“Love on a Rooftop ” ep 19~ep 20~Do Jin:”I’d like to feel someone’s heart, too.”

Do Jin remade his cakes according to Seung Hye’s words and asks her to try them again. While taking some candies and chocolates to Seung Hye’s grandmother, Do Jin arrives in the middle of Seung Hye’s first tea class.

Episode 19

The grandmother decided that she can’t let her family tradition be lost so she accepted to teach Seung Hye how to make tea. For both Seung Hye and her grandmother this means the same thing. The moment the grandmother accepted Seung Hye as her apprentice she accepted Seung Hye as her granddaughter. During breakfast, the grandmother announced the whole family her decision.

Later Seung Ah asks Seung Hye to cover for her at Do Jin’s shop because she has to go change her hair style at a store who has a 50% sale once a year. But Seung Hye accepts only to accompany Seung Ah to the shop, not cover for her.

Seung Hye delivered her sister to work and when Do Jin saw her he asked for her help.

Do Jin:” Give me 10 minutes of your time.”

Using Seung Hye’s advice, Do Jin remade his cake. Now he wants Seung Hye to taste them again and tell him what she thinks.

At work, Seung Hye can’t stop smiling. She is extremely happy because her grandmother accepted her as apprentice. When he heard why she is so happy, Yoon Ho made Seung Hye promise that she will work hard to learn how to make coffee too.

Yoon Ho:” You never know when you’ll fall head over heels.”

He gave Seung Hye a bag with coffee beans for her to taste and remember the feeling of each bean. Yoon Ho will give her a quiz later.

Meantime Mi Ja called Do Jin. She decided to let him sell cakes with one condition, he has to earn the same amount of money as he would’ve earned as a doctor, in a month.

Episode 20

Do Jin thinks about his mother’s offer to accept him being a pastry chef if he can earn in a month the same money he could ear as a doctor. Seung Ah appears and proposes to do some promotions in front of their shop if Do Jin will raise her pay check, but Do Jin refuses her.

Worried about Seung Ah’s grandmother, Do Jin made some candies and chocolates for the grandmother, but Seung Ah has plans for that night and Do Jin has to give the chocolates and candies himself.

At home, Seung Hye has her first tea class with her grandmother where she learns that tea is served and received with solemnity. But in grandmother’s eyes more important than customs is the heart of the person who prepared the tea. With the cup of tea, the one that serves the tea has to convey his true self and the one receiving the tea has to try and feel the tea giver’s heart. before drinking the tea one has to enjoy the color and fragrance of it.

Grandmother:” A cup of Cheontaejeon tea contains a person’s heart. “

Do Jin arrived with the bag of chocolates and candies in the middle of Seung Hye’s calls. Hearing Seung Hye’s grandmother’s words he was impressed and asked if he could try the tea.

Do Jin:”I’d like to feel someone’s heart, too.”

The grandmother invited Do Jin inside and told Seung Hye to prepare a cup of Cheontaejeon tea for Do Jin the way she thought her.

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