“Love on a Rooftop ” ep 43~ep 44~ Do Jin:”Now both of you are dear to me.”

Do Jin found a tea jar similar to his sunshower tea jar in his mother’s house and accused her for sabotaging his business. But it was all a plan made by Mi Ja so Do Jin will accuse her and then she will use his guilt feelings to control him and make him do what she wants.

Se Ryeong made a new proposal to Seung Ah. She has to take all the blame for exchanging the teas and in return Se Ryeong will pay for her plastic surgery and make her a model.

Personal thought: I know I’ve said that before, but I’m on Yoon Ho’s side even if Do Jin is the main and that is because Do Jin is really naïve, a mama’s boy. Seriously now what kind of girl would want a man who is making everything that his mom is saying? He’s already a doctor and wanting to start a business so how can a man who is 30 still be mama’s little boy?

What a despicable woman Mi Ja is. To get her son doing what she wants she destroys his dreams. She got a scheme like that to separate Do Jin and Seung Hye. How could she think of putting the tea jar in the fridge and create the perfect excuse for Do Jin to find it, then accuse her and in the end making Do Jin feel guilty. Can’t wait for Do Jin to find out the whole truth, including the fact that the family his mother is trying so hard to destroy, over a stupid obsession, is his own family, his own father, his own grandmother.

Is it me or Se Ryeong’s haircut starts looking the same as Mi Ja’s in the first episodes with that idiotic curly strand of hair in front?

It’s frustrating! Seung Hye should just tell Do Jin know what she found out and let him decide if he believes her or his horrendous mother. And Do Jin should stop being a mama’s boy. He lived all his life with his mother and doesn’t know what kind of person she is? Did he lived with his eyes closed?

Episode 43

Do Jin saw the tea jar in Mi Ja’s fridge and thinks that his mother switched the tea jars. But the tea that was in Mi Ja’s fridge was another one, a sunshower tea that Mi Ja made to turn Do Jin against Seung Hye. Pretending to be a victim and that his son broke her heart with such accusations, Mi Ja uses his son’s guilt to turn him against Seung Hye.

While Do Jin was remorseful for how he suspected his mother, Se Ryeong came. Do Jin was supposed to go with Se Ryeong and his mother to see Se Ryeong’s uncle, the hospital director for his position at the hospital. Hearing what happened that morning, Se Ryeong makes Do Jin feel even guilty by remembering him how his mother suffered.

The same time, at the house, Seung Hye was trying to convince Seung Ah to tell Do Jin the truth, but Seung Ah uses Seung Hye’s love for her to refuse. And when Seung Ah heard that Seung Hye will go to the bathhouse with Dong Seok and Dae Shil, she because angry again and vended her anger on Seung Hye.

Seung Ah:” If you really think of me as your little sister, that’s the best opinion. Where you jealous because I was mom’s real daughter and to leave me out you gave me this scar?”

Seung Ah leaves, but she finds in front of her house Yoon Ho. He brought Seung Hye the morning coffee. Hearing that Yoon Ho came to see Seung Hye, Seung Ah tells him angry that Seung Hye went to exfoliate at the bathhouse and she will be back the next day because she is really dirty.

Since he is already there and the coffee is ready, Yoon Ho goes inside to talk to Sun Im. Once again he offers Sun Im the coffee he made and asked for a cup of her tea. Because Sun Im refused Seung Ah had Yoon Ho’s coffee.

The person Seung Ah went to see is Se Ryeong. In exchange of getting her the plastic surgery she wants and to make her a model, Se Ryeong asked Seung Ah to take the blame for exchanging the tea jar.

At first Seung Ah refused. She is a member of the Dongnakdang family so she can’t bring shame over her family, but when Se Ryeong gave her an expensive pair of earrings, Seung Ah made her decision easier.

In her foolishness Seung Ah realized that what Se Ryeong feels for Do Jin isn’t love, but an obsession. She tries to make Se Ryeong understand that her obsession will make her suffer, that her obsession isn’t love, but Se Ryeong doesn’t want to listen.

The night Do Jin calls Seung Hye out.

Do Jin:” I didn’t know that my liking you would end up making you and my mother sorry.”

Episode 44

At night Do Jin met with Seung Hye and talked about what his mother means to him. He explained Seung Hye the reason why he doesn’t wants Seung Hye to misunderstand his mother. And Sueng Hye just shot up like a complete fool.

Do Jin:”Now both of you are dear to me.”

Returned home, Seung Hye found Seung Ah wanting for her in front of the house. Since she decided to do as Se Ryeong asked, Seung Ah now has to lie to Seung Hye and tell her that when she said that she exchanged the teas because Do Jin’s mother asked her was a lie. To be more credible Seung Ah said that she lied like that because she can’t stand to be close to Seung Hye. Hurt, Seung Hye scolded Seung Ah and asked her if she wants Seung Hye to disappear from her sight. Seung Hye is willing to do everything Seung Ah wants.

Leaving Seung Ah’s room, Seung Hye feels sorry for misunderstanding Mi Ja. Sun Im sees Seung Hye and calls her granddaughter to her room to find out what happened with the teas and Do Jin’s café.

In the morning, Yoon Ho went to see Do Jin. GangSol Foods is interested in Do Jin’s deserts and the sunshower tea. Yoon Ho was send to discuss with Do Jin about business, about Do Jin giving his deserts and the sunshower tea to GangSol Foods as Se Ryeong suggested her father.

Meantime, Se Ryeong called Seung Hye to talk about Seung Ah. She is making Seung Hye feel guilty, guiltier than she feels, for treating Mi Ja as she did after Seung Ah told her the truth. But now when Seung Ah said she lied, Seung Hye can’t say anything. She can only bow her head, apologize and accept insults from Se Ryeong.

Since Dae Ho hurt his back, Ma Seong Nam is been giving him acupuncture treatment. In her room Dae Shil writes a new story, when she begins thinking about Kyeong Tae. She calls Kyeong Tae pretending to wanted to call Seong Nam. While Dae Shil and Kyeong Tae were talking on the phone, Seong Nam entered Dae Shil’s room. Being on the phone with Dae Shil end hearing that Seong Nam is in her room, Kyeong Tae begins being jealous. And his jealousy grows when the calling ended.

Kyeong Tae:” Does your brother need me to help him deliver a beby anytime soon?”

Meantime president Jang invited Yoon Ho for dinner at Mi Ja’s restaurant. Yoon Ho is curious to meet the woman president Jang liked and went to Mi Ja’s office where he found Seung Hye. In her office Mi Ja was with Seung Hye who came to apologize for the way she treated Mi Ja after hearing from Seung Ah that Mi Ja is the one that asked Seung Ah to exchange the teas.

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