“The Girl Who Sees Smells ” ep 14 ~Jae Hee:”Do you think I want to kill Oh Cho Rim or not kill her?”

Jae Hee makes Yeom Mi write her live story in the six days she has left until she will die. The detectives and Cho Rim made a plan to find Jae Hee’s secret room and save Yeom Mi. Jae Hee took the bait and the police found his secret entrance, but Yeom Mi was already unconscious.

Episode 14

Moo Gak shot Jae Hee’s door and entered the house. Pointing a gun on Jae Hee, he asked when is lieutenant Yeom. Detective Ye and detective Ki, who were watching Jae Hee’s house, hear gunshots and run inside. Cho Rim follows them.

Cho Rim:”You can never be forgiven.”

Leaving Jae Hee with detective Ye and detective Ki, Moo Gak search around Jae Hee’s library for the secret room. From inside the room she is locked in, lieutenant Yeom sees Moo Gak and screams while banging in the wall, but unfortunately the room is antiphonic so Moo Gak can hear anything.

When the police officers left, Jae Hee told lieutenant Yeom what she will have to do for the next six days. He showed her the books where she will have to write everything since the moment she was born. If she begs for her live, she will die, even if he pities her he will kill her. If she refuses to do as he said and write her life down, he will kill her on the spot without waiting another six days.

To be able to find where Jae Hee took lieutenant Yeom, Moo Gak follows Jae Hee’s steps from the day lieutenant Yeom was kidnapped. First Moo Gak talks to Choi Eun Seol’s friend from high school who tells him that a man called her looking for Choi Eun Seol and the offered to make a reservation for their reunion and pay for it. Then Moo Gak went to the restaurant and checked the surveillance camera where he saw that an older man paid for the reservation.

Moo Gak took the older man to Jae Hee’s restaurant and asked that man if Jae Hee is the person who gave him money to pay the reservation at the Chinese restaurant, but that day Jae Hee was wearing glasses and a wig to not be discovered so Moo Gak’s plan failed.

On a tired day since Yeom Mi was kidnapped, Jae Hee reads what she wrote about her live, but he isn’t completely satisfied. To send a message to her team, Yeom Mi pretended to drop her pen and put on her hand the perfume Cho Rim gave her, than she touched Jae Hee’s hand.

When he was leaving, Jae Hee paid a visit to detective Ye and detective Ki, who were watching his house, and told them that he will be gone for about 4 hours and a fan sign. He is clearly mocking them.

At Jae Hee’s fan sign, Cho Rim came. She asked him to let Yeom Mi go and take her instead. Then Moo Gak appeared and throw a trash bin on Jae Hee, before dragging Cho Rim out.

Jae Hee:” Choi Eun Seol, see you again.”

Cho Rim:”Don’t hurt lieutenant Yeom. Take me instead.”

Before Moo Gak came in, Jae Hee handed over his signed book to Cho Rim. That moment she saw Yeom Mi’s scent on his hand. When Moo Gak dragged her out, Cho Rim told him that Jae Hee has Yeom Mi’s scent on his hand.

Cho Rim wants to go back to Jae Hee. She will go to him as long as Yeom Mi will be released and safe. As long as another person won’t die because of her, Cho Rim doesn’t care what happens to her. But exactly her acting that way is making difficulties for the police. If she won’t stay put and make the police worry about her and busy find her how are they supposed to focus on finding Yeom Mi?

Returned home, Jae Hee goes to the secret room. He is surprised to see Yeom Mi drinking the coffee he gave her without worry, he could’ve poisoned it. But Jae Hee forgot on little detail, Yeom Mi is a profiler. She knows that as long as Jae Hee is curious about her live, he won’t kill her until she finishes her own book and she didn’t even finish her high school years. While talking to him, Yeom Mi is making his profile.

On the fourth day since Yeom Mi was kidnapped, Cho Rim went to see Jae Hee and begged him to take her and realize Yeom Mi saying she can’t let another person die because of her. In front of her, Jae Hee rejected Cho Rim, but returned home he enters the secret room thinking if that room is too small for two people. Cho Rim’s desire to give her live instead of Yeom Mi’s makes Jae Hee curious about her.

