“High Society ” ep 3 ~ Joon Ki:”Someone will probably think that we’re dating.”

Yoon Ha got her job back at the market, with her brother’s help. Knowing who she really is Joon Ki makes his move to make Yoon Ha fell in love with him.

Chang Soo tries hard to get Ji Yi’s attention, but she rejects him because she isn’t interested in relationships that won’t work out.

Episode 3

After she ripped Chang Soo’s shirt, Ji Yi fell asleep. Yoon Ha took her to bed and came out to talk with Chang Soo. She doesn’t want Chang Soo to hurt Ji Yi since Chang Soo is known as a womanizer. On the other hand Chang Soo is curious why Yoon Ha is spending so much time at Ji Yi’s house when Ji Yi doesn’t know her real identity and why Yoon Ha works part time at the market when she doesn’t need to.

Yoon Ha explains Chang Soo that she works at the market to forget the hell from her house. But Yoon Ha doesn’t want to leave her house by marrying someone. She wants to marry someone that will love her for who she is, not for her background.

Personal thought: So Yoon Ha wants to be independent and live and the normal people, but in the same time when she has a problem she gives her brother a call and he takes care of everything…. And why wouldn’t she do that when every poor person has a rich brother to protect them (being a little sarcastic here). Where is my rich older brother?????

Joon Ki calls Yoon Ha to the office. The woman who caused problems for Yoon Ha and Ji Yi came to apologize. If she doesn’t fix the problems that she caused and get Yoon Ha’s forgiveness her husband’s company will go bankrupt. That woman apologized and even asked Joon Ki to rehire Yoon Ha.

Later Yoon Ha calls her brother and he told her that she has to get her job back even if Joon Ki refuses her. If Yoon Ha will keep working as part time at the market it will be helpful for they, since their company is facing some problems. So if Yoon Ha doesn’t get her job back Kyeong Joon will question her sincerity.

After talking to her brother, Yoon Ha looks for Joon Ki and asks for her job back. But Joon Ki refuses, he doesn’t think she desperately wants that job so she will keep causing troubles. Because Yoon Ha insists, Joon Ki tells her from what kind of “rich family” he is. Since Yoon Ha doesn’t understand what wanting a job desperately means, Joon Ki tells her that when he was little saw his father, who was a security guard at a building, being hit and humiliated. At that time Joon Ki was a child and didn’t understand why his father didn’t fight back, but now he knows that his father desperately needed that job.

After telling her the story, Joon Ki gave Yoon Ha her job back.

Personal thought: Yoon Ha’s attitude is exactly the one of a rich person who didn’t faced trouble. For her that job isn’t important, if it was she would’ve acted the same way Ji Yi, who desperately needs that job, did. Yoon Ha and Ji Yi are friends and Ji Yi keeps telling her the problems she faces, but since she never experienced that kind of troubles Yoon Ha can’t seem to understand. You can’t understand something from a story if you can’t experience that.

Later Joon Ki met with Chang Soo. They played for a while in the pool. Chang Soo’s brother keeps trying to get Joon Ki on his side, but Chang Soo trusts Joon Ki.

Joon Ki:”Someone will probably think that we’re dating.”

Chang Soo:” You are more precious to me than a girl. I like you.”

Meantime Ji Yi feels sick. She drank too much the night before, but she’s also worried that she will have to pay Chang Soo for the shirt she ripped.

While running to the office to see Joon Ki, Ji Yi met Chang Soo. Embarrassed she tries to get away, but Chang Soo stops her. He doesn’t understand why is Ji Yi always thinking about money when she sees him, she should like him. Ji Yi doesn’t need to pay back for the shirt she ripped, but still she has to show the same kindness Chang Soo is showing when letting her not pay for the shirt. To show her gratitude towards Chang Soo, Ji Yi invites him to a cup of coffee from the vending machine. It’s not the type of coffee Chang Soo drinks so Ji Yi has to drink it.

Chang Soo:” You’re uncultured, poor and dumb, but strangely I want to be with you.”

