. Hearing that her little sister is in pain, Seung Hye rushed over. Arrived at Do Jin’s shop, Seung Hye found Seung Ah well and ready to leave. Actually Seung Ah lied to Seung Hye. She heard about an audition and called Seung Hye to cover for her.

While Seung Hye was taking care of Do Jin’s shop, Mi Ja arrived. She is surprised to see Seung Hye there. Mi Ja went to her son’s shop to close it down. Soon after Mi Ja, Do Jin came too. Thinking that his mother changed her mind and accepted his dream of becoming a baker, Do Jin is happy. But Mi Ja came to close Do Jin’s shop. For Mi Ja her wishes and her dreams are important. As long as her son will become a doctor, then a professor and in the end a hospital director, Mi Ja is happy. That is her dream and she worked hard for it. Since she struggled to raise Do Jin, he has to make her happy. In Mi Ja’s eyes her happiness is Do Jin’s happiness.

Seung Hye brought Mi Ja a cake that Do Jin made, but Mi Ja threw it on the floor before leaving.

Do Jin follows his mother out in order to make her understand him, but it was no use. Mi Ja doesn’t want to hear him. Returned to the coffee shop he finds Seung Hye cleaning the cake his mother threw and remembers that Seung Hye tasted his cake.

Before leaving Seung Hye tells Do Jin her honest opinion about his cake’s taste.

At the house Seung Hye’s grandmother thinks about Seung Hye’s desire to learn how to make tea. The same time Dae Ho found the painting he is looking for to save his shop. Unfortunately the old man who has it, has broken hand and is illiterate…or at least that is what he said. The old man told Dae Ho to sing instead on him if he wants the painting or to take his money and leave.

The old man seemed suspicious, but Dae Ho signed instead of him.

Episode 18

Since her father removed her form the coffee shop project and doesn’t look at her, Se Ryeong went to see Seung Hye. Smiling and acting friendly Se Ryeong apologized to Seung Hye for how she treated her and for getting her fired wrongly from the hospital. She even offers to help Seung Hye get her job as a nurse back and gives advises to Seung Hye regarding Yoon Ho. He’s a womanizer so Seung Hye should be careful around him.

Se Ryeong:” Stay away from Do Jin, too. He’s already been spoken for.”

When Se Ryeong left, Seung Hye is shocked to find out that Se Ryeong and Yoon Ho live together.

Leaving Yoon Ho’s coffee shop, Se Ryeong went to see Do Jin. She told him that she apologized to Seung Hye for what she did, but she also tells Do Jin that she met his mother earlier. While Do Jin was getting some cakes for Se Ryeong, Seung Ah came. The moment she saw Se Ryeong, Seung Ah scanned her and saw that everything Se Ryeong is wearing is expensive. Seung Ah even asked Se Ryeong to let her touch her limited edition bag.

Arrived home, Seung Hye finds Dae Shil crying in her room. No matter how much Seung Hye asked what happened Dae Shil didn’t say a word. She doesn’t want to burden Seung Hye now after telling her that she will take care of the family instead of Seung Hye.

In her room the grandmother can’t sleep. During the day she found out that the places where she was selling her tea rejected her because of Mi Ja. That night the grandmother realized that she needs to teach someone from her family the way of making tea so the tradition will remain in their family. In the morning the grandmother called Seung Hye to her room and told Seung Hye that she will teach her to make tea.

The grandmother:”I won’t ever tell you to leave this house again. Will you learn to make tea from me?”


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