“Murphy’s Law of Love ” ep 14~ ” Every love story needs a rebel”

Jia Wei finds out what happened after he missed the mission from the radio show Xiao Tong was invited and prepared an event to confess what he feels towards Xiao Tong to the whole word. Jia Wei’s confession was broadcasted live on the radio.

Jia Wei’s mother returned, but Jia Wei is shocked to find out that the person who brought his mother back is Zhi Yu.

Episode 14

Jia Wei is jealous to see Zi Yan so close to Xiao Tong. He can’t understand why she isn’t staying away from Zi Yan when even Polo knows not to take food from strangers. Zi Yan approached him in front of Xiao Tong’s picture from Zi Yan’s restaurant wall. They fight over who saw Xiao Tong first and which of them saw Xiao Tong happier. The picture of the restaurant’s wall was made the first time Zi Yan saw Xiao Tong, when she was in university. Then, few years later, he recognized her after her bright smile, the smile she doesn’t have when she is with Jia Wei.

Zi Yan tells Jia Wei what happened the night Xiao Tong was at the broadcasting station, how she was scolded by the producers, how she wasn’t unable to find Jia Wei even when she searched for him for hours worried. He even told Jia Wei that Xiao Tong wanted to walk all the way to her house from the broadcasting station in order to find him.

Zi Yan:” When she’s with you, Xiao Tong always forces herself to compromise to you. I like Guan Xiao Tong! I will not give in to you again.”

From a long time Zi Yan has feelings for Xiao Tong, but he hid them in order to not pressurize Xiao Tong. Now that he saw that Xiao Tong isn’t as happy as he thought, as happy as she should be, Zi Yan decided to fight for Xiao Tong’s love. Openly, Zi Yan declared war to Jia Wei.

Jia Wei:”There is no need for you to give in because when I’m here, there is no chance for you to step in.”

Zi Yan:”I will use my own method to protect Guan Xiao Tong. If somebody still doesn’t learn how to cherish her…”

Upset that he had to find out from others about what happened at the broadcasting station, Jia Wei takes Xiao Tong away. He wants to know everything that happens to Xiao Tong, everything that is on her mind, but Xiao Tong doesn’t want to worry him more when he has enough problems on his mind. She thinks that she can handle by herself.

Personal thought: Jia Wei already knows that Xiao Tong only puts others first leaving her and her feelings behind so why was she supposed to tell him that she was hurt that night? Zi Yan isn’t her boyfriend, but still realized that she will be hurt and went to be there for her at the broadcasting station, meantime Jia Wei was nowhere to be found.

Xiao Tong is upset with him, Polo is upset with him and Jia Wei is worried about Xiao Tong. Jia Wei keeps thinking about Zi Yan’s words and imagining Xiao Tong with Zi Yan. Then he got an idea and called Xin Xin.

Jia Wei:” I should save my Xiao Tong!”

The next day Jia Wei’s team and Xiao Tong’s team have a meeting for their mutual event. This time Xiao Tong isn’t present. Zi Yan’s biggest supporter made sure that Xiao Tong won’t meet with Jia Wei that day, but she will meet with Zi Yan. That supported is Xiao Tong’s boss and Zi Yan’s mother. After the meeting is over, Jia Wei keeps calling and texting Xiao Tong, but she isn’t replying. Seeing him like that, Simon and Shao Qiang make fun of Jia Wei.

Meantime Xiao Tong’s meeting with Zi Yan went well. He also invited her to go with him at an event he is holding in a few days. Zi Yan, in a few days, will go to an orphanage to teach the children how to eat healthy and the easiest way to do that is to teach the children how to cook. Then Xiao Tong and Zi Yan talk about Jia Wei and the way Xiao Tong is acting, the way she is hiding things just so she won’t hurt or worry others. But by hiding thing so she won’t worry others, Xiao Tong doesn’t realize that she is worrying the once around her more.

Zi Ya:” Every love story needs a rebel. Let me be the rebel in your love story. During the press conference I told Ji Jia Wei that I like you.”

Zi Yan made the courage to confess to Xiao Tong, but she thought that Zi Yan just told Jia Wei that he likes Xiao Tong because he wanted to provoke Jia Wei and to make Jia Wei cautious and more careful to Xiao Tong’s needs.

