“Love on a Rooftop ” ep 37~ep 38~ “So you’re confident in this tea?”

A strange costumer came to Do Jin’s café and asked Seung Hye for the best drink on their menu. That costumer gave Seung Hye the idea to reinvent her grandmother’s tea.

Episode 37

A strange man came to Do Jin’s café. Seung Ah brought him the menu, but he doesn’t look at it. That man asks Seung Ah to bring him the best thing they see there. Seung Ah gets annoyed and Seung Hye had to intervene so that Seung Ah won’t fight the costumer.

While thinking what she should give to that man, Seung Hye saw Seung Ah with the bag Se Ryeong gave her and once again asked Seung Ah to return the bag. Angry, Seung Ah doesn’t want to return the bag or talk to Seung Hye so she leaves. Arrived home, Seung Ah sees Dae Shil eating and proposed Dae Shil to participate together in a contest and split the winnings.

Meantime at the café, Seung Hye gave a lot of teas to the strange costumer, but he isn’t satisfied. The strange costumer recognized the taste of Sun Im’s tea taste. He wants something prepared by Seung Hye, but since they don’t have it yet, the costumer left.

Do Jin still suffers from indigestion. Seung Hye offers to prick his finger. While Seung Hye is pricking Do Jin’s finger, Kyeong Tae is holding Do Jin still and Do Jin….well Do Jin is more scared than a woman giving birth as Kyeong Tae said.

After pricking Do Jin’s finger, Seung Hye sees Yoon Ho. He came to apologize. They went to a close by park to talk in privet, but no matter how much Yoon Ho apologizes, Seung Hye isn’t ready to accept it.

Yoon Ho:”When you’re ready to accept my apology, tell me.”

That night, at home, Seung Hye had an idea to make a new tea that will satisfy the taste of young people. She plans on blending different teas from her grandmother, but she is afraid that the original taste will disappear. Sun Im who saw Seung Hye researching in the kitchen encouraged her and gave her some advices.

Seung Hye worked the whole night and managed to prepare tea that will satisfy her. She made that tea by blending omija tea with citron tea. In the morning Seung Hye asked her grandmother and Seung Jae to taste it and they loved that tea.

Episode 38

Seung Jae finds Dae Shil trying to get an idea about the contest she and Seung Ah will participate in. Since Dae Shil doesn’t have any idea to write about for the contest, Seung Jae advised her to do some market research to see what people like to wear this days.

Following Seung Jae’s advise, Dae Shil went to the store. While she was trying some outfits, Seong Nam showed up wearing the same outfit, like they were a couple. Suddenly Kyeong Tae appeared, wearing the exact same outfit. When the shop employees said that they look like a family, it gave Dae Shil the idea she needed for the contest.

Seung Hye brought the tea she made to Do Jin. He liked the tea, but didn’t really liked the name Seung Hye gave it so he made a new name for Seung Hye’s tea “sunshower tea”.

Dae Ho and Dong Seok met at Mi Ja’s house. On their way home, they decided to stop by Do Jin’s café and see their daughters. Do Jin and Seung Hye gave them the sunshower tea and wait nervous for Seung Hye’s parent’s response.

Yoon Ho tries to get in touch with Seung Hye, but still she isn’t answering his phone calls. He talks to Se Ryeong about what happened and why is Seung Hye upset with him. In order to separate Seung Hye and Do Jin, Se Ryeong helped Yoon Ho and Seung Hye meet.

The strange man that came the other day returned. This time he ordered one of Sun Im’s dandelion tea. With the tea he ordered, Seung Hye also brought him a cup of the tea she made. He drank Seung Hye’s tea and left. Seung Hye followed him wanting to know his opinion about her tea, but the strange man didn’t answer.

“So you’re confident in this tea?”

Later, Seung Hye called Se Ryeong to talk about the bag Se Ryeong gave Seung Ah. To help Yoon Ho, Se Ryeong called Seung Hye at her house.

The same time, president Jang called Do Jin to meet him at the house.

When Seung Hye arrived, Se Ryeong pretended to have some work to finish and asked Seung Hye to wait for her. While waiting for Se Ryeong , Seung Hye smelled coffee. She opened the kitchen door and saw Yoon Ho making coffee while filming a video for her.

Arrived at the house with president Jang, Do Jin is surprised to see Seung Hye there.

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