“Love on a Rooftop ” ep 39~ep 40~ ” I’m disappointed!”

Do Jin’s café begins to have a large mass of costumers thanks to the strange man he came the other dya. That strange man was actually a really known critic. When people read his blog and saw him praising the sunshower tea Do Jin and Seung Hye sell they ran to taste it.

Mi Ja and Se Ryeong aren’t pleased with the success Do Jin has so they put Seung Ah to change the tea.

Personal thoughts: Yoon Ho and Do Jin are so funny when they fight for Seung Hye. But sorry Do Jin, I’m on Yoon Ho’s side…even if I know that Do Jin will end up with Seung Hye. Since we are here…when is Do Jin and Seung Hye’s relationship start to develop, it’s already episode 39?

Seung Ah is really mean to Seung Hye since she found out the truth, but she is still scared of Seung Hye. Even if she is still upset and hurts Seung Hye every time they meet, Seung Ah still sees Seung Hye as her sister. She is only upset that she was the only one that didn’t know the truth. Seung Ah would’ve wanted to know Seung Hye secrets the same way Seung Hye knows hers.

On the other hand, why isn’t anyone in that family putting Seung Ah in her place? She is clearly acting the way she wants because she wants her family to treat her the same way they are treating Seung Hye, but all they do is protect and spoil her. Even Seung Hye is spoiling Seung Ah. If Seung Hye really wants to be Seung Ah’s sister, she has to stop lying for Seung Ah, she has to stop spoiling her and she has to stop letting Seung Ah walk all over her. As long as she will keep acting the way she is now, Seung Ah won’t see her like an older sister. The only once in that family who put Seung Ah in her place as they should are Seung Jae and Dae Shil. But from Seung Hye’s point of view she can’t really treat Seung Ah differently. She must have some traumas from childhood since she was send back to the orphanage because of Seung Ah. Deep inside Seung Hye must think that as long as Seung Ah is happy then she, Seung Hye, can continue be part of the family.

Now about what happens in episode 40, how can there be people like that? I mean when you adopt a child, you thing about first and then take a decision. You can’t just adopt a child because you can’t have you own and then when, by miracle have your own flesh and blood, you send back the adopted child. If you adopted that child you decided to take over that responsibility and keep that child for ever. This type of parents shouldn’t have to be let adopt children. All they did was think about Seung Ah, but Seung Ah had only a burn that with surgery could be removed. On the other hand Seung Hye got a trauma form which can’t be removed as easily as a scar. The whole family blamed Seung Hye for giving Seung Ah a scar on her shoulder, but who is blaming them for giving Seung Hye a psychological scar?

Dong Seok keeps saying that if they wouldn’t have brought Seung Hye back they would have done wrong to both Seung Hye and Seung Jae…so Seung Hye and Seung Jae are blood related siblings?

Episode 39

Do Jin and president Jang came in together and saw Seung Hye there. After everyone finds out what Seung Hye and Do Jin are doing there, Yoon Ho wants to prepare coffee together with Seung Hye. Of course Do Jin can’t let Yoon Ho and Seung Hye alone, his jealousy won’t let him. Both Yoon Ho and Do Jin insists that president Jang should drink what they make. Yoon Ho insists that president Jang drink the new coffee he developed, while Do Jin insists that president Jang should drink the new tea Seung Hye developed for his café. In the end president Jang made a diplomatic choice and asked them to bring him both tea and coffee.

The four youngsters are in the kitchen. Yoon Ho and Seung Hye prepare the coffee that Yoon Ho just developed. Meantime Do Jin prepares the sunshower tea Seung Hye developed with Se Ryeong by his side. Do Jin’s jealousy shows up again when he sees Yoon Ho so close to Seung Hye so he calls her over to check if he made the tea correctly.

President Jang tasted Do Jin’s tea and absolutely like it. Because he liked the sunshower tea so much, president Jang refused to drink Yoon Ho’s coffee.

Se Ryeong gave Seung Ah another present. This time is a dress. But Seung Ah can’t wear that dress because of her scar. Hearing that Seung Ah has a scar, Se Ryeong offered to pay for her surgery.

At home, Seung Ah doesn’t know what to do, should she accept Se Ryeong’s offer or not. She wants to call Seung Hye and get her advice, but she knows that Seung Hye will get upset and gives up on calling.

Meantime Seung Hye and Se Ryeong talk about the presents Se Ryeong gives Seung Ah. Seung Hye doesn’t like the fact that Se Ryeong gives her sister presents and she doesn’t understand why Se Ryeong is doing that. So she won’t get caught, Se Ryeong lied saying that she gives Seung Ah presents because she is an only child and always wanted to have a sister with the same interest. Then Se Ryeong uses the information she has from Seung Ah to hurt Seung Hye. To hurt Seung Hye, Se Ryeong uses in their conversation all she knows about Seung Hye, that she was adopted and that she is to blame for Seung Ah’s scar.

