“When I See You Again ” ep 3~ You Qian:” Just wrap your arms around me it’s safer that way.”

To help An Xi get rid of Hai Kuo, Yo Qian moved to her hostel. He began a plan to make Hai Kuo let An Xi alone, but during their plan An Xi got hurt. Worried about An Xi, Yo Qian does her work and cleans her wound every day.

Episode 3

Realizing that An Xi still has money to give him, Hai Kuo went to her house. But An Xi had a check with the money she still owns Hai Kuo. Surprised Hai Kuo left without the money as You Qian said. You Qian observed Hai Kuo and he knows that Hai Kuo is using An Xi’s debt to see her and force to marry him. If Hai Kuo would’ve taken the remaining money form An Xi then his connection with An Xi won’t exist and he wouldn’t have any reason to see her.

After Hai Kuo left, You Qian made a plan so that Hai Kuo would return the creditor’s rights to An Xi. He told An Xi and Mei Wan to let Hai Kuo hear them saying that You Qian is humiliating and using An Xi as a slave because he gave those money to her. Hearing An Xi and Mei Wan saying what You Qian told them, Hai Kuo imagine how An Xi has to clean You Qian’s floors, how she has to massage his feet when he comes from work, how An Xi has to prepare his bath.

Not being able to let You Qian do what he is doing, Hai Kuo goes to see You Qian and proposes a competition between them. Hai Kuo is willing to give up the money An Xi owns him if You Qian wins the competition, but You Qian wants something else. Until Hai Kuo said that he is willing to let An Xi have the creditor’s rights for her hostel, You Qian didn’t accepted the competition. Of course, You Qian as a business man wants Hai Kuo to notarize that he is willing to give up the creditor’s rights to An Xi.

An Xi, Yo Qian, Hai Kuo and his puppets went to the temple where Hai Kuo swore to do as the contract said. Both Hai Kuo and Yo Qian signed a contract. They’ll compete at picking green onions.

All that An Xi knows about Yo Qian is that he is from the city so she supposes the he doesn’t know who to pick green onions and beat Pu Lang Vilage green onion champion. For that Yo Qian needs to train. An Xi takes Yo Qian to the green onion field to train him, but Yo Qian doesn’t want it. He doesn’t need to train and he also has to look over some papers from work.

An Xi follows Yo Qian home insisting that he has to practice. Mei Wan and Zhi Lin hear her and jump to help An Xi convince Yo Qian to practice. Still Yo Qian insists that he doesn’t have to practice.

An Xi:” Can you not make fun of others when they are trying their best?”

After arguing with Yo Qian, An Xi went with Zhi Lin and Mei Wan out to eat. She is upset with Yo Qian and doesn’t intend to give him anything to eat that night. Meantime Yo Qain is finishing his work in his room. Suddenly he hears someone knocking at the door. He opens the door and finds a bag with food. An Xi couldn’t let him go to bed hungry and brought him dinner. Seeing what is in that bag, Yo Qian remembered that while they were still in high school, An Xi gave him a bowl with food one day when he was hungry but didn’t have any money.

After eating, Yo Qian decided to go and train with An Xi. They went t the field. Before starting to pick green onions, An Xi puts sunscreen on Yo Qian and gets him ready to start picking up green onions. She explains him how to pick the green onions, but Yo Qian is good at it from the first green onion he picked. She doesn’t listen to him when he tells her that he already picked green onions before.

To help him train An Xi proposes to make a competition between the two of them. While picking up green onions, Yo Qian remembered that An Xi helped him pick green onions in high school. He was the one that thought her how to pick green onions.

Lifting up her eyes from the ground, An Xi sees Yo Qian with his hand on his heart gazing away. She wakes him up from his daydream while she was surprised to see how much green onion he picked.

Suddenly Yo Qian sees Hai Kuo and his gang watching them and he started acting mean with An Xi. When You Qian signaled her that Hai Kuo is watching them, An Xi began acting also. Not being able to watch You Qian acting that way towards An Xi, Hai Kuo went over.

The moment You Qian grabbed An Xi’s hand to take her away from there, Hai Kuo wanted to stop him and An Xi fell hurting her leg. To stop the bleeding You Qian crushed some green onion and put it on An Xi’s leg. Then An Xi got on Yo Qian’s back and took her home where he took care of her wound. But while An Xi was explaining her friends what happened You Qian has a jealousy moment.

You Qian:”Why is he ‘ Jiang Hai Kuo’ and I’m “Mr. Xia’?”

The next morning when he finds out that An Xi went to get seaweed, You Qian went after her. He is worried that if water will get to her wound it will get infected. He takes An Xi in his arms and puts her away from the water. Because An Xi insists that she has to pick that seaweed, You Qian worried about her wound picks the seaweed instead of An Xi.

An Xi:” My relationship with Mr. Xia isn’t what you’re thinking.”

After she met You Qian for several times now, An Xi thinks that he isn’t a bad person, that You Qian just looks cold on the outside, but he is actually a really nice person.

Yo Qian:” I’m actually not as nice as you think.”

On their way home, An Xi and Yo Qian went with An Xi’s bike.

You Qian:” Just wrap your arms around me it’s safer that way.”

At the house Yo Qian check An Xi’s wound and change her bandage. Mei Wan who realized that something is starting between An Xi and You Qian makes everything she can to let them alone. Left alone the atmosphere is awkward between An Xi and Yo Qian. She tries to start a conversation, but Yo Qian isn’t easy to talk to. Then he asks her about her relationship with Hai Kuo and asked her to call him by his name also.

Yo Qian:” You can call me Xia Yo Qian.”

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