“High Society ” ep 2~ Joon Ki:”Do you like me? “

Chang Soo and Yoon Ha meet again at her work place. There Chang Soo also met Ji Yi. Since he is used to girls that fall for him, Chang Soo is confused that both Yoon Ha and Ji Yi doesn’t pay any attention to him.

Something happened at the marked and Yoon Ha was fired.

Episode 2

After meeting Joon Ki, Yoon Ha and Ji Yi went to Ji Yi’s house. There Yoon Ha can be herself without someone vending their anger on her. She likes Ji Yi’s house so much that she wants to live there.

Hearing that Yoon Ha fought with her mother again, Ji Yi asked her if there isn’t any birth secret in Yoon Ha’s live. Yoon Ha also believed that. Since her mother seems to hate her, Yoon Ha already did a DNA test to see if she really is her mother’s daughter and the text was positive.

Ji Yi woke up early and made breakfast for the man she likes, Choi Joon Ki. While she was waiting for him to come, Chang Soo arrived. In front of Joon Ki, Chang Soo made fun of Ji Yi by asking her if she likes Joon Ki. Even if he embarrassed Ji Yi in front of Joon Ki, Chang Soo didn’t tell Ji Yi who he really is.

Later, when he was walking around the market Chang Soo met Ji Yi again. She was working. When Chang Soo told her that he ate the sandwich she prepared for Joon Ki. Ji Yi doesn’t really like Chang Soo and they fight a while. While he was fighting with Ji Yi, Chang Soo received a phone call. It was Kyeong Joon, Yoon Ha older brother and he is angry on the way Chang Soo treated Yoon Ha the day they’ve met.

Yoon Ha is working when she hears some Chinese tourists asking for rice cakes. She goes to help them. Joon Ki, who was walking around the market saw Yoon Ha helping the Chinese tourists. From Ji Yi, Joon Ki found out that Yoon Ha is fluent in several languages.

“Only if you had money, you should learn some languages.”

Later, when he returned from talking to Kyeong Joon, Chang Soo saw Yoon Ha. Since she doesn’t want to be discovered, Yoon Ha takes Chang Soo to a privet place and explains him what she is dong there and asks him to not let anyone know that she is from a rich family.

Back inside, Ji Yi comes to see if the jerk she met earlier hurt Yoon Ha. Seeing them together and upset because either Yoon Ha or Ji Yi pay attention to him, Chang Soo let them know that he is their superior, the market they are working for director. But either Yoon Ha or Ji Yi aren’t impressed.

Seeing that Chang Soo knows Yoon Ha and remembering that he saw Yoon Ha at the hotel where Chang Soo was supposed to meet the daughter of a rich family, Joon Ki becomes suspicious.

It’s time to leave. On her way out, Yoon Ha met Joon Ki and asked him about his free time. She wants to invite him to dinner and try to be cupid between Joon Ki and Ji Yi. In return Joon Ki told her to now try to be cupid between him and Ji Yi because he may fall in love with her, meaning Yoon Ha.

Joon Ki:”Do you like me? What if I start liking you instead? The most useless act of getting into someone’s business is trying to make a relation between a man and a woman.”

Before leaving Joon Ki told Yoon Ha that he doesn’t have time the coming weekend. With other words she can ask him to dinner anytime except for the coming weekend.

Later that night, Yoon Ha met her brother. In the whole family Kyeong Joon is the only one who shows interest in Yoon Ha. He was ignoring her when she was little, but lately he treats her nicely.

Ji Yi is taking care of a client, but that client insulted and humiliated her. Yoon Ha can’t accept that and intervened. The costumer got upset and wanted to hit Yoon Ha, but fell. After the fall the costumer pressed charges and Yoon Ha and Ji Yi were taken to the police station.

Joon Ki took care of everything. Now all that Yoon Ha and Ji Yi have to do is apologize, but since she didn’t do anything wrong, Yoon Ha refuses to apologize. Because she refuses to apologize to the client that insulted Ji Yi, Yoon Ha was fired.

Chang Soo goes home and sees Ji Yi. He stops the car and calls her, but she doesn’t answer. He doesn’t like the way Ji Yi is around him. Chang Soo is used with girls that fall over him, but Ji Yi isn’t like that. The fact that she is cold towards him attracts Chang Soo more.

He gets out of the car and sees Ji Yi crying. Both Chang Soo and Ji Yi went for drinks. The rich guy is consoling Ji Yi, even if he doesn’t know how. After drinking for a while, Ji Yi is drunk and Chang Soo offered to take her home. On the way to the car they pushed and pulled a little, but in the end Chang Soo took Ji Yi home. Arrived at Ji Yi’s house, Chang Soo doesn’t understand how can Ji Yi sleep like that in the car…. well…she can since she doesn’t like him, she doesn’t have to act o be a lady.

Yoon Ha, who fought with her sister, came to Ji Yi’s house. When she saw Ji Yi crying in Chang Soo’s car, Yoon Ha, believing that Chang Soo did something to her friend came in Ji Yi’s defense.

When Ji Yi saw Yoon Ha she stretched over Chang Soo to reach Yoon Ha and when Chang Soo wanted to get out of the car Ji Yi ripped his shirt.

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2 Responses to “High Society ” ep 2~ Joon Ki:”Do you like me? “

  1. Blue says:

    Would love to read your thoughts on this drama. Sorry if I missed them, or maybe you just didn’t have enough time, I know recapping is time consuming.

    It’s not that this drama started bad, it’s just that I don’t really know what to think of it. It’s not bad but I’m not hooked so far. Yoon Ha seems to have many secrets, even secrets she doesn’t know about. The story seems interesting enough but I don’t know about the pace. I think I will give it two more episodes before deciding whether I keep watching it or not.

    • lemonmirae says:

      Ok, thanks for your suggestion. I’ll try to write my thoughts about this drama from next episode. Until now i wasn’t sure what to think about this drama….

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