“When I See You Again ” ep 1~ You Qian:” You are the type of woman I ate the most.”

Xia You Qian is good looking and highly successful. He is respected by everyone around him, even by his competitors. His success comes from his ability to make accurate assessments about people at first sight using his strong observational skill. When he and his grandfather return to their home village, You Qian runs into An Xi.

An Xi is forced to enter the cooking competition that You Qian is judging because she desperately needs the prize money to save her hostel. Because You Qian makes her lose the competition, An Xi is forced to marry her creditor to pay back her debts.


Liu Yi Hao   as   Xia You Qian 夏又謙

Mandy Wei as An Xi 安希

Jet Chao as Hu Yan Ze 胡彥澤

Ivy Shao as Hu Yong Qing 胡詠晴

Episode 1

You Qian used to be a nerd that believed everything others told him and everyone was making fun of him. Ten years later, You Qian is a successful business man respected by everyone around him, including his competitors.

After closing a new contract, You Qian is sent with business to his home village. Even if ten years ago You Qian swore that he will never return to his village, now he has too. He takes this opportunity to let his grandfather visit his old friends and everything he left behind.

Arrived at Pu Lang village, the first person You Qian sees is An Xi, the girl he had a crush on ten years ago and because of which he almost lost his life.

When they visited their old house, You Qian and his grandfather found it empty and dusty. You Qian’s grandfather’s friends were already dead without him being able to say goodbye to them.

An Xi is still living in the village. She inherited her father’s hostel, but also his debts. The man whom An Xi owes money is in love with her. Unless An Xi marries him or returns the money her father borrowed, Jiang Hai Kuo will tear down the hostel.

Because she can’t pay the money she was supposed to pay monthly, An Xi accepted to have dinner with Jiang Hai Kuo. Her friends didn’t want to let her alone with Hai Kuo and left her a message, in Hai Kuo’s name, at the restaurant’s reception. In the note it was saying that they should meet at the pool. An Xi goes to the pool and sees a man swimming. Believing that the man she saw is Hai Kuo she starts talking about her problems and asks him to give her more time to return the money.

An Xi:”For the NT$9 million, I’ll do anything you ask.”

When she sees You Qian, she doesn’t recognize him, but she gets angry that he called her cheap. Because An Xi mentioned the money, You Qian things that she must have mistook him for her sponsor. Angry An Xi, fights with You Qian and they both fell into the pool.

You Qian:” You are the type of woman I ate the most.”

While leaving, An Xi and her friends saw a poster with a cooking competition. The prize money can help An Xi pay off her debts and get rid of Jiang Hai Kuo.

It was too late to register for the cooking competition, but since she is close to the village chef, An Xi managed to register. The next day, at the competition, An Xi is shocked to discover that the sponsor and the judge for the cooking competition is the man she fought the night before.

It’s time for An Xi to give her dish to the judge. She is so nervous that she slips and the dish fell on the ground. She brought another plate for You Qian, he tasted her dish and liked it. Still An Xi is disqualified. You Qian noticed that only An Xi’s registration form is hand written.

You Qian:” It looks like you also have eyes but don’t know how to read people.”

After the competition, An Xi needs some time alone. She picked some stones and threw them. Unfortunately for her one of the stones she picked hit You Qian’s car.

When she sees him a fight starts again. She is angry that he humiliated her in front of her neighbors and her friends.

You Qian:” You’ve never given a person hope in the beginning and then crushed it in the end?”

Arrived home, upset, An Xi sees an excavator coming towards her hostel. Jiang Hai Kuo is upset for waiting her the night before and he never showed up. Hai Kuo gave An Xi two options, return the money or marry him in a week. She has an hour to think about Hai Kuo’s proposal.

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