Since Chang Soo wanted to know what Ji Yi really thinks of him, she had to tell him. In Ji Yi’s eyes, Chang Soo is “rude director, rude player, rude, freaking selfish, self-absorbed, really awkward and good-looking” . Happy that Ji Yi sees him “good-looking”, Chang Soo asked her to meet often, but got rejected.

Personal thought: Should I feel bad for those rich kids? All that they can do is rely on their family money. Still they need sincere friendship. After all rich people have friends from the same social family, but if the family faces troubles or bankruptcy, the friendship is gone. But the rest of us have friends we can always rely on if we have troubles. So maybe that is why both Chang Soo and Yoon Ha chose poor friends… But can Chang Soo really trust Joon Ki that much? Is Joon Ki really Chang Soo’s friend or he is using Chang Soo to get where he wants?

While she was working, Yoon Ha met Joon Ki’s mother, who invited her for tea. Yoon Ha likes Joon Ki’s mother, she is nice to her, smiles a lot, she is worried about her husband, she and husband send messages and emoticons to each other. Joon Ki’s family is exactly what Yoon Ha desired, everything that her family isn’t.

At the company dinner, Joon Ki makes his move. He pours Yoon Ha water instead of alcohol. He heard her saying to one of her superiors that she can’t handle alcohol, but she has to drink if the superior asks her to. When Yoon Ha was supposed to pour drinks for her superior, Joon Ki came to save her. He took the bottle from Yoon Ha’s hand, while touching her hand, and pour alcohol for everyone there. Then he poured her water. When Yoon Ha finished the potato dish served there, Joon Ki got her another one.

After eating and drinking everyone went to the karaoke room. On her way to the toilet, Yoon Ha met Joon Ki alone and thanked him for what he did earlier, but he said that he will do that for anyone.

Ji Yi saw what Joon Ki did for Yoon Ha and decided to give up on Joon Ki. At the ladies room Ji Yi told Yoon Ha that Joon Ki likes her so she should accept him.

Ji Yi:”I think Choi Joon Ki likes you. You like him too. I want you to be happy.”

The company dinner is over and everyone heads home. Joon Ki takes Yoon Ha to a taxi and sends her home. Meanwhile Chang Soo was taken be his driver. From his car he is looking for Ji Yi to take her home. Since he couldn’t see her on the way he just went to her house.

At the house Ji Yi told Chang Soo her opinion. She knows that he is interested in her, but she isn’t interested in relationships that won’t work out and finish with marriage.

Ji Yi:” Liking me is your prerogative, but don’t tell me you like me. Because I think I might fall for you.”

Arrived home, Yoon Ha goes to see Kyeong Joon. Her older sister was to Kyeong Joon’s office before Yoon Ha and threw everything around there. Yoon Ha’s older siblings Kyeong Joon and Ye Won are in the middle on a battle for who will get their father’s company.

When Yoon Ha entered the office, Kyeong Joon gave her a key. If something will happened to him, Yoon Ha has to use the key.

Because her brother is upset, Yoon Ha tries to make him feel better. She tells Kyeong Joon that she likes Joon Ki and received Kyeong Joon’s advice.

Meantime at his house, Joon Ki made a decision to get Yoon Ha. He already knows her real identity. Yoon Ha is Joon Ki’s next target in his path to become rich.

Personal thought: There is one thing I don’t understand about Kyeong Joon’s attitude. Is he trying to get rid of Ye Won to get the entire company for himself or is he planning to let Yoon Ha have it. He even said to Ye Won that even without him, she won’t become the owner. Also it seems like Kyeong Joon wants Yoon Ha to work at the market to train her somehow.

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3 Responses to “High Society ” ep 3 ~ Joon Ki:”Someone will probably think that we’re dating.”

  1. omg I agree with you, maybe he wants to train Yoon Ha to become the successor, that would make so much sense!! Plus, didn’t she reveal to him that she bought some of the company’s stocks? Could he possibly offer her enough so that she has a lot of weight in the Company/Group? 😀

    • lemonmirae says:

      This is what impression I have while hearing KJ. Also he doesn’t really seem interested in the company, he seems to just wanting to stop his sister from having all the power she wants. And he told a few things to YH that also made me believe that..
      About the stocks…maybe or maybe not., you will see in the next episodes 😀
      Anyway well see soon XD

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