“Murphy’s Law of Love ” ep 11~ Jia Wei:” My bed isn’t bad, right?”

Jia Wei returns from his business trip earlier, but he is sick so Xiao Tong has to take care of him. Because Jia Wei is the type of person she wants her parents to meet, Xiao Tong arranges a meeting.

While Jia Wei was gone, Xiao Tong meets her ex boyfriend, Kai Wen.

Episode 11

Xiao Tong’s been waiting for Jia Wei’s call. She jumps happily every time she receives a phone call or a text, but Jia Wei didn’t call her the whole day. When Xin Xin showed her a message that Zhi Yu, who is staying at the same hotel as Jia Wei, posted online.

At home, jealous Xiao Tong waits for Jia Wei’s text or phone call. She wants to call him, but she doesn’t want to disturb him if he is busy with work. Suddenly Xiao Tong stars imagining Jia Wei being happy with Zhi Yu, making fun of her.

An old coworker form when she worked at the General Hospital called Xiao Tong. She needs Xiao Tong’s professional opinion on a case, but she also called Xiao Tong because someone else wants to see Xiao Tong. The doctor who wants to see Xiao Tong is her ex boyfriends, Kai Wen. They go at the hospital cafeteria and talk about how their lives been during the year they’ve been apart. Now, a year after they broke up Kai Wen found out that Xiao Tong didn’t like coffee, she was only drinking it because he liked coffee. When they were dating Xiao Tong was gravitating around Kai Wen’s life. If Kai Wen wanted something, then Xiao Tong wanted the same thing. If Kai Wen liked something, then Xiao Tong liked then same thing.

Jia Wei finished the meeting he had to be present in. He also changed the schedule for him, Simon and Shao Qiang. Originally they were supposed to be on a business trip for 3 days, but since he misses Xiao Tong and wants to return as soon as possible and be with her, Jia Wei arranged the schedule to finish their 3 days work in 2 days. Shao Qiang, Simon and Jia Wei worked the whole night to finish their work. Early in the morning, Jia Wei remembers that he was so busy that he forgot to call Xiao Tong.

On the other hand, Zhi Yu didn’t have any work at the hotel Jia Wei is staying. She found out that Jia Wei will be there and postponed her meetings, including her appointments with her doctor or her treatment, to be there and maybe get Jia Wei back.

Jia Wei takes a walk on the beach. He remembered that Xiao Tong texted him saying that she and Polo wants to see the sea. For Xiao Tong, Jia Wei recorded the sound of the waves.

Jia Wei:”I heard that someone really wants to see the ocean too.”

While Jia Wei was recording the waves, Zhi Yu appeared next to him. Then moment he saw her, Jia Wei became a cold person, he pushed her away, talk to her really cold and distant then he left.

Later, with the work done, Jia Wei, who is sick , he has a cold, doesn’t want to take medicine or go see a doctor he just wants to return to Taipei.

Jia Wei goes home to take a nap before picking Xiao Tong form work. When Xiao Tong came home, she found Jia Wei sleeping with high fever. The whole night Xiao Tong took care of Jia Wei, assuring herself that he is fine.

In the morning, when he woke up, Jia Wei looked at his phone and realized that he slept until the next day. He goes downstairs and sees that Xiao Tong cooked for him. Now, he is upset that Xiao Tong left without waking him up or at least leaving a message for him. Suddenly Polo comes in. While he was playing with Polo, Jia Wei sees Xiao Tong. She didn’t leave, she went to buy breakfast for the both of them.

Jia Wei:” I’m finally back home!”

During breakfast they tell each other what they’ve done this days they’ve been apart. Jia Wei felt great waking up, after having high fever, and seeing that someone took care of him, that there was another person in the house who was cooking. Of course Jia Wei’s jealousy strike in the moment Xiao Tong told him she met Kai Wen few days ago.

Later, while Jia Wei was lying down in bed, Xiao Tong brought him lemon ginger coke, the only thing Jia Wei drinks when he is sick.

Jia Wei:” My bed isn’t bad, right?”

Jia Wei pulls Xiao Tong in bed and lets her listen to the message he recorded with the waves, his love confession.

Jia Wei:” I heard that someone wants to come to the seaside too. Looking at this sea right now, I feel very peaceful. I feel very calm. While looking at the sea, it feels like I’m in a healing process. It felt as though you are right by my side…Guan Xiao Tong, we have reached the seaside.“

Xiao Tong will appear on a TV program as Dr. Love. At that program aren’t just participants tested, but also guests. For Xiao Tong’s text Jia Wei is involved too. When she explained him about the program, Jia Wei accepted. To test Jia Wei before the program, Xiao Tong wants to introduce him to her parents. She checked his schedule and arranged a meeting. She decided a day, her mother will cook for Jia Wei and her father can’t wait to have a drink with him. As soon as she told him that he has to come to her house in a few days to meet her parents, Jia Wei froze. He is nervous and tries to get out of it. But Xiao Tong tricked him and Jia Wei ends up accepting to come meeting her parents.

Back to work, Jia Wei hears from his coworkers what he should do and shouldn’t do when he is meeting Xiao Tong’s parents for the first time.

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