“Love on a Rooftop ” ep 23~ep 24~ Seung Ah:”Dad might be handcuffed and sent to jail?”

The whole family finds out about Dae Ho’s problems and that he might be arrested. Dae Ho decided to give up on his store, but Seung Hye calls Se Ryeong to give her job as a nurse back.

Personal thought: Of course everyone hides things from Dong Seok when she is foolishly naive. Even when her mother-in-law told her to stay away from Mi Ja, she went and got close to Mi Ja…or at least she thinks so, because Mi Ja is only using her.

If her husband, who loves that shop, decided to close the shop, shouldn’t she be there for him? Is it so hard for her to realize that her husband took a difficult decision and has his reason to do so? She didn’t have a problem with forcing Seung Hye take back her job as a nurse, but she can’t let her husband close a shop that doesn’t help them at all???

Episode 23

Finding out what happened with Dae Ho, his wife goes looking for him, but she can’t find him. When Seung Hye arrived home, her mother asked to tell her to whole truth about his father’s problems.

At night Seung Hye, Seung Jae and their mother wait for Dae Ho in front of the house. Stressed and ashamed with everything that happened lately, Dae Ho’s been drinking until late with Joon Bae. While Seung Jae and his mother took Dae Ho inside, Seung Hye wants to take Joon Bae, who is drunk, home. Before leaving, Joon Bae returned Seung Hye her nametag from the hospital. He told Seung Hye that if she wouldn’t have given up her job as a nurse then she could’ve got a loan and helped her father.

In the morning, Dae Ho announced his family that he decided to give up his store and get the money for the settlement with the two men that accused him with false and assault.

Episode 24

Dae Ho announced his whole family that he decided to close his shop. He can’t make any profit from that shop and he has enough problems as it is lately so he can’t get in more debts just to keep his shop. Hearing that his wife gets angry and makes a big fuss about it and when she found out that the grandmother gave Dae Ho permission to close the shop she got even angrier. Everyone in the family knows that her husband is in trouble except her so she is scolding him in front of his mother and his children. Dae Ho took Dong Seok out and explained her his decision. Then while he was at his shop, Dae Ho received secretary Bae’s visit. Secretary Bae came to put more pressure on Dae Ho so that Dae Ho will borrow money form a moneylender.

After everyone left, the grandmother dragged Dae Shil into Seung Ah’s room and asked Seung Ah to make her look human. Later that day Dae Shil will have a blind date.

Since there is one thing she can do for her father, Seung Hye calls Se Ryeong and asks Se Ryeong to help her get her job as a nurse back. That way Seung Hye can help her father with money and he won’t have to give up his store.

Dae Shil is in the middle of her blind date. The man and his mother came to meet her and her mother at their house. When the man she had the blind date with, called her old and too skinny to have children, Dae Shil got angry and run away.

Walking around the neighborhood crying, Dae Shil met Kyeong Tae. He consoled her, wiped her tears and left, leaving Dae Shil surprised.

Dae Shil:”Why is my heart beating so fast?”

Needing Seung Hye’s help to get profit from his store, Do Jin calls Seung Hye . He asks her to quit her job and work for him. She refuses and tells him that she will return to her job as a nurse.

Suddenly Seung Ah comes in Do Jin’s shop crying. She found out from her aunt that her father could go to jail. Now Seung Ah is angry at Seung Hye for not telling her.

Seung Ah:”Dad might be handcuffed and sent to jail?”

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