“Love on a Rooftop ” ep 41~ep 42~ Do Jin:” Yoon Seung Hye is the woman I like!”

Seung Hye and Do Jin are shocked to find that someone switched their tea. Do Jin suspects Seung Ah, since he saw her acting suspicious earlier, but he can’t bring himself to tell Seung Hye. The same time Seung Hye knows for sure that it was Seung Ah and she also finds out from Seung Ah that Mi Ja was the one that ordered the tea to be switched, but she can’t bring herself to tell Do Jin the truth.

Do Jin confesses in front of his mother and Seung Hye that he likes Seung Hye. The day he is closing his café, Do Jin found the stolen tea from his café in his mother’s house.

Personal thoughts: So in order to get expensive presents Seung Ah sold her sister and grandmother out. The moment she switched the teas, Seung Ah not only destroyed Do Jin’s café to hurt Seung Hye, but she also trashed her grandmother reputation as traditional tea maker, a reputation her grandmother worked hard all her live to build.

The same time, in order to show that she isn’t a bad person, that she is just immature, Seung Ah is remorseful and tells Seung Hye the truth. As Seung Hye said before, in Seung Ah’s heart Seung Hye and Se Ryeong are different. Even if she reacted badly when she found out that Seung Hye isn’t her flesh and blood, Seung Ah can’t forget that Seung Hye was her sister her whole life.

If Seung Hye knows the truth and also knows how much Do Jin wants to keep his café, why isn’t she telling him everything? What will hurt him more, the fact that his mother sabotaged his business in order to get her way or the fact that his dream didn’t make it? Of course he will suffer when he will know that his mother is to blame for his failed dream, but sooner or later, Do Jin will know the truth. There is no secret that will last forever in life and at that moment Do Jin will suffer a lot more than he would now.

People say that if one doesn’t have elders they should get them (well it’s not that easy since grandparents can’t be bought from the supermarket 😛 ) and luckily Dae Ho had his mother when he was younger. Sun Im must have known that Mi Ja is an evil gold digger and that is why she didn’t want her as a daughter-in-law.

How did Mi Ja became so rich if she didn’t even had money for a glass of water? Opening a business isn’t cheap and she has a business with beef… Also if Mi Ja wants Do Jin to marry Se Ryeong because her father is rich, why isn’t she marrying president Jang who likes her?

Do Jin inherited form his father “the best trait”, both Do Jin and Dae Ho are afraid of needles. 🙂

People say that boys usually chose a wife that looks like their mother, but Do Jin chose one that doesn’t. Se Ryeong is the one that looks like Mi Ja, but Do Jin chose Seung Hye who is so nice and good that it’s annoying…

Personal curiosity: Why are they dressing Seung Hye so ugly?

Episode 41

After tasting the switched tea, the critic Hong Seok Chun was angry and created a scene at the café calling Do Jin and Seung Hye fake, people who fraudulently used teacher Kim Sun Im’s name and his recommendation to get rich. While Do Jin followed Hong Seok Chun to talk to him, Seung Hye prepared a cup of sunshower tea for herself. She tasted it and asked Do Jin to taste it. They realized that the tea was switched. Thinking about what happened that day, Do Jin remembered that Seung Ah was acting strange when he caught her next to the tea jar.

Meantime Seung Ah run away to Se Ryeong’s office. She is scared that she will have problems because of what she did, but she also feels sorry towards Do Jin and Seung Hye.

Seung Hye and Do Jin can’t continue selling the switched tea so Seung Hye runs home to get a new one. Sun Im and Dong Seok were at the house and they were surprised to see Seung Hye home. While Seung Hye was telling her mother and grandmother what happened, Seung Ah arrived home. Shocked to hear that the tea was switched, Sun Im advises Seung Hye to call the police and find out who changed the tea, it’s her reputation on stake.

While she was walking around town Dae Shil met Kyeong Tae. He has something to ask her and they went on the same bench they’ve spend the first night together, when Dae Shil got drunk and run away with Kyeong Tae’s phone. The thing Kyeong Tae wanted to know is if Seung Hye has any feelings towards Do Jin.

