“Murphy’s Law of Love ” ep 9~ Jia Wei:”Just come to my place tonight.”

Jia Wei and Xiao Tong’s relationship evolves. They meet often since Jia Wei promised that all his time will be for Xiao Tong. Jia Wei tells Xiao Tong what is the most unpleasant memory he has. From now on Xiao Tong will transform Jia Wei’s bad memory into a good one.

Zhi Yu keeps looking for Jia Wei and keeps appearing in front of him. Jia Wei tries all he can to make Xiao Tong feel secure of his feelings.

Episode 9

On her way to meet Jia Wei, Xiao Tong received a text in which Jia Wei was telling her that he is waiting for her in his car. Jia Wei doesn’t want Xiao Tong to meet his former girlfriend, Zhi Yu.

They brought coffee and breakfast and they eat in the park. Xiao Tong noticed that Jia Wei isn’t himself, but he doesn’t tell her that he just met Zhi Yu, he doesn’t want Xiao Tong to feel insecure.

When Xiao Tong turned to get his coffee, Jia Wei took her cup of coffee and drunk from it. Seeing Xiao Tong’s reaction when she saw that Jia Wei drunk form her cup, from the cup she already drink, Jia Wei keeps joking around. He takes the new cup from Xiao Tong, takes another sip from Xiao Tong’s cup and then he returns the cup to Xiao Tong. In the end Xiao Tong doesn’t have any choice, but to drink from the cup Jia Wei already drunk.

While walking around the park, they found Tung flowers, who mean “first love”. Xiao Tong likes them so much that she wants to take pictures to put on her blog and share it with everyone else. Jia Wei takes a flower and puts it in Xiao Tong’s hair.

Jia Wei:” I heard that couples who walk under the blossom rain, their relationship will be unswerving.”

Jia Wei wants Xiao Tong to be sure of his feelings and tells her that no matter who she will meet in the future and no matter what will happened later on, his feeling for her will not change. He was clearly referring to Zhi Yu, but he can’t tell Xiao Tong that Zhi Yu appeared.

Jia Wei:” I have no intention of letting go of your hand after holding it.”

The next day Xin Xin shows Xiao Tong the paper where she sees that He Zhi Yu, Jia Wei’s ex girlfriend returned to Taiwan.

Xin Xin:” Ex-wives and ex-girlfriends are the scariest organisms in the world.”

If Zhi Yu will try to break up Xiao Tong and Jia Wei then she will have to deal with Xin Xin, who will do anything for her friend’s happiness. But that is not what worries Xiao Tong the most. Xiao Tong is worried about Jia Wei’s reaction. He and Zhi Yu didn’t break up on good terms and Zhi Yu’s return could have a big impact on Jia Wei. He was deeply hurt when they split a year ago.

Later there is a meeting between Jia Wei’s team and Xiao Tong’s team. After the meeting Jia Wei sees the paper with Zhi Yu on the front page. Thinking that it could hurt Xiao Tong, Jia Wei threw away the paper. Xiao Tong comes closer to Jia Wei and consoles him because he must be really tired. Understanding what Xiao Tong wants to say, Jia Wei takes out his phone and shows her his energy booster, a picture with the two of them.

Jia Wei:”This is my daily energy booster.”

Since he promised to give all his time, except the time he is working, to her, Jia Wei wants Xiao Tong to do the same. He asked her to meet him at his house after work.

Jia Wei:”Just come to my place tonight.”

Before leaving the office, Xiao Tong saw on Jia Wei’s calendar that the date 15 May is an important day for Jia Wei.

For their date, Jia Wei shows Xiao Tong the bench he and his mother used to sit and eat ice cream when he was little. His mother used to take him from school and feed him his favorite ice cream on that bench. For the two of them that bench was their secret place. One day Jia Wei kept waiting for his mother to come, but she never did so he went home alone. Arrived home, little Jia Wei saw his mother putting a heavy suitcase in her car. Happy he ran over to help his mother. In his innocence he let her leave with a smile, while helping her, without realizing what his mother was doing. When he grew up, Jia Wei understood that on that day his mother left him.

