“High Society ” ep 1~ Joon Ki:”The road to become rich is to be born rich.”

Jang Yoon Ha is the youngest daughter of a rich family. All she wants in life is to find a man that will love her for what she is, not for her background and wealth. In order to find what she is looking for she works at a food market and pretends to be poor.

Choi Joon Ki is the manager of the food market Yoon Ha is working at. He comes from a poor family and is determinate to succeed in life.

Episode 1

Jang Yoon Ha is the youngest daughter of a rich family. She is looking for a man who will love her even if she would be poor. Meantime Yoon Ha is working part time at a market where no one knows that in reality she is rich.

Yoon Ha’s mother arranged for her a blind date with the son of rich family. She goes at the meeting dressed as a lady, but in the parking lot she changes her clothes, her makeup and she is even chewing gum. She does everything she can so the man she is meeting won’t like her.

In the elevator with Yoon Ha is Joon Ki, a man form a poor family who thinks that love is simply a tool that the ruling class uses in order to control the people under them.

Joon Ki:”The road to become rich is to be born rich.”

Unfortunately for Yoon Ha, Chang Soo, the man she is meeting, realized what she is trying to do. At first he makes fun of her telling her that he will say to his family that he likes her and wants to get married with her. When he leaves, Chang Soo throws a glass of water on Yoon Ha’s head. Then on his way out, Chang Soo calls his mother to tell her that Yoon Ha in a crazy woman.

After fighting with her husband and finding out what Yoon Ha did, Yoon Ha’s mother vents her anger on Yoon Ha. Since the day she was born, Yoon Ha’s mother tried to hold her down because Yoon Ha has a strong personality and great potential and she could take her older brother’s position.

Upset after arguing with her mother, Yoon Ha went to drink with her friend Ji Yi. When she arrived at the marked she is working as part timer, Yoon Ha saw Ji Yi with Joon Ki.

Joon Ki:”They say it’s fate if you coincidentally meet three times. I don’t believe in fate. I only choose.”

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11 Responses to “High Society ” ep 1~ Joon Ki:”The road to become rich is to be born rich.”

  1. Came to see what’s going on with this drama because i haven’t read anything, i only knew of the main couple! 😀 Time and exams that start next week won’t let me start it! >.< "the road to become rich is to be born rich" so true! Why wasn't i born rich? It would had been an interesting road filled with travels 😀 Is it just me or there quite a hype around UEE lately? Not that i disapprove, just mentioning!

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