Later when he entered Do Jin’s café, Kyeong Tae was shocked to see that it was empty. Then after reading Hong Seok Chun’s new post and finding out what happened, Kyeong Tae got angry and began suspecting Mi Ja. But Do Jin can’t believe his mother will boycott him that way. Kyeong Tae has an idea to find the person who changed the teas and told Do Jin to check the surveillance camera.

At the house Seung Ah and Seung Jae also read the post.

That night when Seung Hye arrived home, Seung Jae asked her if she and Do Jin checked the surveillance camera. Seeing the was Seung Ah was acting and shaking when she heard about the surveillance camera, both Seung Jae and Dae Shil become suspicious about her, but Seung Hye lied saying that she saw on the camera that it wasn’t Seung Ah.

Later that night Seung Ah went at the café to see the surveillance camera, but Seung Hye followed her. Seung Hye also was suspicious of Seung Ah. That night Seung Ah told Seung Hye the truth, that she changed the teas as Mi Ja told her too.

Unable to tell Do Jin the truth, Seung Hye went in the morning to talk to Mi Ja. When Do Jin arrived at his mother’s house, he heard Mi Ja screaming at Seung Hye and told his mother that he likes Seung Hye.

Do Jin:”Yoon Seung Hye isn’t someone you can talk down like that. Yoon Seung Hye is the woman I like!”

Episode 42

Even if he wasn’t ready to confess that he likes Seung Hye, Do Jin did it in front of his mother and Seung Hye, who wasn’t ready to hear that confession. They pass the awkward moment like it didn’t occurred and left encouraging each other. Back at the café, while they were drinking a cup of sunshower tea, Do Jin said that he mean what he said earlier, he really likes Seung Hye. Do Jin’s confession shocks Seung Hye enough to burn her mouth with sunshower tea.

The same time, Se Ryeong has a meeting with her father and Yoon Ho. She proposes her father to buy from Do Jin the sunshower tea rights since he will close his café soon and return at being a doctor. Yoon Ho knows Se Ryeong’s real intention, but her father doesn’t. It’s hart for president Jang to accept that his beloved daughter is and evil bitch.

The next morning Yoon Ho went to Seung Hye’s house with his morning coffee and encountered Seung Hye’s grandmother. He acts cute in front of Sun Im so that she will like him more than she likes Do Jin. Yoon Ho proposed Sun Im to invite him to a cup of tea prepared by her every morning he brings Seung Hye the morning coffee. Since Seung Hye already left, Yoon Ho runs after her leaving Sun Im smiling.

Yoon Ho caught Seung Hye and gave her the coffee. Since Do Jin will close his café soon, Yoon Ho waits for Seung Hye to return work for him.

Yoon Ho:” I’m waiting for my chance to get you to be with me.”

After Yoon Ho left, Seung Hye kept watching him from behind. When Do Jin saw her staring at Yoon Ho and found out that Yoon Ho brought her morning coffee he became a little jealous.

Dong Goo is sick, but he parents are too busy to see it. They think that he just doesn’t want to help them or to study. When Seung Hye arrives home, she finds Dong Goo sitting in front of her house, trembling and with a high fever. She takes him inside and takes care of him. Then Seung Hye calls her aunt and uncle.

Because Joon Bae was so busy he asked Dae Shil to deliver one of his commands. The costumer whom Dae Shil deliverd chicken was Kyeong Tae, who invited her inside to eat the chicken with him and encouraged her to restart writing.

The night before closing his café Do Jin met with Seung Hye. They both feel sad that the café will close the next day. Do Jin thanks Seung Hye for all the encouragement she gave him during the time they worked together and Seung Hye thanks Do Jin for giving her a year salary in advance when she needed the money to help her father.

Do Jin:”I’ll let go now.”

The next morning Do Jin went to his mother’s house and found in her fridge the jar with sunshower tea that Seung Ah exchanged.

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