“Love on a Rooftop ” ep 35~ep 36~Yoon Ho:” I don’t have a girlfriend at the moment, but I’m hoping to get one soon.”

Do Jin and Seung Hye are getting closer, but Yoon Ho is making a move too. He tells Seung Hye that he is one of her wake up calls costumer and invites her to his house.

Kyeong Tae see Dae Shil with Seong Nam and grabbing her hand tells Seong Nam that he is Dae Shil’s boyfriend.

Do Jin and Yoon Ho visited Seung Hye’s house. Sun Im likes Do Jin for Seung Hye, while Dong Seok finds Yoon Ho perfect for Seung Hye.

Episode 35

Dae Shil took the garlic to Dong Seok’s sister, Seon Seok as her mother said. There Dae Shil met Ma Seong Nam, the man she had a blind date with. He keeps looking for her saying that they will get married even if Dae Shil doesn’t like him. While Dae Shil was arguing with Seong Nam, trying to get rid of him, Kyeong Tae came in the toast shop. Seeing Dae Shil trying to get rid of Seong Nam, Kyoeng Tae intervenes in their discussion saying he is Dae Shil’s boyfriend.

Kyeong Tae:” I’m this woman’s boyfriend.”

Kyeong Tae took Dae Shil away from Seong Nam. He’s excuse is that he wanted to protect Dae Shil form Seong Nam…as Dae Shil’s fan. Later while he was telling Joon Bae what happened, Joon Bae asked Kyeong Tae if he likes Dae Shil.

Seung Hye is distributing flyers in front of Do Jin’s café. Some men, paid by Mi Ja’s secretary, approach her. Because those men were attacking and scaring Seung Hye, Do Jin came out to protect her.

Dong Seok and Sun Im wanted t see were Seung Hye and Seung Ah work. Arrived at Do Jin’s café, they see Seung Hye and Do Jin harassed by thugs. When Sun Im told them to stop, the thugs that where harassing Seung Hye stopped and left running off scared.

They go inside, where Do Jin gives Sun Im and Dong Seok lotus leaf tea to calm their nerves. Impressed by Do Jin’s appreciation Sun Im proposed Do Jin to sell tea with his desserts at the café.

Do Jin and Seung Hye are talking about Sun Im’s proposal. He thinks that selling tea with his deserts could be a good idea. Do Jin gets a headache and Seung Hye massages his head. Being close to each other and looking into each other’s eyes made both Seung Hye and Do Jin shy.

Since it’s really late Do Jin wants to walk Seung Hye home, but in front of his café there was Yoon Ho who was waiting for Seung Hye. Jealousy rises for both Do Jin and Yoon Ho.

Yoon Ho:” From this point forward, I’m going to take over Seung Hye’s personal time.”

Since Yoon Ho waited for her for an hour, Seung Hye accepted Yoon Ho to take her home, leaving Do Jin alone and sad.

Arrived home, Do Jin asks Kyeong Tae why a man will wait for a woman for an hour even without having an appointment. Kyeong Tae’s answer was that the man likes that woman. That response didn’t pleased Do Jin. Then Kyeong Tae asked about his encounter with Dae Shil and Seong Nam.

The next morning Seung Hye is doing her wake up calls. A man she woke up asked her for a favor. He is in a hurry and asked her to deliver something to his house. She went and was impressed by that man’s house.

Suddenly the man come in front of her and realized that he was Yoon Ho. He didn’t think she would come to his house for their barista classes so he called her like that. Seung Hye is uncomfortable being with Yoon Ho in his house, just the two of them alone, so she leaves upset.

Episode 36

Because he wants to sell tea with his deserts, Do Jin will go to Seung Hye’s house to get some advices from Seung Hye’s grandmother. Since there are only the two of them working at the café, Do Jin send Seung Hye home first to ask Seung Ah come and watch the store.

Arrived home, Seung Hye sees Seung Ah wearing the expensive bag Se Ryeong gave her the other day. Before leaving Seung Ah said that Se Ryeong is a better sister for her than Seung Hye. Seung Ah’s words hurt Seung Hye.

Seung Hye isn’t answering at Yoon Ho’s phone calls. She is upset. Not having another way to talk to Seung Hye and resolve their misunderstanding, Yoon Ho went at her house. While waiting for Seung Hye or someone from the family to come out, Yoon Ho met Do Jin who was coming to see Seung Hye’s grandmother. Still upset with Yoon Ho, Seung Hye didn’t want to talk to him. She took Do Jin inside leaving Yoon Ho at the front door.

Yoon Ho continues to wait at the door. He doesn’t know if it will be a good idea to know or not. Suddenly Seung Hye’s mother came home and invited Yoon Ho inside. A battle starts between the two men. Yoon Ho gets on Dong Seok’s good side, while Do Jin compliments Sun Im. Dong Seok likes Yoon Ho so she hopes Yoon Ho will become her son-in-law after marrying Seung Hye. The same time the grandmother like Do Jin as Seung Hye’s life partner more.

The discussions continue at the table. Sun Im and Dong Seok made clear which of the two men they favorite. Yoon Ho scores more points with Dong Seok when he said that he is an only child and his parents live in America, which means that if he and Seung Hye will get married, Seung Hye won’t have to stay with her in-laws and suffer.

When Sun Im made clear that she likes Do Jin more, Dong Seok mentioned Se Ryeong, who she believes to be Do Jin’s girlfriend and future wife.

Yoon Ho:” I don’t have a girlfriend at the moment, but I’m hoping to get one soon.”

Do Jin can’t lose and takes this opportunity to clarify thinks. He tells Sun Im and Dong Seok that Se Ryeong is just a friend and he will never marry her.

Since elders like man with a good appetite, Do Jin and Yoon Ho ask for a second bow of rice.

Yoon Ho:”I’m still hungry.”

After eating so much Yoon Ho and Do Jin need to digest. Sun Im gives Do Jin a cup of omija tea in her room, while Dong Seok gives a cup of tea to Yoon Ho in the kitchen. When Do Jin and Seung Hye leave, Yoon Ho follows them. He keeps trying to apologize, but Seung Hye doesn’t want to listen and Do Jin isn’t really pleased to let Yoon Ho and Seung Hye alone. In the end Seung Hye leaves with Do Jin before Yoon Ho got the chance to apologize.

Leaving Seung Hye’s house, Do Jin visited president Jang to tell him what kind of relationship he and Se Ryeong has. President Jang understood and asked Do Jin to cut all ties with Se Ryeong. He fears that if Do Jin will still be close to Se Ryeong she might be more hurt.

The same time Yoon Ho tries to make Se Ryeong understand that Do Jin has to feeling for her and no intention to marry her.

That night Dae Shil dreams about Kyeong Tae and Seong Nam fighting about her. She wakes up scared and talks to Seung Hye. They both ask each other which of the two men around them they like.

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