“Murphy’s Law of Love ” ep 13~ Zi Yan:” Love is something that needs to be loudly expressed.”

Jia Wei opens up towards Zhi Yu and decided to help her as a friend. Also he discovers that Zhi Yu’s doctor is Xiao Tong’s ex boyfriend.

While Jia Wei was busy with his problems, Zi Yan was helping Xiao Tong. He decided that since Jia Wei can’t make Xiao Tong happy, then he will. Zi Yan starts a project between his restaurant and Xiao Tong’s agency and confesses to Xiao Tong.

Episode 13

Zi Yan fallows Xiao Tong to make sure she is alright. She keeps calling Ji Jia Wei, but she can’t reach him. Suddenly she remembers what Jia Wei told her the night her mother was admitted to the hospital, to not let him be unable to find her and to always count on him because he will always be there for her. Since she can’t get in touch with Jia Wei, Xiao Tong leaves him a message.

Instead of worrying about herself, Xiao Tong worries that something must have happened to Jia Wei. She decided to walk from the radio station to her house so that if Jia Wei will walk the same path he will be able to find her. Frustrated that Xiao Tong insists to think about others even when it’s time to think about herself and help herself, Zi Yan gives Xiao Tong some advices. She can barely walk so Zi Yan got her in a bus and walked her home.

Zi Yan:”Running around the same place everyday will make you miss many beautiful places that are worth wandering and visiting. As you’re revolving around other people, remember to look back at yourself.”

Zi Yan and Xiao Tong are close to Xiao Tong’s house when they see Jia Wei waiting for her.

Jia Wei:”Guan Xiao Tong, I’m sorry!”

Xiao Tong:” It’s okay, I’m here!”

Xiao Tong hugs Jia Wei and consoles him while he tells her that the patient in the files she sent back to her friend in the hospital was Zhi Yi.

Personal thought: Xiao Tong is consoling Jia Wei, but who is consoling her? How can Jia Wei be there for her when she needs it if she doesn’t let him know. He knows that she suffers, but what can he do or say if Xiao Tong keeps saying that she is alright? Guan Xiao Tong character is frustrating! Someone from her family or Xin Xin should just slam her to make her wake up. She can’t always help others and forgetting about her, her problems and her feelings. She should scream, get angry at Jia Wei and talk about what happened, not just suffer alone. As a psychologist if she can’t help herself, how can she help others?

In the morning Jia Wei called Zhi Yu to his office. He opened up and told her that he found out the truth about why she left him a year ago. Now he wants to help her with everything he can, but he can’t give Zhi Yu what she wants which is Ji Jia Wei. Leaving Jia Wei’s office, Zhi Yu goes to Kai Wen and vents her anger on him because he was the one that told Jia Wei. Angry Zhi Yu blames Kai Wen for her accident and how her life turned out in the past year.

Later that day Jia Wei and his team are working late. After work Xiao Tong brought them coffee and waited for Jia Wei to finish his work. While waiting Xiao Tong was reading documents about patients with PTSD and treatment methods.

It’s late and Jia Wei finished his work. He searches for Xiao Tong, but he can’t find her. When he found her, Xiao Tong was sleeping on a box. He puts his jacket on her and fell asleep next to her.

Jia Wei:” Seeing you after waking up feels good.”

During breakfast, Jia Wei asked Xiao Tong to stop helping Zhi Yu’s doctor. He doesn’t want her involved in this case and hurt so it’s better if Xiao Tong doesn’t try to help Zhi Yu, she should just let Zhi Yu’s doctor deal with her.

Jia Wei:” Does it feel especially good sleeping next to me? You must be too relaxed with me.”

Jia Wei goes to see Kai Wen to see if he can do anything to help Zhi Yu with her treatment and realizes that Dr. Du Kai Wen is Xiao Tong’s ex boyfriend. He made it clear to Kai Wen that he can only help Zhi Yu as a friend because now he is dating Xiao Tong.

Jia Wei:”We’ve both experience the pain of being broken up…so we understand how to appreciate what we have.”

While Jia Wei was with Kai Wen, Xiao Tong was talking to her boss. She wasn’t scolded as she expected. Xiao Tong’s boss gave her a new project to handle. Her company will work on a new project with Zi Yan. He decided to fight for Xiao Tong since Jia Wei can’t make her happy.

Returned to his office, Jia Wei finds out from Simon and Shao Qiang that the day he stood up Xiao Tong she was scolded by the radio shop producer, but Zi Yan came and saved the day. Realizing that Xiao Tong was hurt and needs him, Jia Wei buy a cake and goes to Xiao Tong’s office, but she isn’t there, she is at Zi Yan’s restaurant.

When Xiao Tong arrived at Zi Yan’s restaurant he couldn’t see her because he was busy with a press conference. During that press conference Zi Yan confessed what he feels for Xiao Tong.

Zi Yan:” Love is something that needs to be loudly expressed. Love and food is the same, innocent and simple is the best. ”

At Zi Yan’s press conference was also the producer of the radio program Xiao Tong was. He approaches her and makes her feel bad. Hearing the producer insulting Xiao Tong, Zi Yan had to come in and return the favor. Since Xiao Tong can’t talk and defend herself, Zi Yan does it.

Arrived at Zi Yan’s restaurant Jia Wei sees Zi Yan and Xiao Tong talking happy. When Zi Yan steps in to get closer to Xiao Tong, Jia Wei runs in gets between them.

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