“We Got Married ” ep 37 ( WGM ep 274) ~ Jae Rim:”It’s not right to jump from the top! We aren’t birds!”

In this episode the couple overcomes their fears while finishing the missions form the coupons So Eun gave Jae Rim during their honeymoon. This time is time for So Eun and Jae Rim’s souls to come out of their bodies while they did bungee jumping.

Episode 37

Continuing their date in the city, So Eun and Jae Rim went to a restaurant. After helping So Eun sit, Jae Rim wiped her hands with his towel. The dishes come and go really fast because the plate is huge while the food is almost inexistent. Expensive restaurants give little food in big plate so you will feel hungry after finishing it and order more. When the waiter brought them scallops Jae Rim was surprised by vegetable’s dimension and remembered that they have a lot of vegetable that taste like that in their yard.

Jae Rim:”This is vegetable…? There are a lot of vegetables that taste like this in out garden.”

Next dish was foie gras! Don’t know how they arrange the plates at that restaurant, but to me the foie gras in So Eun and Jae Rim’s plates looked like poop.

So Eun:” I think the amount of food should match with the size of the bowl.”

Jae Rim feels hot and So Eun offers to untie his necktie. Of course Jae Rim can’t miss the chance and kisses So Eun on the forehead while she was untying his necktie.

Jae Rim:”Don’t worry…I won’t bite.”

He got close to So Eun and asked her to close her eyes. Then Jae Rim kissed So Eun….on her nose. After the nose kiss operation, both of them are shy and hot, since they had some wife, so they get closer to the window and open it for some fresh air.

Few days later, when they meet again, So Eun and Jae Rim went to finish their coupons, the once So Eun gave Jae Rim during their honeymoon. That day the couple went bungee jumping! Arrived at the bungee jumping place, Jae Rim is scared. When they have to sign the forms he signs with So Eun’s name. But he still had to jump.

Scared of what is going to happen to him, after every time the instructor was putting his harness on, Jae Rim was tying it even harder.

Jae Rim:”You look very annoying to me.”

With everything ready, the couple goes towards the elevator. Jae Rim writes a message before entering the elevator.

She was a good girl. He was a good man.”

Jae Rim:”This is really high! It’s not right to jump from the top! We aren’t birds!”

So Eun:”We will feel reborn.”

Going towards the edge from the elevator it was alright for Jae Rim. There was only one problem, the floor was transparent.

So Eun was the brave one and jumped first. Even if So Eun was the one that jumped first, Jae Rim was the one that screamed instead of her. When So Eun reached down, Jae Rim called her back to encourage him. Scared, Jae Rim can’t back down and jumped. He overcome his fear and did bungee jumping.

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