“Love on a Rooftop ” ep 29~ep 30~ Yoon Ho:”Your reaction seems really over the top. It seems like you’re jealous.”

Se Ryeong offered an expensive purse to Seung Hye, but Seung Hye refused it. Seung Ah can’t understand why her sister would do something like that and calls Se Ryeong to give her the bag. While trying to use Seung Ah to her purpose Se Ryeong gives the purse to Seung Ah.

Do Jin sees Yoon Ho and Seung Hye together and starts being jealous. Sueng Hye can’t understand Do Jin’s behavior, but she thinks Do Jin is only upset because he doesn’t have much time until his deal with his mother will be over and the business isn’t going as he expected.

Sumin finds out that the friend her daughter-in-law was helping is Mi Ja and throws Dong Seok out. When Dong Seok returns home she is different, for the first time she is standing up against her mother-in-law.

Episode 29

Seung Hye refused the bag Se Ryeong offered her. After Se Ryeong left, Seung Ah tries to make Seung Hye change her mind and call Se Ryeong to bring back the bag. Because Seung Hye doesn’t want to accept a gift as expensive as that bag, Seung Ah steals Seung Hye’s phone. While running away with Seung Hye’s phone, Seung Ah bumped into her mother. Seung Hye, who was chasing after Seung Ah, caught her and took back her phone before Seung Ah got the chance to call Se Ryeong.

Dong Seok came to see her daughters to tell them that their grandmother found out about Dong Seok helping Mi Ja for with the food for Mi Ja’s mother memorial service and threw her out of the house. Hearing that her mother and Seung Hye had another secret leaving her out, Seung Ah gets upset and leaves angry. Soon after Seung Ah left Dong Seok leaves too. She realized that if her mother-in-law doesn’t want to tell her why she hated Yang Yoon Hui so much, then Dong Seok should ask Yang Yoon Hui.

Yoon Ho came to see Seung Hye at work. He wanted to confirm something and to continue with his lessons with Seung Hye. While Seung Hye was busy with Yoon Ho, Seung Ah got her chance to get Se Ryeong’s phone number from Seung Hye’s phone. Seung Ah called Se Ryeong, but she couldn’t tell Se Ryeong the reason she called. Since she isn’t a fool, Se Ryeong realized why Seung Ah called her.

Arrived at the café in the middle of Seung Hye’s class with Yoon Ho, Do Jin sees Yoon Ho hugging Seung Hye. Well…Yoon Ho wasn’t really hugging her, he was helping her with coffee dripping. The moment Do Jin saw Yoon Ho and Seung Hye his jealousy strikes in. Angry, Do Jin reminded Yoon Ho that he never asked Yoon Ho to train his employees.

Yoon Ho:”Your reaction seems really over the top. It seems like you’re jealous.”

After Yoon Ho left, Do Jin is still angry and jealous. He washes the dishes angrily and when Seung Hye wants to help he doesn’t let her.

Episode 30

Dong Seok went to see Mi Ja to ask her why Dae Ho’s mother hates her, but Mi Ja didn’t give her an answer. Mi Ja just said that she doesn’t know either. The whole family is worried about Dong Seok and calls her, but she doesn’t answer. Sumin, sorry for throwing her daughter-in-law, out of the house calls her to call her back.

Since Dong Seok fell asleep at her house, when Sumin called, Mi Ja sent Sumin a text from Dong Seok’s phone saying that Dong Seok is at the movies and can’t answer her phone.

Realizing that Dong Seok could be at Mi Ja’s house, Dae Ho goes to get her. On their way home, Dae Ho and Dong Seok met Seung Hye and Seung Jae, who were so worried about their mother that they’ve waited for her in front of the house.

Back to the house, Dong Seok is not the same person who left. She is standing up in front of her mother-in-law, requesting to tell her the reason she doesn’t want Dong Seok to meet with Yang Yoon Hui. Of course Dong Seok couldn’t find out the answer she is looking for, but at least she is back to her house with her family.

Wanting to use Seung Ah, Se Ryeong called her. She gave Seung Ah the purse that Seung Hye refused, but Seung Ah wanted. And she did more than that! When she saw how much Seung Ah loves expensive things, Se Ryeong asked Seung Ah to be her little sister from that day.

Se Ryeong:”You want to be my little sister? Being an only child, I’ve always wanted a cute little sister like you.”

Meanwhile Do Jin called his mother to his shop. He wants to ask her for an extension to their deal, but she refuses. For the start Mi Ja gave Do Jin and impossible mission knowing that he know nothing about business and he won’t be able to succeed in just one month. While Mi Ja an Do Jin were talking, secretary Bae came with an information for Mi Ja. He discovered that Seung Hye was adopted because Dong Seok couldn’t have children.

When Seung Hye saw secretary Bae she recognized him and starts suspecting that Do Jin’s mother in the owner of her father’s shop.

After finding out that Seung Hye is adopted, Mi Ja goes to see Seung Hye’s grandmother.

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