“Love on a Rooftop ” ep 21~ep 22~ Troubles for Dae Ho!

Seung Hye helps Do Jin creating better desserts.

Everything seemed to be going on the right direction for the Dongnakdnag family when trouble strikes again. Dae Ho in being accused of something he didn’t do. Seung Jae and Seung Hye find out and try to help their father.

Episode 21

Seung Hye prepared the tea and handed over to Do Jin. After tasting the tea, Do Jin told his hones opinion, the tea’s taste was a little off. Seung Hye made a mistake during the infusion, her time was a little off so her tea didn’t had the taste it should had.

After tasting the tea the grandmother made, Do Jin can see the taste that the Cheongtaejeon tae should have. The grandmother is impressed to see that Do Jin is a true connoisseur.

Before leaving, Do Jin asked Seung Hye to accompany him to his shop and give him few advices about how to make a profit in the first month. Do Jin tells Seung Hye about his mother’s condition. Since she works part time as a touristic guide, Seung Hye met both Korean tourists and foreign tourists so she knows what they are interested when they come to Bukcheon.

Suffering after all that happened to her, Dae Shil is drinking alone at the chicken shop. After signing the contract with a publisher, Dae Shil was accused of plagiarizing another writer and her contract was terminated. Hearing that the last time she got drunk Dae Shil slept on a bench with Kyeong Tae, Byeon Joon Bae got angry. While Joon Bae grabbed his collar, Kyeong Tae tried to explain that he didn’t know where Dae Shil’s house is and that is why they ended up sleeping together on that bench. Joon Bae gives another chance to Kyeong Tae! He takes Kyeong Tae’s phone and sends him to take Dae Shil home. After taking Dae Shil’s home, Kyeong Tae can come back to get his phone.

On their way, Kyeong Tae intends to let Dae Shil go home alone, but when he saw that she was crying changed his mind. Kyeong Tae took Dae Shil home and in front of the house he met Seung Jae.

On her way to work, Seung Hye stops by her father’s shop to bring him breakfast. When she arrived Seung Hye saw a man attacking her father. That man is the son of the man that sold the painting to her father. The old man who sold the painting and his son where paid by Do Jin’s mother’s secretary to sell that painting to Dae Ho and then lie saying that Dae Ho stole the painting. Now the old man doesn’t have a cast on his arm and isn’t illiterate anymore as he lied to Dae Ho. This time he is lying to have dementia.

While that man was grabbing Dae Ho’s collar, Seung Hye tries to help her father, but the old man appears from nowhere and attacks Seung Hye by grabbing her hair. Then the old man pretends that Dae Ho and Seung Hye pushed him and he can’t get up. When Seung Hye said that she called an ambulance, the son took his father on his back and run away. If the ambulance found them there and checked the old man everyone will know that they are pretending.

Arrived to work, Seung Hye can’t concentrate and pours hot water on her hand. Meantime secretary Bae went with Dae Ho to the hospital. He acts like he is on Dae Ho’s side, but he must have paid the doctor to say that the old man is really hurt.

Hearing what happened from his part time worker, Joon Bae rushes to the hospital to help Dae Ho. The moment he saw Joon Bae, secretary Bae acted strange like he knew Joon Bae from before and ran away.

From the hospital, Dae Ho, Joon Bae and the man that accuses Dae Ho went to the police station. While Dae Ho and his accuser were talking to the police officer, Joon Bae called Seung Jae. What’s the purpose of having a clever son that studies to become a lawyer if not to help you in times like that.

Personal thought: Seung Hye was a nurse so how is it that she doesn’t find strange that the old man got on his son’s back while saying he can’t get up. And as a nurse Seung Hye should know better than anyone that people that hurt their back shouldn’t be moved because if you move them you can hurt them more.

And another thing that I so in other dramas too, everyone was staring and filming the attack. Why no one tried to help Dae Ho? While he was attacked no one helped him or called the police, but everyone was staring and filming…. a true civic spirit!!!!

Episode 22

From the police station Seung Jae and his father went to eat. Finding out that his father signed instead of someone else on the contract, Seung Jae is angry and shocked. He screams at his father and leaves furious. Few minutes later, Seung Jae returns more calm and finish eating with his father. He realized that he feels like that, his father should feel worse. Now all he can do is be there for his father and try to help him.

Kyeong Tae is at Do Jin’s shop again. He‘s sad because the story he’s been reading was canceled and the writer was accused of plagiarized. Once again Seung Ah pretends to be tired and Kyeong Tae offers to do her job since he likes her. While sitting at Kyeong Tae’s laptop, Seung Ah has a shock. The story that was canceled is her aunt story. She is about to tell Kyeong Tae that the writer who was accused of plagiarizing is her aunt, but she stops at the last moment. Kyeong Tae is the only person on the website who doesn’t believe that Dae Shil plagiarized the story.

Using Seung Hye’s ideas, Do Jin created a new dessert. He gives Kyeong Tae and Seung Ah the new dessert to taste it and received positive feedback from them.

Seung Hye left earlier from work and went with Seung Jae to meet the two men who are swindlers who are accusing their father of assault and forgery. The two men aren’t home and when Seung Jae and Seung Hye left they saw their father coming. He was also trying to settle things with the two swindlers. Seung Hye and Seung Jae hide, they don’t want their father to feel humiliated when he will see them trying to pay for his mistakes.

While he was leaving, Dae Ho fell down. He’s morally down, he feels bad for what he did and for disappointing his two children. Seung Hye wants to go and help him up, but Seung Jae stops her. Both Seung Jae and Seung Hye watch their father getting up while crying.

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