“Love on a Rooftop ” ep 31~ep 32~ Do Jin:” Please don’t come back here.”

Seung Jae is shocked after finding out that Seung Hye is adopted, but decided to treat her same as he did until now.

Mi Ja fires Seung Hye from Do Jin’s coffee shop, but Do Jin hears her and asks his mother to not come to his café again.

Personal thought: Finally things are starting to move on a little bit!”Does he know his own story, too?” So does that mean both Seung Hye and Seung Jae are adopted? OMG things get complicated in this drama. It would be nice for them to be real siblings that got adopted by the same family. But what about Seung AH, is she adopted too or she is the real daughter? Maybe she is the real daughter and that’s why Seung Ah is different from Seung Hye and Seung Jae, that is why she is more spoiled.

On the other hand, Mi Ja waited 30 years to destroy Dongnaldang’s family because she couldn’t marry Dae Ho?

Episode 31

Going to Mi Ja to find out why is Mi Ja using her daughter-in-law, Sun Im met Mi Ja in front of her house. They both entered Dongnakdang and talk in Sun Im’s room. Mi Ja is curious how come a person who is as strict about lineage as Sun Im could accept an infertile daughter-in-law and an adopted granddaughter instead of her.

Seung Jae, who was home sick, came to ask his grandmother to make him some tea and heard his grandmother and Mi Ja talking. Hearing that Seung Hye is adopted shocked him. Later, when Mi Ja left, Sun Im goes to Seung Jae’s room, talks about her feelings towards her grandchildren and asks him to treat Seung Hye the same, to not change towards Seung Hye just because he discovered that they aren’t blood related.

After causing trouble at Dongnakdang, Mi Ja went to Do Jin’s coffee shop. She asks Seung Hye to sit and talk with her, while trying to make Seung Hye feel bad about her origins. Fortunately Seung Hye didn’t lose her composure and gave Mi Ja the best answer she could have.

Seung Hye:” I have the best of both my parent’s best traits.”

Later Mi Ja asked Seung Hye to quit her job at Do Jin’s café.

Meanwhile Do Jin took Seung Ah out and fired her. Returned to his shop, Do Jin hears his mother firing Seung Hye. Upset, Do Jin asked his mother to leave his café and never return.

Do Jin:” Please don’t come back here.”

When Do Jin told her that he fired Seung Ah, Seung Hye asked for permission to go see Seung Ah. Watching Seung Hye’s reactions every time Seung Ah is involved, Do Jin can’t understand why Seung Hye always gets flustered when it’s about Seung Ah.

While looking for Seung Ah, Seung Hye arrived home where she met the man with whom Dae Shil had a matchmaking date.

Seung Ah on the other hand isn’t upset at all because she was fired. While Seung Hye was looking for her, Seung Ah went to see Se Ryeong. Hearing that Seung Ah got fired, upset Se Ryeong. Because she needs Seung Ah working at Do Jin’s café, Se Ryeong encourages Seung Ah to ask Do Jin to hire her back.

At night Sun Im calls Dong Seok and Dae Ho to her room to tell them that Seung Jae found out that Seung Hye is adopted.

Dong Seok:”Does he know his own story, too?”

Sun Im:” Ever since we brought the two siblings in it’s been so difficult to hide the truth.”

Still surprised after the truth he discovered, Seung Jae looks at a picture with him and his sisters. He realizes how difficult must have been for Seung Hye and goes out to wait for her.

Seung Jae:”I suddenly missed you a lot.”

Episode 32

Yoon Ho realized that his wake up caller is Seung Hye and woke up early to wait for the call while feeling butterflies in his stomach. On the phone he tells the wake up caller to wear a yellow scarf while the caller told him to try some omija tea instead of coffee that day.

On their way to work, Seung Ah and Seung Hye met Yoon Ho who wants to drink omija tea especially with Seung Hye. He is giving her clues to realize that he is one of the morning calls she makes every morning, but Seung Hye didn’t realized it.

Remembering how hard was for her when she couldn’t have children, Dong Seok advises Dae Shil to go see an OB/GYN doctor.

Arrived at the hospital, Dae Shil is surprised to see that the doctor is no other then Kyeong Tae. She was already embarrassed to see an OB/GYN, but now that the doctor is Kyeong Tae, Dae Shil can’t even talk properly. They already know each other and she isn’t comfortable with Kyeong Tae examining her, but Kyeong Tae knows how to convince her. For the first time since they first met, Dae Shil is seeing Kyeong Tae in a different light, he seems like a different person.

Do Jin sees Seung Hye changing a bulb at his café. Afraid that she could fell, Do Jin runs over to sustain her and to get her down from there to change the bulb himself. While Do Jin changed the bulb, Seung Hye holds his chair, but she becomes shy the moment she noticed that Do Jin’s blouse and she saw his skin.

Later Seung Ah brought a memorandum signed in with what she was assuring Do Jin that she won’t skip work from now on. Since Seung Hye asked him to give Seung Ah another chance, Do Jin accepted.

The same time, Se Ryeong met Mi Ja. When she told Mi Ja about her plan to use Seung Ah since she is different than Seung Hye, Mi Ja revealed Se Ryeong that Seung Hye and Seung Ah aren’t real sisters because Seung Hye was adopted.

Seung Hye is getting ready to sleep when Seung Jae asks her to go out with him and play badminton. They play and remember things they used to do when they were children. Seung Jae remembers that all his life Seung Hye was there with him and that is what is important not the fact that they don’t share the same blood. As long as they share the same memories, they life under the same roof and share the food and the daily live, they share the good and the bad things they are family, the rest doesn’t matter.

Seung Jae:”You were always there with me!”

Seung Hye:” Seung Jae, you are the most precious brother ever.”

The next day, Seung Hye eats the new sweets Do Jin made and has a new idea. Seung Hye proposes Do Jin to sell traditional tea with the sweets. After beginning learning how to make traditional tea from her grandmother, Seung Hye realized that there are more types of tea that she thought and some of those teas would be a perfect match for Do Jin’s sweets. Both Do Jin and Seung Hye decide to go look for tea ingredients at the same places where Sun Im goes. Before leaving Do Jin sees that Seung Hye has something on her mouth and wipes her. They are both embarrassed, but Seung Ah ruined the moment. Once again she is left behind to watch the café and to clean.

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