“Love on a Rooftop ” ep 27~ep 28~ Yoon Ho:” This is your chance to make your dream reality. “

Dong Seok reveals Dae Ho that the money she borrowed from her sister is actually from Yang Yoon Hui, who is also Do Jin’s mother.

Yoon Ho can’t let go of Seung Hye and comes looking for her at Do Jin’s café.

Episode 27

Seung Hye wants to know why her mother is working at Do Jin’s mother house. Dong Seok will tell Seung Hye later what is going on, but Seung Hye’s grandmother can’t find out. While Seung Hye and Dong Seuk were talking in the kitchen, Se Ryeong and Mi Ja came in to humiliate Seung Hye. They didn’t humiliate Seung Hye openly. They started talking about poor people how take advantage of Do Jin’s heart and take his money. Seung Hye understood that Mi Ja and Se Ryeong were referring at her and she helped her mother finish the work so they could leave faster.

On her way home, Se Ryeong saw Seung Hye and her mother waiting for the buss and offered to give them a ride, but Seung Hye refused. Arrived home, Se Ryeong tells Yoon Ho that Seung Hye works for Do Jin now so they should do something about it. Se Ryeong can’t stand the fact that Seung Hye came home with Do Jin and she works with him. But what Se Ryeong doesn’t know is that Seung Hye believes that Do Jin and Se Ryeong are dating.

Mi Ja on the other hand is angry with Do Jin. She worked 30 years at her plan to destroy Seung Hye’s family because she is upset with Dae Ho and his mother. When she was so close to make her plan came to reality her own son stopped her the moment he gave Seung Hye the money.

Later, when she is alone, Mi Ja has a small talk with her mother’s picture. She is angry that Do Jin got involved with Seung Hye.

The next morning Dong Seok isn’t feeling well. She overworked herself the day before. Since the lie is weighting on her heart, Dong Seok decided to tell her husband the truth, that she didn’t borrow the money from her sister, but from his mother old apprentice, Yang Yoon Hui. She also told Dae Ho that Do Jin is Yang Yoon Hui’s son. Feeling that they borrowed shamelessly money from both mother and son, Dae Ho wants to prepare gifts for Do Jin and his mother to thank them for their help.

At work Do Jin feels bad to hear that Dong Seok isn’t feeling well and proposed to Seung Hye to take some sweets for her mother when she leaves home.

Later Dae Ho came with a present for Do Jin. They sit at a table in Do Jin’s café and have a pleasant conversation. Dae Ho tells Do Jin about a parent’s fear concerning his or hers child. Before leaving Dae Ho encourages Do Jin to never give up his dream and work hard to make his café have profit.

Its Dae Ho’s last day at his store. He sold the store he love for the last 20 years and even prepared a present for Yang Yoon Hui in order to thank her for helping them with money without knowing that Yang Yoon Hui is Mi Ja.

Do Jin hears Seung Ah and Seung Hye talk and finds out that their father closed his store. He let Seung Hye leave early from work to go and see her father.

Mi Ja came at Dae Ho’s store to show off that she is the one that won, but she couldn’t go in. She saw Seung Hye coming.

When Seung Hye arrived at her father’s store she saw him crying and came out. She let him cry in peace while she is waiting outside.

Episode 28

When Dong Seok arrived at Dae Ho’s store she saw Seung Hye waiting outside. They both came to be there for Dae Ho when he closes his store for good.

Seung Hye:” You two look good together.”

Realizing that she is a third wheel, Seung Hye leaves her parents have a date together and returned to her work place. At Do Jin’s café, Seung Hye met Yoon Ho. He wasn’t pleased that Seung Hye started working with Do Jin because he gave her the money she needed. If she would’ve asked Yoon Ho, he would’ve given her the money. Now Yoon Ho wants to take Seung Hye back, even if that means to help her with the problem Do Jin helped her. Still Seung Hye is not the type to go back on her word so she can’t leave Do Jin’s café.

Yoon Ho:” This is your chance to make your dream reality. If you miss it, you’ll regret it for life.”

The one that isn’t happy about Yoon Ho being close to Seung Hye is Do Jin. He intervenes in Yoon Ho and Seung Hye’s conversation saying that he is the one that stopped Seung Hye form working as a nurse because he needed her so she has to work for him. Actually Do Jin doesn’t like Yoon Ho near Seung Hye.

Do Jin:”I told you to go home. Why did you come back?”

Because Seung Hye didn’t return to work as a nurse at the hospital, Se Ryeong came to see her. Since Seung Hye didn’t have the chance to tell Se Ryeong she will be working with Do Jin, Se Ryeong has a wrong idea. She now came to bring Seung Hye an expensive bag. Se Ryeong tells Seung Hye to accept the bag because like that she will feel better for firing Seung Hye wrongly.

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