“Murphy’s Law of Love ” ep 10~ Jia Wei:” I really hope that we can move on and go on out different paths. “

At Xiao Tong’s advice, Jia Wei met Zhi Yu and clarified things with her. Now he has the answer he’s been waiting for the last year to get and can move on with his life. Jia Wei reassured Xiao Tong that he doesn’t have feelings for Zhi Yu anymore and gave her the key to his house. While he left on a business trip, Jia Wei asked Xiao Tong to move to his house and take care of Polo.

Episode 10

After eating together, Jia Wei took Xiao Tong home, but he is curious why isn’t she jealous now that Zhi Yu appeared and encourages him to meet with Zhi Yu and talk.

Jia Wei:”Why aren’t you even slightly jealous?”

All that Xiao Tong wants when she is pushing Jia Wei to meet with Zhi Yu and talk is for them to resolve their problems. She wants Jia Wei to know why Zhi Yu left him without saying anything and like that he will be able to continue his relationship with Xiao Tong without thinking about the past.

Before Xiao Tong leaving, Jia Wei gave her the key from his house and called her over for breakfast the next day.

Taking Xiao Tong’s advice, Jia Wei called Zhi Yu and they met. He wants to know why Zhi Yu disappeared an year ago after rejecting his proposal. At that time, Jia Wei spent a lot of time searching for Zhi Yu and waiting in front of her house.

All that Zhi Yu said was that she had to leave Taiwan. She couldn’t tell Jia Wei the real reason she disappeared for a year. She couldn’t tell Jia Wei that she turned around and was coming to him when she was involved in an accident. The past year Zhi Yu had several surgeries and went through rehabilitation. In the accident Zhi Yu’s face was destroyed and she had others injuries that didn’t allow her to walk for a while.

Jia Wei:” I really hope that we can move on and go on out different paths. “

After saying goodbye to Jia Wei, Zhi Yu walked around Taipei, crying, for a while. Then, with her spirit down, Zhi Yu went to see her doctor, who is no other that Du Kai Wen, Xiao Tong’s ex boyfriend.

Jia Wei woke up and is waiting for Xiao Tong to come. Since she is late, wrapped in his blanket, Jia Wei waits for Xioa Tong in the living room. Once she came, Xiao Tong begins cooking under Jia Wei’s surveillance, after letting him know that what he likes may not be what she likes. It was Xiao Tong’s way of letting him know she can’t cook. Afraid that Xiao Tong could cut her fingers while cutting the bell pepper, Jia Wei teach her how to cut the bell peppers, then he finishes cooking breakfast. When Jia Wei and Xiao Tong were eating, Jai Wei received a phone call and had to go visit someone in the hospitla.

Tip: While cutting bell peppers is easier and safer to turn it around (on the side with the seeds).

Arrived at the hospital, Jia Wei met Zhi Yu. The person who called Jia Wei was Ah Da, the man whose wedding Jia Wei went with Xiao Tong, his wife is sick. While Ah Da took his wife to get some tests done, Jia Wei and Zhi Yu remained in the hospital room where they talked about their past. Xiao Tong, who was worried about Jia Wei, brought him food at the hospital, but once she heard Jia Wei and Zhi Yu talking about their past memories she left. Returned to his office, Jia Wei found out form Simon and Shao Qiang that Xiao Tong went to see him at the hospital.

Jia Wei called Xiao Tong and went to meet her at the restaurant she was eating. Every time she is troubled by something, Xiao Tong eats a lot.

Xiao Tong:” I thought you went out to eat with her.”

Seeing Xiao Tong showing a little jealousy made Jia Wei happy. He reassured Xiao Tong that from now on he won’t be part of Zhi Yu’s life, that they will be just friends in the future. Xiao Tong can be sure that Jia Wei won’t cheat on her. Jia Wei told Xiao Tong few rules about their relationship, one of them was that she isn’t allowed to let her mind run wild and she has to talk to him about anything.

Jia Wei has to leave on a business trip for a week, but he doesn’t like the idea of being away from Xiao Tong for long. While preparing for his business trip, he calls Xiao Tong over at his house. Because she spends too much time playing with Polo, Jia Wei calls her to sit next to him and makes her hold some papers for him. Xiao Tong isn’t any fool so she understands what Jia Wei wants.

Xiao Tong:” Ji Jia Wei, is this good enough?”

Not finishing his work it could be Jia Wei’s perfect solution to not go on his business trip. He holds Xiao Tong’s hand and he is about to kiss her, but once again Polo disturbed them. During the week Jia Wei will be gone someone needs to take care of Polo so Xiao Tong will move to Jia Wei’s house.

Jia Wei:” Just stay here for this week.”

Arrived at the place they will be staying for their business trip, Jia Wei, Simon and Shao Qiang met Zhi Yu. Seems like her sponsors provided her with a small holiday at the same place, in the same time, Jia Wei is staying there…only a coincidence she says.

In his room, Jia Wei wonders what Xiao Tong might be doing at the house. She plays with Polo, while looking around Jia Wei’s book. Xiao Tong sends Jia Wei a text, a picture with her and Polo.

Jia Wei:” Why did she climb onto my bed when I’m not around?”

Happy, they reply to each other for a while.

Jia Wei:” Just in case I can’t get used to the bed and suffer from insomnia, I might probably just rush home and sleep on the bed that you are lying on right now.”

After texting for a while, Jia Wei calls Xiao Tong to tell her that he met Zhi Yu. At first he didn’t want to tell her, fearing that Xiao Tong might get the wrong idea, but since they decided to talk about anything he told her. Once again Jia Wei reassured Xiao Tong that only her is in his heart now.

Jia Wei:”The whole house is yours now. You can do whatever you want. I’ll be back soon. ”

Xiao Tong:” I think I’m beginning to miss you!”

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