Two girls came at Do Jin’s café asking for sunshower tea. Seung Hye is surprised that they know about sunshower tea since it wasn’t added to the menu yet. The two customers show Seung Hye and Seung Ah the blog from where they heard about sunshower tea. The strange man who tasted the sunshower tea the other day was Hong Seok Chun, a known tea critic. He wrote a praising article about sunshower tea and a lot of costumers came to taste it. Do Jin, Seung Ah and Seung Hye received a mass of customers that are aligned from inside to outside the café.

Kyeong Tae and Joon Bae are shocked to see so many customers at Do Jin’s café. To celebrate the mass of costumers they invited Do Jin, Seung Hye out for chicken and beer and to make Kyeong Tae pay for the chicken Joon Bae invited Dae Shil too.

After eating at Joon Bae’s chicken shop, everyone went to the karaoke room. When everyone was having fun, Seung Hye left. On her way home she met Seung Jae and told him what’s on her mind. Seung Hye told Seung Jae about her conversation with Se Ryeong and that Se Ryeong wants to pay for Seung Ah’s surgery. She wanted to pay for that surgery herself, but she doesn’t have the money and that is what’s hurting her the most.

The same time Se Ryeong met with Seung Ah. Se Ryeong made an appointment with a plastic surgeon for the next day. Happy, Seung Ah goes inside and tells her parents, but they don’t approve. Dae Ho and Dong Seok don’t give their permission for a stranger to pay for their daughter’s surgery. While Seung Ah was fighting with her parents, Seung Hye and Seung Jae came home and heard her. Seung Hye can’t take it anymore and tells Seung Ah in front of her family why she and Se Ryeong are different.

Seung Hye:”I’m a complete stranger to you. You and I aren’t blood related, but I’m different from Jang Se Ryeong. When you were crying as a kid, did Se Ryeong carry you to calm you down? Did Se Ryeong run to get you an umbrella so you wouldn’t get rained on? did Se Ryeo.g sing you lullabies to help you fall asleep? Did Se Ryeong cry by your side because you were sick? How could Se Ryeong be no different from me?”

Hearing Seung Hye’s words, Seung Ah runs to her room. Seung Hye follows her and hugs her, but Seung Ah pushed her away.

Seung Hye:”I always wanted to be your sister.”

Dae Ho and Dong Seok came in and once again Seung Hye lied to protect Seung Ah. And that is one of the things Seung Ah hates. Seung Ah doesn’t want Seung Hye to lie for her and look like the good person, while making Seung Ah into the bad one.

Episode 40

Se Ryeong tells Yoon Ho that Seung Hye is adopted, hoping that he agrees with her. Instead of agreeing with Se Ryeong, Yoon Ho is disappointed in her and her opinions about adopted children.

While Yoon Ho and Se Ryeong where arguing, president Jang come in because he heard them fighting. Left alone with his daughter, president Jang tries to make her understand that she has a lot to offer so she should just forget about Do Jin. But Se Ryeong doesn’t want to give up on Do Jin. Her pride won’t let her lose Do Jin to Seung Hye.

Seung Hye sits in her room with the light off looking at her old drawings and remembering the time she was send back to the orphanage. In their room Dong Soek and Dae Ho have remorseful thought about sending Seung Hye back to the orphanage.

One day out of mistake Seung Hye spilled some hot water. That water got on little Seung Ah. After calming Seung Ah, the grandmother called someone from the orphanage to take back Seung Hye. Sun Im didn’t even look back a second when she threw Seung Hye away like a bag of dirt. No matter how much Seung Hye cried and called them, Dong Seok and Dae Ho just thought about Seung Ah and not Seung Hye. They blocked their ears to not hear Seung Hye crying and didn’t do anything to keep her.

The only one in that family who fought for Seung Hye was Seung Jae. Little Seung Jae refused to eat for several days. He kept crying and calling Seung Hye until he fainted. When Seung Jae got sick, Dae Ho decided to bring Seung Hye back.

Dae Ho:” After sending Seung Hye away, if Seung Jae hadn’t fallen ill…”

Dong Seok:” We would’ve had to live with a heavy heart for what we have done. It was saving grace that you went to get Seung Hye back. Otherwise we would have done wrong to both Seung Hye and Seung Jae.”

Mi Ja gave Se Ryeong an sunshower tea similar with Seung Hye’s. Later Se Ryeong gave that tea to Seung Ah and told her to exchange it with the one at Do Jin’s café. Without thinking much Seung Ah accepted and even did as Se Ryeong said.

The day Seung Ah changed the teas, the critic Hong Seok Chun returned. He asked for sunshower tea and realized that the taste was different.

Hong Seok Chun:” I’m disappointed! The sunshower tea a drink today was a fake. “

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