Liebster Award!

WOW! Another special blogger’s send me a Liebster Award. Thank you so so so much apqaria from crushonleedahae and  from asianaddictsanonymous for this nomination…. Please visit and check the two blogs 😄😄😄.

This must be my year since I received a lot of awards from the January until now. For that reason I must apologize to apqaria and because I’m only answering to their questions and not nominating other bloggers ( I’ll have to nominate the same bloggers I already did and I kind have a little problem making new questions).

apqaria ‘ questions

  1. What drama/movie do you watch to cheer you up?

None in particular, usually to cheer up I listen to music.

  1. What made you feel the urge to start blogging?

The need to use and practice English and since I was watching a lot of dramas I thought it was the best opportunity.

  1. Do you follow a schedule for your drama watching and blogging?

Nope, I don’t follow a schedule, it depends on my time and dramas I’m watching.

  1. What is the first thing attract you to watch a drama/movie? (Cast, Story, ….Etc)

The first thing to attract me to watch a drama/ movie are: cast, plot, teaser.

  1. What is the weirdest dream you had recently?

A really big sun, yellow in the middle and was going from orange to red on the rays and it was surrounded by a really strong blue.

  1. Are you a big eater? And what is your favorite dish?

I’m not a big eater and I don’t have a favorite dish.

  1. Would you ever want to try dangerous sports like sky dive or bungee jump?

Yes I would love to try them both, but I’m too scared. I will definitely do sky diving and bungee jumping some day.

  1. What is your favorite drama in 2015 till now? And what is the drama you are most looking forward to watch?

Until now in 2015 I really like Murphy’s law of love, Kill me heal me, Ouroboros, Healer….and a drama from 2014, but I watched it recently so I’ll say that one too… Go, single lady.

  1. If you have to choose another profession/study other than the one you have, what would that be?

Photographer, psychologist, nutritionist

  1. Cute or Sexy?

Sexy and why not…. some times cute.

  1. Do you watch variety shows? If yes, which is your favorite?

Yes I do and my favorite at the moment is 1N2D.

  1. What got you into blogging and what has surprised you the most about it?

I started blogging to try to improve and practice English ( don’t know if was successful 😄 ) and what surprised me the most I don’t know, maybe the fact that other people read my blog and how fast other bloggers connect with each other due to their blogs.

  1. What was your last addiction before being bit by the drama bug?

Didn’t had an addiction before dramas. Watching dramas came to a difficult moment and made me got me returning from the way I was going towards… and that is a little depression.

  1. What do you find to be the hardest thing about blogging?

The hardest thing must be finding dramas I would like, without getting bored in the middle and finding time to write about them.

  1. Do you blog in your native language?

Nope, I am not blogging in my native language. English is my second language, but I thought about blogging in my language too.

  1. What has been your most rewarding experience with your blog to date?

The most rewarding experience I think it would be the fact that I received so many awards lately and that my blog’s viewer’s increase more and more by day which makes me believe I’m not as horrible blogger as I thought. 😄

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4 Responses to Liebster Award!

  1. apqaria says:

    Thanks chingu for the answers and you don’t need to apologize 🙂
    I really want to check Murphy’s law of love, hope I will find time soon ^^

  2. NeeNee says:

    Congratulations on the blogging awards! It’s always something to be proud of. And I think you are doing a great job. I think your English is doing pretty good and I love coming to read info on stuff I don’t necessarily have the time to watch.

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