Jia Wei is in front of his office and sees Xiao Tong coming out of a car all dressed up. When he saw that the driver is Zi Yan, Jia Wei’s jealousy strikes again and goes to them. Jia Wei is angry that Xiao Tong will meet Zi Yan again in a few days and that she dressed up to meet with the man with a moustache. After Zi Yan left, Xiao Tong wants to explain why will she meet Zi Yan soon, but Mei Zhen called her in. Seeing Mei Zhen’s gaze makes Jia Wei think of Zi Yan.

Jia Wei:” That gaze…why does it resemble like the man with a mustache?”

Xiao Tong can’t seem to find anyone to have dinner with. Xin Xin and Qi Lun left in a hurry. She looks at Jia Wei’s office, but it seems like her also left so she has no other way, but to have dinner alone. Suddenly An Ting appears. She is also looking for someone to have dinner with. They decided to have dinner together and An Ting took Xiao Tong to a restaurant where she said she already made reservations. The lights are off at the restaurant. They enters, An Ting asks Xiao Tong to stay in the middle of the restaurant and disappears. Out of nowhere someone starts singing. It’s Jia Wei! It’s hard for him to find the right words to express what he feels for Xiao Tong so he made a song. The lyrics of the song expresses Jia Wei’s feelings for Xiao Tong and the words he can’t seem to be able to express when he is with her.

Around Xiao Tong appear also Xin Xin, Qi Lun, An Ting, Simon and Shao Qiang. They were all in this trying to make a surprise for Xiao Tong.

Jia Wei:”Guan Xiao Tong! This is the genuine love mission that I failed to accomplish the other time. I’m sorry! I was late and even wronged you. Whatever that I wanted to tell you was in the song. You can be angry, but you are not allowed to ignore me.”

That amazing moment couldn’t be forgotten so to make sure that Jia Wei will be one step ahead of Zi Yan this time, Simon called the broadcasting station that Jia Wei missed the other day and everything Jia Wei confessed to Xiao Tong was broadcasted live.

Personal thought: During the song I saw in the back Shao Qiang and Xin Xin hugging. Honestly I don’t get why Zhi Yu’s character is in this drama. Personally I would’ve preferred to see Shao Qiang and Xin Xin’s relationship develop.

The next day Xiao Tong went to Jia Wei’s house. When he arrived, the food was ready. Jia Wei was impressed by the looks and the smell of the food, but soon he will find out that the one that prepared the food with Xiao Tong was his mother who returned after many years. The atmosphere is awkward and Xiao Tong wants to leave and let Jia Wei and his mother alone, but Jia Wei doesn’t let her. He is cold towards his mother and calmer than Xiao Tong thought. Not being able to communicate with Jia Wei, his mother leaves. When he will be ready to talk to her, he can contact her because Xiao Tong already got Jia Wei’s mother’s number.

Left alone Xiao Tong and Jia Wei talk about Jia Wei’s expectations and questions. Xiao Tong encourages him to call his mother and get from her the answers he needs. While they were talking Xiao Tong received a text from Zi Yan and Jia Wei made sure to answer instead of Xiao Tong.

It’s the day Zi Yan and Xiao Tong are supposed to go to the orphanage. When Xiao Tong arrived she was accompanied by Jia Wei. To not let Xiao Tong alone with Zi Yan, Jia Wei also came. This time it’s Zi Yan’s turn to feel what Jia Wei felt the day of the first event Jia Wei’s team hold together with Xiao Tong’s team when Xiao Tong invited Zi Yan also.

While Zi Yan and Xiao Tong were teaching the children how to cook, Jia Wei made a boy cry two times. To not make any more children cry Xiao Tong sends Jia Wei out. Another boy is following Jia Wei out. Jia Wei made this boy cry also. When Xiao Tong saw that Jia Wei made the second boy cry too, Jia Wei took the boy on his shoulders and run away with him. He brought the boy an ice cream and calmed him down. The boy’s mother abandoned him there few years ago, but the boy is still waiting for her. Since they have the same story, Jia Wei knows what the boy needs to know, that his mother didn’t leave because he wasn’t a good boy, the she will come back someday because she loves him.

Talking with the little boy made Jia Wei realize what he needs too. He calls his mother and arranged a date. Because the atmosphere between Jia Wei and his mother is awkward Xiao Tong acts like a binder that brings them together. Neither Jia Wei or his mother knows how to break the ice and get closer so Xiao Tong helps them. Xiao Tong takes pictures of Jia Wei and his mother and helps them start conversations. With Xiao Tong’s help Jia Wei’s mother opens up and talks about Jia Wei’s habits as a child.

While they were left alone Jia Wei’s mother tells him that the person who found her and gave her courage to return and look for him was Zhi Yu.

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