“When I See You Again ” ep 2~ You Qian:” Let’s go out for a meal.”

Since she doesn’t have the money to pay her debt, An Xi is forced to marry Hai Kuo, but something happened and You Qian stopped the wedding. Then You Qian spend the night and An Xi’s hostel.

You Qian and An Xi met at a hospital and You Qian asked her to help him with a problem. That day An Xi was hit and humiliated.

Episode 2

An Xi thinks about the past when she saved You Qian from some bullies. For the past ten years An Xi’s been waiting for someone, her first love and that person is Xia You Qian. She is still waiting for him, dreaming that he will return and get her away from all her problems to be together forever.

An Xi:”You’ve waited long, An Xi! I’m here to fetch you.”

What An Xi didn’t realized yet is that the person she is waiting for already returned. She’s waiting for the nerd You Qian, but that nerd You Qian became a handsome business man.

Meanwhile, You Qian finds out that An Xi needed the money from the cooking competition to pay off her debts and not be forced to marry her debtor whose been chasing after her for the past ten years.

The hour given to An Xi to decide if she is giving away the hostel and get married paste. She goes to the meeting point. Hai Kuo is already there waiting for them to get married. He stamps the papers and forces An Xi to do the same. Her friends tried to stop An Xi from stamping the papers, but Hai Kuo’s men didn’t let them. When An Xi was about to stamp the papers, You Qian appeared to save the day.

You Qian:” A woman like her doesn’t deserve your love. This woman has once told me that as long as I have money, she is willing to do anything.”

You Qian gave An Xi a check with the money she needed and the wedding is off. He also told Hai Kuo that he won’t be happy with a woman that will love him just for money so he should get married to a woman who will appreciate his sincerity.

While Hai Kuo is flustered, An Xi and her friends leave in a hurry. An Xi stops You Qian and asks him how she will be able to return the money he gave her, she is willing to do anything. You Qian doesn’t want An Xi to do anything for him, he just wants her to get rid of her habit to say to everyone “ I’m willing to do anything”. He is worried about her, she could encounter a bad person that will really ask her to do anything he wants.

Because An Xi insisted to return the money, You Qian rented her hostel for five day. Since he rented the whole hostel for so many days, An Xi’s friends drag him there to spend at least one night at the hostel.

You Qian had dinner at An Xi’s hostel, diner prepared by An Xi. Everyone eat, drink and has fun at the table, except for You Qian. He is hard to talk to and doesn’t open that much in front of An Xi and her friends. Maybe he doesn’t want them to know that he was their village fool ten years ago.

You Qian:” Is this hostel that important to you? Is it worth it to sacrifice everything?”

An Xi is the type of person that will stay forever in the same place. Also she can’t leave because the hostel in part of her family.

It’s time for You Qian to go to his room. He closes the window and he’s about to change his clothes. An Xi remembers that the window from You Qian’s room is broken and goes to fix it. At first You Qian and An Xi didn’t saw each other, one was closing the window and the other was opening it. When An Xi and You Qian’s eyes met, An Xi loses balance and is about to fell. You Qian caught her and pulled her inside. They both fell in You Qian’s bed.

Suddenly Zhi Lin, who likes You Qian, knocks at the door. She brought You Qian some green mango shaved ice. So that Zhi Lin won’t find them both in the same room, An Xi and You Qian got in the bed. He pretends to be tired and wanting to go to bed while An Xi hides inside the blanket. To stop Zhi Lin from coming inside and see An Xi’s blouse on the floor, You Qian get up and pushes her out.

While he pulled An Xi inside, You Qian pulled her blouse and when Zhi Lin knocked the door, flustered You Qian threw the blouse on the floor. An Xi didn’t even realized that she wasn’t wearing her blouse until You Qian told her.

During dinner, An Xi told You Qian something that someone said to her a long time ago. She told him that some fishes stay in the same place, but one day he will leave. The person who said those words to An Xi was no other than You Qian. That night, before falling asleep, You Qian remembers the day he told those words to An Xi while looking at An Xi’s lucky charm, the one she lost the day of the cooking competition.

The next morning when An Xi went to wake up You Qian, she discovered that he already left. To make You Qian take over a new case, his boss gave the case to his assistant. You Qian realized what his superior intends and returned to work. This case is about a hospital.

When You Qian went to see the hospital’s director he saw An Xi with Ya En there. Ya En has a heart disease and felt sick that morning. Hearing that Ya En has to wait a long time until she will be consulted, You Qian talked with the hospital’s director about her. After You Qian’s intervention Ya En was called in a doctor’s office right away.

Later, after Ya En was admitted, An Xi returns to the hospital with daily necessities for Ya En. She bumps into You Qian. Since he won’t stay at her hostel, she insists to return the money to him as fast as she can. But An Xi doesn’t need to return the money, she just has to eat with You Qian.

You Qian:” Let’s go out for a meal.”

The hospital’s director wife thinks that her husband is cheating on her so because of that the director has family problems. You Qian need An Xi to pretend to be the woman with whom the director supposedly has an affair. So actually An Xi is having lunch with the hospital director not with You Qian. The same time You Qian is staying at a different table with the director’s wife. When the director’s wife arrived, An Xi pretends to be really close with the director. The wife sees them and goes towards them to make a scandal. An Xi sees her and tell the hospital director who slaps An Xi and tells her to leave him alone because he loves his wife. That was all an act for the wife to see. Angry, the wife slaps An Xi too, then she threw a glass of water in An Xi’s face. Because she accepted to help You Qian for the money he gave her, An Xi and humiliated and slapped twice in front of all the people in that restaurant.

After all that happened, You Qian is worried about An Xi and sorry that everything turned that way. He follows her and helps her put some ice on her check. With her pride hurt, An Xi tells You Qian to stop following her, that she is alright.

Hu Yan Ze sponsored the hospital. When he was leaving he sees Ya En with a little girl talking about fairy tales with princes and princesses. To don’t ruin a little girl’s fantasy, Yan Ze joins the story. He takes the little girls ring and proposes to her. The ring is too big for her little fingers so the little girl asks Yan Ze to put the ring on Ya En’s finger. Ya En is nervous when the handsome man puts the candy ring on her finger and faints.

When An Xi returns to Ya En’s room, she finds Yan Ze there. Thinking that Yan Ze is some kind of a pervert that is hurting Ya En, An Xi makes a big scandal and calls the nurse who explains the situation to An Xi.

The next morning, when An Xi woke up she saw You Qian. He came to pick her up and help her resolve her problems with Hai Kuo.

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