“Love on a Rooftop ” ep 33~ep 34~Seung Hye:” I have a confession to make.”

Se Ryeong told Seung Ah that she and Seung Hye aren’t biological sisters. Angry that she was the only one that didn’t know the truth and was deceived by her family, Seung Ah went crazy. She made a scandal at the house.

Wanting to tell herself Seung Jae the truth, Seung Hye realized that her brother already knows and for him that little detail isn’t important. Even if she was adopted for Seung Jae she is still his older sister.

So Seung Ah’s problem isn’t that Seung Hye was adopted, she reacted that way because she was the only one who didn’t know in the family?

Episode 33

Dae Shil went to see an OB/GYN, but the doctor turned out to be Kyeong Tae. When the nurse asked Dae Shil to change into the robe, embarrassed that she will have to get examined by Kyeong Tae, Dae Shil left.

Se Ryeong went to Do Jin’s café to ask Seung Ah how are things between Seung Hye and Do Jin. She gave Seung Ah and expensive ring and asked her to get between Seung Hye and Do Jin and separate them. Se Ryeong even told Seung Ah that she and Do Jin are engaged and will get married soon. Seung Ah took the ring and it fit her perfectly, but she can’t do what Se Ryeong asked. She likes Se Ryeong and the expensive gifts Se Ryeong gives her, but Seung Ah can’t harm her sister.

Seung Ah:”Yoon Seung Hye is my sister! Blood is thicker than water.”

Upset that Seung Ah refused her proposal and called her insecure, Se Ryoeng told Seung Ah on purpose that Seung Hye isn’t her biological sister, that Seung Hye was adopted. The news shocked Seung Ah. That moment Seung Hye and Do Jin returned.

Seung Ah:” You’re not my biological sister?”

Seung Hye took Seung Ah out to have a privet talk. Left alone with Do Jin, Se Ryeong pretends that she made a mistake without knowing that Seung Ah didn’t know that Seung Hye was adopted.

Seung Hye:” I wanted to be a real sister to you two.”

Seung Hye tries to explain how things happened to Seung Ah, but Seung Ah is too upset to understand her sister. Seung Ah believes that her all family knows and they deceived her.

Worried that Seung Jae might find out and have a similar reaction as Seung Ah, Seung Hye went to see her brother.

Seung Hye:” I have a confession to make.”

When Seung Hye was about to tell Seung Jae about her adoption, Seung Ah called him. She was upset. While Seung Jae was talking to Seung Ah on the phone, trying to calm her down, Seung Hye realized that Seung Jae already knows.

Seung Jae:” No matter what anyone says, you’re my older sister. The fact we’re not blood related, that you aren’t mom’s real daughter, none of that matters to me.”

Seung Hye:” Forgive, Seung Jae. I can’t help but deceive you this way.”

At home, Seung Ah made a big scandal for being the only one in the family that didn’t know the truth. Since it turned out that way, Dae Ho and Dong Seok had to tell Sueng Ah everything and asked her to not tell her grandmother that she found out.

In the morning, Dae Shil took Seung Hye out for jogging to make her feel better. In the park they’ve met Kyeong Tae and Do Jin, who also came to exercise. The moment he saw Dae Shil, Kyeong Tae took her away to convince her to reschedule an appointment at the hospital because he, as her biggest fan, will provide her with the best examination.

Meanwhile Do Jin is left alone with Seung Hye. While they do their individual exercise, Seung Hye gets closer to Do Jin to help him with his exercises.

Episode 34

Seung Ah came home late and found Seung Hye waiting for her. She doesn’t know how Seung Jae found out so she believes that everyone in the family deceived her. Hearing Seung Ah talking to Seung Hye, Seung Jae has an idea to make Seung Hye feel better. After everyone went to bed, Seung Jae calls Seung Hye out and sings for her.

In the morning Yoon Ho and president Jang went jogging. The day before president Jang found out that the women he likes is Kang Do Jin’s mother. Few days ago he gave Mi Ja flowers and confessed his feelings for her. Because she doesn’t want to accept his feelings, Mi Ja went to see him at his office so Se Ryeong would see them. Like that president Jang found out who Mi Ja was and regrets confessing. If Se Ryeong will end up marrying Do Jin things could e awkward between him and Mi Ja, as long that is what president Jang believes.

When the time for his wake up call came, Yoon Ho answered the phone pretending to sleep. The moment he answered the phone, Seung Hye sang him the song Seung Jae sing her the night before.

Yoon Ho:”The person who gave me happiness today is you.”

Seung Jae tells his grandmother that Seung Ah found out the truth about Seung Hye and asks her to talk to Seung Ah. Meanwhile Seung Hye was in Seung Ah’s room so they could go to work together, but Seung Ah is still upset. She can’t even look or work in the same place as Seung Hye. She wants to quit her job to not be close to Seung Hye.

Going to talk to her grandmother, Seung Ah refuses to listen. She is too upset and still shocked by the news that she feels like everyone in the family is on Seung Hye’s side, without thinking of Seung Ah’s feelings. Hearing what Seung Ah feels, Sun Im decided to leave the talk for another time and to just hug and comfort Seung Ah.

On her way to work Seung Hye meets Do Jin and go together. Hearing that Seung Ah plans to quit her job because of personal reason after signing the agreement Do Jin is upset. He expected her to be more professional. But what made Do Jin more upset in the fact that Seung Hye keeps apologizing instead of Seung Ah, she lets Seung Ah walk all over her.

Do Jin:”Why you let her walk all over you?”

Instead of going to work, Seung Ah went to see Se Ryeong. They go shopping and Se Ryeong gives her another gift. She even told Seung Ah what she wants. Se Ryeong told Seung Ah that she doesn’t want her to quit her job, she wants Seung Hye to quit and be far away from Do Jin.

President Jang called Do Jin over to his office. He wants to know what kind of feelings Do Jin has for his daughter. If Do Jin doesn’t like Se Ryeong then president Jang has to do something to stop her from nurturing more feelings towards Do Jin and be hurt lately.

Meantime at the house Dae Shil refuses to meet the man she had a blind date with. Dong Seok and Sun Im send Dae Shil to Dong Seok’s shop with some garlic. But actually they are sending Dae Shil over to meet someone.

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  1. Am Brian from Uganda, am very happy with ur move because its a teaching one and I thank suguye for forgiving dojina dats what true love is all about, for sure I liked love on a roof top and I wish u guys u come in Uganda and we get a chance to see u, secondly I wish and be happy when dojina marries suguye in future, I love u dojina and suguye I take u as my sister and brother, I wish I get a chance and I see u or I join ur move industry, bt u make another one related to that one. any we love u guys in Uganda. uuumwwaaa!!!!!!!
    my watsapp number is 0750610309

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