“The Girl Who Sees Smells ” ep 15 ~ Moo Gak:”Will you marry me?”

Jae Hee’s been arrested and everyone moves on with their lives. Moo Gak proposed to Cho Rim and they are getting married. Something happens on the wedding day and Cho Rim disappears.

Episode 15

Jae Hee’s been caught. The moment he sees Moo Gak and detective Ye in his secret room, where he is keeping his victims until killing them, Jae Hee runs away. He stops to get the books written by his victims. Moo Gak arrived before Jae Hee could get out of his house.

Jae Hee:” I did kill your sister.”

The moment Jae Hee mentioned that he killed Moo Gak’s sister, Moo Gak shot him. Hurt, Jae Hee tries to leave the house, but he can’t, the police officers are in front of his house. He is surrounded! Jae Hee fells off and he is arrested, but he got angry when Moo Gak touched his books.

Lieutenant Yeom was saved in the last minute. Now her team is waiting for her to wake up in the hospital.

At night, while eating, Moo Gak felt full. He’s senses are returning slowly now that he caught his sister’s killer. Later that night, when she was sleeping, Cho Rim remembers her family, her parents, her accident, Kwon Jae Hee. She remembered everything.

But her reaction was kind slow if you ask me. She remembered coming home and finding a killer murdering her parents and then the same killer followed her, but her reaction is boring as if she is just crying because she lost her bag? I get that she knew from the police officers what happened to her parents, but still remembering and reliving those moment, while remembering, shouldn’t she have more of a strong reaction?

Jae Hee remained silent. He refuses to talk to the detectives. To make him talk, Moo Gak comes in with some notebooks from Jae Hee’s house. Moo Gak picked a notebook, he told Jae Hee that it’s Dr. Chun’s book, and burned it. Seeing the book burning, Jae Hee went crazy and accepted to talk if Moo Gak won’t burn the books. What Jae Hee didn’t know is that the book Moo Gak burned wasn’t Dr. Chun’s book, but it was an empty book from Jae Hee’s house.

That night, Moo Gak gave Cho Rim a picture with her and her parents, her mother’s ring and the books her mother wrote before she died.

The next day, before Jae Hee is moved to the prosecutor’s office, Moo Gak was left alone with him. Moo Gak asked Jae Hee to apologize for killing Cho Rim’s parents and his sister, but Jae Hee refused. Because Jae Hee kept provoking him, Moo Gak hit him.

Jae Hee:” I owe you now. I’ll make sure to pay it back.”

Cho Rim’s parents and Moo Gak’s sister are in the same cemetery so they went together to visit them.

Moo Gak:”I’ll take care of Cho Rim for the rest of my life.”

Later Moo Gak took Cho Rim to the aquarium to visit a friend of his. Moo Gak wants to return working at the aquarium now that he caught his sister’s murderer. Since Cho Rim likes the aquarium, Moo Gak has an idea.

Moo Gak:”It’d be amazing to get married at a place like this.”

But Cho Rim doesn’t understand where he is going at and she starts singing a song about sea livings. Leaving the aquarium the couple went to a restaurant. Pretending that he has to use the toilet, Moo Gak goes outside and dreams about his proposal. Before meeting Cho Rim that day, he brought an engagement ring and pretends to propose to her. Moo Gak’s car trunk is full with balloons. But while he was dreaming about his proposal another man hit his car and the balloons flew away. Luckily Cho Rim didn’t see anything.

Walking around the park, Moo Gak has another idea. There is a fountain near so he will propose there to Cho Rim. In front of all the people near the fountain, Moo Gak will kneel before Cho Rim and propose to her. Before he got the chance to do as he dreamed of proposing at that fountain another man proposed to his girlfriend. That man ended up being beaten by his girlfriend and Cho Rim, not knowing what Moo Gak was thinking of doing earlier, said that girls don’t like that kind of thing, that is embarrassing for them.

Going on another park, Moo Gak puts the ring in the sand and plans how he and Cho Rim will walk together and suddenly he will want to tie his shoelaces. Then, while pretending to tie his shoelaces, Moo Gak will pick the ring and propose. Once again things don’t go as Moo Gak planed. When Cho Rim arrived with drinks, Moo Gak runs towards her and buried the ring too deep.

Moo Gak takes Cho Rim’s hand and walk around the sand. He pretends to have his shoelaces untied and stops, but he can’t find the ring. Moo Gak spend the rest of the day searching for the ring, but he couldn’t find it.

It’s night and Moo Gak took Cho Rim to another park. He asks her if she has a perfume with her. Moo Gak takes Cho Rim’s perfume, runs on a bridge in that park and writes with the perfume his proposal.

Moo Gak:”Will you marry me?”

Cho Rim accepted and Moo Gak come running back to her. She takes from her pocket the ring Moo Gak lost earlier and returns the ring to Moo Gak to put it on her hand. Earlier in the other park, while Moo Gak was searching the ring, Cho Rim found it, but didn’t told Moo Gak.

A month after the proposal it’s Cho Rim and Moo Gak’s wedding. Everyone came to be there for them, the detectives, Cho Rim’s comedy troupe, her fiends form Jeju, everyone she was close to.

The groom is in front of the altar. Everyone is waiting for the bride, but she doesn’t come. Yeom Mi went to see why Cho Rim isn’t coming. Arrived in the room where Cho Rim was supposed to be, Yeom Mi doesn’t find Cho Rim there. Cho Rim’s been kidnapped by Jae Hee, who escaped from prison soon after being arrested.

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