Jae Hee:”I want to ask more about Cho Rim.”

Yeom Mi managed to discover the reason why Jae Hee forces his victims to write their lives. After killing his victims, he can enjoy the fact that he obtained their lives. It makes him feel that he gained their entire lives.

“This life is mine!”

After reading what she wrote until now, Jae Hee enters the secret room. He plays with her mind counting the hours she has until she will be killed. But she already made his profile.

Yeom Mi:” You didn’t have facial recognition disorder form the start. You were abused by people. When you started fearing people, you got facial recognition disorder. Your brain is refusing people’s faces. When you realized you had desire to kill people, instead of that person’s face you decided to see that life.”

Since she provoked him, Jae Hee asked a question to Yeom Mi. If she gets it right she’ll live 3 hours longer. If her answer will be wrong, she will die 3 hours earlier and if she doesn’t answer she will die at the time she is supposed to die. After she answered the question, Jae Hee said that her life shortened with 3 hours.

Jae Hee:”Do you think I want to kill Oh Cho Rim or not kill her?”

Jae Hee sent a text to Cho Rim using another phone number. He accepted the exchange and texted her the place where they will meet. What Jae Hee doesn’t know is that her proposal to exchange herself for Yeom Mi is a plan made with the detectives. Their goal is to make Jae Hee come through his secret entrance. When he will come after Cho Rim, the detectives will put a strong scent on him so Cho Rim could see his path.

Before leaving, Jae Hee took Yeom Mi her meal. They had another exchange there. Yeom Mi gave up another 3 hours to get the answers she wants form Jae Hee. Now she knows why Dr. Chun was killed, where are Joo Ma Ri’s diaries and why he puts barcodes on his victims wrists.

Cho Rim is at the meeting place. She received a text in which Jae Hee was telling her to exchange her phone with the one he left for her. Then he made her run to different places in a certain time, to make sure she isn’t followed by the police.

The last place where Cho Rim was guided was a park. Under the bench she is supposed to sit there is a package with anesthetic gas. Because the police didn’t find Jae Hee location, Cho Rim did as Jae Hee said and inhaled the gaz. When Cho Rim fell asleep on the bench, Jae Hee came out and went towards her. Moo Gak is watching worried, but he can’t interfere or their mission will fail. When Jae Hee was close to Cho Rim, a man appeared. The man that came running is a detective from another team, a detective that Jae Hee didn’t knew. He pretended to be a man who was jogging in the park and came worried to see what happened to the girl that fainted. His mission was to stop Jae Hee from taking Cho Rim with him.

When the man next to him started screaming and all the people in park gathered around Cho Rim, Jae Hee abandoned his plan and left. Meantime, while Jae Hee left to pick up Cho Rim, detective Ye and detective Ki broke into Jae Hee’s car and put a strong scent everywhere near the drivers sit, including the pedals. Also they put a tracking device.

Following the signal from the tracking device, the detectives and Cho Rim arrived at the place where Jae Hee’s car is parked. She can see clearly the scent it was put on Jae Hee’s car. While they were following the scent, happy that they can arrest the barcode killer and save Yeom Mi, God plays a prank on them and it started to rain. She can’t let Yeom Mi die because of her so Cho Rim keeps trying to see the scent, but the rain covered the scent.

They take cover at a restaurant where Moo Gak sees a little girl drawing stars with white ink on a white paper and then she put black ink to see the white stars. Seeing the little girl’s drawing, Moo Gak had an idea. They can throw soil around the place where Jae Hee’s car is parked to try and see again the scent Jae Hee left behind. Moo Gak’s idea worked! Cho Rim saw the path and she showed the detectives Jae Hee’s secret entrance.

Meantime, Jae Hee released the anesthetic gas in the room Yeom Mi is. The gas won’t let her breath and she will die. The moment Yeom Mi fainted form the gas, behind Jae Hee’s eyes, the door to the secret room opened. Moo Gak and detective Ye found the entrance of the secret door and arrived in time to save Yeom Mi.

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