Jia Wei:”For some reason people who are closest to me always seems to disappear without saying goodbye.”

For Jia Wei having ice cream was always a bad memory, but now Xiao Tong wants to make eating ice cream a happy memory for him. She buys Jia Wei an ice cream.

Xiao Tong:”I just want you to be happy.”

While eating ice cream, they play with it and Xiao Tong had a small accident. Xiao Tong got ice cream on her blouse. Arrived at Jia Wei’s house, Xiao Tong changes into Jia Wei’s shirt to wash her own. Seeing Xiao Tong wearing only his shirt, Jia Wei’s heart skipped a beat. While waiting for Xiao Tong’s shirt to dry, both Xiao Tong and Jia Wei are embarrassed. They sit next to each other shy. The atmosphere is awkward .

When the shirt is dry, Jia Wei keeps finding different reason to not let Xiao Tong wear her clothes because of she will wear her clothes she will go home. The first reason Jia Wei finds is that Xiao Tong’s shirt needs to be ironed and he did that for half an hour. Then when he had to give Xiao Tong her blouse, Jia Wei suddenly remembered that he is really hungry so they need to eat before Xiao Tong leaves. While cooking Jia Wei wants to play again so he asks Xiao Tong to get him and apron and tie it up on him. When Xiao Tong was tying the apron, Jia Wei kissed her on her forehead and scared her. Then Jia Wei hugged Xiao Tong strongly.

Jia Wei:”Thank you for being here for me.”

Xiao Tong:”From now on you’ll never be alone on this day ever again.”

After Xiao Tong left, Jia Wei hugs the shirt she was wearing earlier when he noticed that Xiao Tong forgot her phone. He goes after Xiao Tong, but in front of his house, Jia Wei met Zhi Yu. She had the impression that Jia Wei will love her forever and if she returns after one year, Jia Wei will accept her as if nothing happened, but Jia Wei already moved on. Zhi Yu comes closer and holds Jia Wei’s hand when Xiao Tong returned to get her phone and saw them.

Shocked, Xiao Tong leaves without asking anything. Jia Wei runs after her. She gets in a taxi to avoid Jia Wei, but her caught up and got inside the taxi too. He explained her what she just saw and told her that she had no reason to leave. But the foolish Xiao Tong believes that Jia Wei should talk to Zhi Yu, that maybe Zhi Yu has something to tell him.

Back home, Jia Wei reads all over again the messages he send Dr. Love using the name Wayne and realized that from what he said comes Xiao Tong’s insecurity regarding their relationship. He sends her a text, but Xiao Tong didn’t see it. Then Jia Wei sends Dr. Love a message on the blog to assure Xiao Tong that he has no intention in getting back with Zhi Yu and leave her.

On the weekend Xiao Tong and Jia Wei met Simon and Shao Qiang in the park. They will play polo with another team. When the other team arrived, Jia Wei, Simon and Shao Qiang, but also Xiao Tong are surprised. Zhi Yu is on the other team. When he sees Zhi Yu, Jia Wei look at Xiao Tong to see if she is alright and Xiao Tong smiles back at him.

After the game Zhi Yu came to Jia Wei and hs friends, but Jia Wei didn’t want to look at her. He turned his face away without answering Zhi Yu. So that Zhi Yu won’t feel embarrassed by Jia Wei’s attitude, the fool Xiao Tong saluted Zhi Yu and introduced herself to Zhi Yu. Shocked, Jia Wei gets up, grabs Xiao Tong’s hand and takes her home where he cooks for her.

At the house, Xiao Tong told Jia Wei that he should meet Zhi Yu to find out the reason she left him without saying anything so he will stop wandering. The same time Jia Wei requested Xiao Tong to stop pretending that she is alright when she isn’t when they are together.

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