“Love on a Rooftop ” ep 25~ep 26~ Seung Hye:”I feel like I keep getting between you two.”

To help her father with money, Seung Hye quit her job at Yoon Ho’s coffee shop and wants to return working as a nurse. Because Do Jin needs Seung Hye to help him make profit at his café, he offers Seung Hye an advanced one year salary if she starts working for him.

Dong Seok helps Mi Ja with her mother’s memorial day, but she forgets something home. When Seung Hye brought her mother the dish she forgot, Seung Hye came at the same time with Do Jin and Se Ryeong wasn’t pleased.

Personal thought: Once again the civic spirit sticks. The conman comes at Seung Hye’s work place, threatens her and no one does anything, not even calling the police.

When that conman is threatening Seung Hye like that why is she the one scared to call the police? At that moment she was the victim, even if her father was to blame for something. Also the conman is acting like a moneylender who came to collect and still Seung Hye is afraid to call the police?

Episode 25

Hearing that she is the only one who didn’t know that her father is being charged, Seung Ah takes her anger out on Seung Hye. Because she doesn’t want Do Jin to know their family problems, Seung Hye tries to take Seung Ah away, but she can’t. After calming Seung Ah, the two sisters go home where Seung Ah decided to sleep with her parents that night.

Being present at Seung Ah and Seung Hye’s conversation, Do Jin realized that Seung Hye decided to go back at being a nurse to help her father with the settlement money.

The next day, Seung Hye announced Yoon Ho that she is quitting her job. Knowing that Seung Hye has a talent and can become a great barista, Yoon Ho proposes her to continue with their lessons even if she won’t work for him anymore.

Meantime Seung Ah is embarrassed to look at Do Jin after crying in front of him the night before. While Do Jin tells her that he’s sorry he missed the chance to work with Seung Hye, Seung Ah said that if he can give Seung Hye their father’s settlement money Seung Hye won’t have to return at her nursing job and can work for him.

To pressure Dae Ho into borrowing money from the moneylender, the conman Do Jin’s mother paid came at coffee shop where Seung Hye’ works. He makes a scandal and threatens Seung Hye. When he is about to hit Seung Hye, Do Jin appeared and protected her. While Do Jin was getting the conman out of the coffee shop, Dae Ho came running to make sure that his daughter wasn’t harmed.

After Dae Ho left, Do Jin makes another offer to Seung Hye. He offered Seung Hye and year salary advanced just to work for him and help him get the profit he needs in order to no return to work as a doctor.

Do Jin:” I’m not doing it since I have money to burn. I seriously need your help. That’s how desperately I need you.”

Home, Do Jin tells Kyeong Tae about the offer he made to Seung Hye, but still got rejected. The money that he plans to give Seung Hye is from his emergency funds.

Kyeong Tae:”Are you sure you’re not bringing Yoon Seung Hye in for personal reasons?”

The next day, Seung Hye found out that her father plans to borrow money from a moneylender and runs to Do Jin. Desperate to stop her father from doing a mistake like that, Seung Hye decided to accept Do Jin’s offer. At least Do Jin is more trustworthy than some loan shark.

Seung Hye:” Does your offer still stand?”

Do Jin and Seung Hye hurries to the bank so Do Jin could deposit the money into Seung Hye’s account. After Do Jin deposited the money, Seung Hye called Seung Jae, who rushed to the police station to pay the settlement money and take care of everything that is needed so their father won’t have any problems in the future.

Seung Hye:”I feel like I keep getting between you two.”

Later Seung Hye and Seung Jae went to Dae Ho’s shop and told him know that everything is over, that they’ve resolved everything. Luckily Dae Ho didn’t signed the papers to borrow money from the loan sharks before Seung Hye and Seung Jae arrived. At first Dae Ho got angry that his children had to go to troubles again to help him. To not trouble his children, Dae Ho would’ve preferred going to prison. But after Seung Jae told him what they really feel, Dae Ho calmed down and decided that from now on he will become the reliable father his children deserve.

Seung Hye:”You mean the world to us.”

Episode 26

Seung Hye calls Se Ryeong to apologize for not being able to return at the hospital after asking Se Ryeong to help her. She also wants to tell Se Ryeong that she will work for Do Jin so that Se Ryeong won’t misunderstand. Unfortunately Se Ryeong is busy, she is in a hurry to leave for a meeting so she can’t stay too much on the phone with Seung Hye.

Kyeong Tae came to drink something at Do Jin’s restaurant. While Do Jin left to prepare something to drink for Kyeong Tae, Dae Shil also came. She is with her moral down since her plagiarized scandal. To make Dae Shil feel better, Seung Ah introduced Dae Shil to her number one fan, the only parson who didn’t cursed on her since the scandal, the only person who believed in her as a writer, Oh Kyeong Tae. Hearing that Dae Shil is the writer he likes so much, Kyeong Tae threw away his shirt and asked Dae Shil to give him an autograph on his back.

On her first day of work at Do Jin’s restaurant, Seung Hye and Seung Ah go together. As a senior at the work place Seung Ah wants to make Seung Hye clean instead of her, but Do Jin ha other idea. Do Jin wants Seung Hye to taste his new sweets so the one that ended up cleaning is Seung Ah.

The next day, Do Jin has to leave his shop with business and takes Seung Hye with him. That is making Seung Ah angry, since she has to do all the work at the shop. While Seung Hye and Do Jin were leaving, Se Ryeong arrived and saw them leaving together.

It’s Mi Ja’s mother memorial day and Seung Hye’s mother offered to prepare the food. Without knowing for whom Dong Seok is cooking, the grandmother offered to help. Going with the food at Mi Ja’s house, Dong Seok realized that she forgot an important dish so she calls Seung Ah for help. Because she is alone at the café, Seung Ah can’t leave so she asked her grandmother to bring the dish to her mother.

To stop the grandmother from bringing the dish to Dong Seok, Seung Hye rushes over. She caught up with her grandmother at Mi Ja’s building’s elevator. After sending her grandmother home, Seung Hye is about to go up when someone comes in the elevator. That someone it’s Do Jin.

Do Jin rings the bell and the person who opened its Se Ryeong. The moment she saw Seung Hye coming with Do Jin, Se Ryeong got even angrier that she is with Seung Hye, but she can’t do anything at the moment.

Mi Ja asks Seung Hye to stay for tea and leave together with her mother.

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