“We Got Married ” ep 35 ( WGM ep 272) ~ Jae Rim:”This is not cheating! This are my wife’s lips!”

Jae Rim and So Eun went to the temple to peace. Unfortunately for Jae Rim he didn’t find peace and calm atmosphere, but he found pain.

Episode 35

In this episode So Eun and Jae Rim couple went to the temple, in order to find a quiet and calming atmosphere. Jae Rim said he wanted to leave the city and find peace of mind and body, but then again can’t he find that at their new house? Well… I guess they needed to escape that house for a while and do something new, there isn’t much to do at a country side house when you’re not a famer.

The nun asked them to thread 108 prayer beads and during the time they bead to think where their mind is going. They started to thread that bead, but it’s no fun do just make it like that so So Eun proposed a game. Each of them will take turns to compliment the other and the person who has nothing to compliment has to do the 108 deep bows. Because it’s hard to find 104 virtues in So Eun, Jae Rim compliments all her fingers. Like that he found 10 virtues without struggle. So Eun on the other hand likes Jae Rim’s active digestion. Since So Eum mentioned his happy time, it gave Jae Rim an idea about more virtues for So Eun. Jae Rim began threading for each of So Eun’s internal organs, he liked her heart, her spleen, he thyroid and so on. Then Jae Rim mentioned that he liked their first meeting, but when So Eun said that she liked their second meeting Jae Rim made a mistake. He said he doesn’t remember their second meeting, which was at the hospital when he had a surgery and So Eun came to visit. As a penalty for forgetting their second meeting, So Eun finger flicks Jae Rim. In the end Jae Rim lost the game and had to do the 108 deep bows, which are hard to do.

Jae Rim:” My friend living my life with me…wife…companion.”

It’s dinner time and the nun returned. So Eun found a fly in her dish. When So Eun couldn’t finish her food, Jae Rim offered to help her, but So Eun didn’t remove the fly. Thinking that So Eun removed the fly form the soup before giving it to her, Jae Rim didn’t look inside the bowl and ate the fly. At the temple, after eating the person who ate has to put water in the bowl, wash it with pickled radish and drink it. So Eun was in charge with pouring water in the bowls and once again made thinks difficult for Jae Rim by putting in his bowl more water that she should’ve. Full after finishing his food, So Eun’s soup, the water which he used to wash his bowl, Jae Rim offered to drink So Eun’s bowl with water because she was too full.

After dinner it’s time for the couple to do some work in the temple’s kitchen.

Personal thought: Jae Rim is too nice to her, while she returned to be the one she was before her scandal. After the scandal, she felt guilty and treated Jae Rim nice for a while, but now she is back to the person she was in the first episodes…..Also So Eun kind likes talking about Jae Rim’s happy time, evne if he is embarrassed about it. Who likes the entire nation and others from other countries to know that he poops every day at the same hour? And it’s nothing bad about it, actually it’s a sign that he is leading a healthy life.

Certain things are funny when you do them/ talk about them once or twice, but then it’s not funny anymore….

With their work finished the couple goes to their room, where Jae Rim hits his head on the table while trying to avoid So Eun tickle him. When he got up and the pain was about to go away, Jae Rim hit his back on the wall. It’s clearly not one of his good days!

So Eun wants to play more. Afraid that Jae Rim could hit her while trying to escape of tickling, So Eun proposes to tie him up inside a blanket. While putting Jae Rim inside a blanket, without realizing So Eun touched his privet parts again. Embarrassed Jae Rim turns around, while his face was turning red. Meanwhile So Eun denied touching him.

Jae Rim:”You shouldn’t push it.”

After playing tickling for a while, they start a new game. Once again So Eun won, after cheating. The game finished and Jae Rim wants to lie down and sleep, but once again he hits his head on the wall. Poor guy! If he goes on like that he will break his own head.

During the game they even bit each other to stop the other from winning.

Jae Rim:”This is not cheating! This are my wife’s lips!”

Personal thought : I doubt Jae Rim had a day that bad, but what I don’t know yet is if the script was saying that he should lose all the games or if he played the gentleman and let the lady win.

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