“High Society ” ep 4 ~ Joon Ki:” Will you date me?”

Yoon Ha decided to confess her feeling to Joon Ki and they started dating. Something happened and Yoon Ha refuses to take Joon Ki’s calls or to answer his texts. She asks him to break up.

Episode 4

Chang Soo woke up early to exercise with Joon Ki. During breakfast he asked Joon Ki to make Ji Yi from part time worker into a permanent worker.

At work Yoon Ha prepared lunch boxes for Joon Ki and Ji Yi. She will go on a trip with Kyeong Joon for two week and plans to confess to Joon Ki before that.

When Joon Ki told Ji Yi about the request he received, Ji Yi called Chang Soo. She was tented to receive the offer, but she knows that nothing is free in live. So Ji Yi asked Chang Soo to not try to help her like that anymore if he doesn’t intend to take care of her for her whole live from now on.

Chang Soo:” I won’t date you. I’m not going to connect dating with marriage.”

Because Chang Soo’s considerate attitude towards her gives Ji Yi butterflies she asked him to give that kind of help when he will be old, ill and unattractive.

Personal thought: So Ji Yi is already in love with Chang Soo? She keeps saying that he is good looking and that he gives her butterflies…so is she waiting for a sign form Chang Soo?

At night Yoon Ha met Joon Ki. She told him how her relationship with her parents and her siblings are and asked him to date her.

Yoon Ha:”Will you date me?”

Laughing Joon Ki rejected Yoon Ha. He said that the man should be the one asking the girl out. So he told her how his relationship with his parents is, he told her what he makes in a year and what he owns then he asked her the same question.

Joon Ki:” Will you date me? We’re dating from now on. ”

Just a curiosity: In South Korea you chose your boyfriend/ girlfriend by what they own and how much they earn in a year? Who cares about the feelings when you can have enough money to buy bags, cars and to brag about your richness to your friends?

It’s the day Yoon Ha will leave with Kyeong Joon on a trip. Seeing her that happy because she s dating the man she likes, Kyeong Joon decided to let her stay in Korea. Instead on goodbye, Kyeong Joon told Yoon Ha some words Yoon Ha didn’t understood. Him leaving her stay in Korea and enjoy her live for two weeks it’s Kyeong Joon’s gift to his little sister.

Kyeong Joon:” If I were father, I would choose you as the successor.”

From the airport Yoon Ha went to meet Joon Ki and they spend the day together. For those two weeks, Yoon Ha will stay with Ji Yi.

Everything was going well when the news shocked everyone. Tae Jin Group Vice President Jang Kyeong Joon was involved in an accident and his body wasn’t found yet.

Personal thought: Here it is what I think about Kyeong Joon’s accident. From starters he never planned to take Yoon Ha with him. It was just his way to get her away from the house for a while and let her live free and happy. Since he already gave Yoon Ha a key to something and told her to use it if something will happen to him, Kyeong Joon already suspected that someone will attempt to murder him. So Kyeong Joon planned a trip and faked his death. Also his last words to Yoon Ha made me think that.

Yoon Ha’s mother keeps calling Kyeong Joon, but he doesn’t answer. She can’t believe that her beloved son, the only child that she loves from all her four children, is death. Remembering that Yoon Ha went with him on the trip, she calls Yoon Ha. When she heard that Yoon Ha is in Korea, Yoon Ha’s mother had a shock. The moment Yoon Ha arrived home, her mother vended her anger on Yoon Ha, blaming Yoon Ha for Kyeong Joon’s death and even wishing Yoon Ha to die.

Suffering, Yoon Ha begins believing that everyone she loves leaves her side because she is jinxed. She doesn’t even answer to Joon Ki’s texts and calls. In the whole family, the only once that suffer for Kyeong Joon and doesn’t want to believe he is dead until his body is found are Yoon Ha and her mother.

Since Kyeong Joon is considered to be dead, there is an open spot at the company so Yoon Ha’s father calls her. He doesn’t know yet on what position to place her, but she will work at the company because her father said so.

Personal thought: Don’t really understand why a mother will only love her son and not her daughters. After all four are her children, but at some point further on we will find out. But I have to agree with her when she finds it strange that for husband the company is more important than his son. He has the resources to look for his son. On the other hand why is Yoon Ha’s mother blaming Yoon Ha for her brother’s dead when Ye Won is the one that benefits the most if Kyeong Joon isn’t around.

After her days off, Yoon Ha returned to work. On her way to work Chang Soo called her while he was in the car with Joon Ki and Joon Ki found out that he is the only person whose calls Yoon Ha doesn’t take.

Ji Yi, Yoon Ha, Chang Soo and Joon Ki meet in the elevator, but the atmosphere is awkward. Chang Soo doesn’t know that Yoon Ha and Joon Ki are dating. When they come out from the elevator, Joon Ki took Yoon Ha on the rooftop to talk. She also wanted to talk to him and break up with him. While crying Yoon Ha asked Joon Ki to break up. She told him the whole truth about her being from a rich family, about her being jinxed. But Joon Ki isn’t going to lose his opportunity to get rich now that Yoon Ha was put on the successors list.

Yoon Ha:” Everyone I love all get hurt. Everyone I love all leave my side.”

Personal thought: True or not Joon Ki’s feelings for Yoon Ha, at the moment is what she really needs, someone to love her, console her and be there for her. But what will happen when she will find out the truth?

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