“Murphy’s Law of Love ” ep 12~ “When you are searching for somebody, even when you search the entire world, you still can’t find him. “

Jia Wei visits Xiao Tong’s house and meets her parents.

The day that Xiao Tong participates at a radio show, something happens to Jia Wei and nobody could reach him. Fortunately, the person who is always there for Xiao Tong, Zi Yan rushed to help her.

Episode 12

Jia Wei visits his friend that is in hospital, Ah Da’s wife. While Ah Da was telling Jia Wei about his first meeting with his father-in-law, his wife started to feel sick. Worried, Jia Wei runs to get a doctor and the first medic that comes to his way is no other than Du Kai Wen, Xiao Tong’s ex boyfriend and Zhi Yu’s attending doctor.

Later, at the house, Xiao Tong talks to Jia Wei about a case one of her former coworkers form the hospital gave her. The case it’s about a woman who was involved in a car accident and now suffers from anxiety and it’s afraid to drive. That woman didn’t tell anyone around her about her accident. Since Xiao Tong thinks that woman’s anxiety is related to her relationship with her boyfriend, Jia Wei suggests that that woman should get help from her boyfriend. What Jia Wei and Xiao Tong didn’t know is that the woman they were talking about is Zhi Yu.

It’s the day Jia Wei went to meet Xiao Tong’s parents. He is really nervous. When the door opened and he saw Xiao Tong’s mother, Jia Wei’s nervousness grew and he started to stutter. After the mother, Xiao Tong come out and he grabbed her hand and asked why it took her so long to come out and left him alone with her mother. While Jia Wei was holding Xiao Tong’s hand her father showed up and Jia Wei is more nervous than before. The nervousness makes Jia Wei act weird.

While her parents were getting some fruits and tea for Jia Wei, Xiao Tong brought Jia Wei a pair of pink slippers. At first Jia Wei refused them, but when he heard that Xiao Tong’s mother sewed them he wore the slippers happily. When the parent’s brought the tea and fruits, Jia Wei burned himself while drinking the hot tea.

Realizing how tense Jia Wei is, Xiao Tong’s father took him out to buy drinks. On their way Xiao Tong’s father talked to Jia Wei about Xiao Tong and how he doesn’t want his daughter to suffer. To show Xiao Tong’s father that he is serious about Xiao Tong, Jia Wei gave him the brooch that he brought at Xiao Qing’s divorce party, Xiao Tong’s mother’s brooch.

Jia Wei:”Now I know why she can always worm people’s heart with just one glance. Perhaps growing up in a loving family is what made her so different. ”

Jia Wei liked Xiao Tong’s mother dishes. He thinks she is an excellent cook and can’t understand why the talent wasn’t transmitted to the daughter. Since Jia Wei likes so much who her mother cooks, Xiao Tong is ready to sacrifice herself and take Zi Yan’s cooking classes to learn. Hearing that Jia Wei changed his mind, he doesn’t want Xiao Tong near Zi Yan. If she wants to learn how to cook, Jia Wei can teach her.

Jia Wei:”My family includes you too.”

To thank him for the effort he put into coming and meeting her family, Xiao Tong kisses goodbye Jia Wei.

It’s the day when Xiao Tong will participate at a radio program. At some point during Xiao Tong’s interview, the producers will have to call Jia Wei and test his love for Xiao Tong.

The same day, Jia Wei went to see his friends at the hospital and do an errand for Xiao Tong. She asked him to give her notes about the woman who was involved in car accident to her ex-coworker. When he was reaching the psychologist, Jia Wei saw Zhi Yu entering there. Remembering that Zhi Yu’s assistant said that Zhi Yu is afraid to drive and what Xiao Tong said about the patient who was involved in a car accident, Jia Wei realized that the patient Xiao Tong was talking about was Zhi Yu. He wants to come and see what happened to Zhi Yu, but Kai Wen saw and stopped him.

Jia Wei left, but in his car he kept thinking about Zhi Yu and her problems so he returned forgetting his phone in the car. He is about to enter the psychologist room again, but Kai Wen comes out.

Jia Wei:”Let me go in…if this matter has something to do with me.”

Kai Wen step aside and let Jia Wei enter. Jia Wei listened to what happened to Zhi Yu this whole year and he is shocked. Listening to Zhi Yu talking, Jia Wei remembers that the night he wanted to propose to Zhi Yu a year ago, when he left the restaurant he saw on the road a car accident. Now he realized that the patient form that car accident was Zhi Yu, who didn’t left him, but had a car accident and couldn’t talk to him about it.

Shocked, Jia Wei leaves again. While finding out what happened to Zhi Yu, Jia Wei disappointed Xiao Tong and her parents. He was so worried and curious to find out what happened to Zhi Yu that he forgot about his phone and Xiao Tong.

Murphy’s 9th law: When you are searching for somebody, even when you search the entire world, you still can’t find him. “

All that he found out that day devastated Jia Wei. He regrets all the words he said to Zhi Yu when they’ve met after that year they were separated. When he remembers Xiao Tong, he realizes the hour. He wants to call Xiao Tong, but his phone is without battery. He goes to the broadcasting station, but everyone left already.

Xiao Tong tries to call Jia Wei to see what happened to him while she waits for the producer of the show she was in, but she can’t reach Jia Wei. When the producer leaves, she wants to apologize, but he doesn’t want to listen.

The producer gets in his car and wants to leave, but he bumped into another car. The driver comes out. It’s Xiao Tong’s knight, the one that always comes when Xiao Tong needs it, Xiang Zi Yan.

Zi Yan:”You don’t intend to get off the car to settle this?”

Zi Yan forces the producer to listen to Xiao Tong’s apology and they keeps Xiao Tong’s company, following her from behind while she calls Jia Wei’s friends to see if they can reach him.

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