“High Society ” ep 5 ~ Joon Ki:”You’re reality is my dream!”

Yoon Ha tells Joon Ki the whole truth about her live and wants to break up with him, but he can’t lose the opportunity to put his hands on a rich girl and get rich. Yoon Ha spends the night at Joon Ki’s house and plans to move there for good.

Episode 5

Returned to work, Yoon Ha wants to break up with Joon Ki. She tells him her whole story because she felt like she started a relationship based on a lie. Instead of accepting to break up with her, Joon Ki consoled her and made her change her mind. Well it’s not like he will miss his chance to get rich …

Joon Ki:”I like people who are faithful. I like people who keep in contact in any circumstance.”

Ye Won, Yoon Ha older sister, found out that Yoon Ha has some stocks, some brought by her and the majority of them brought by Kyeong Joon. She calls Yoon Ha to talk, but Yoon Ha refused her since she already has an appointment with Joon Ki. That day Yoon Ha will go to Joon Ki’s house for the first time. On their way, Yoon Ha tells Joon Ki everything he wants to know about her, like who knew from her family that she works part time, what excuses she makes to leave the house and why she works as a part timer.

Chang Soo, returned from his vacation with his mother, walk around the marked to see Ji Yi. He hasn’t been in contact with her since he left so that she could miss him and stops pushing him away. She talks to him about a dish she likes.

Chang Soo:” Can I give you me instead?”

Later when Ji Yi took Chang Soo the leaves he ordered to his office, Chang Soo and Ji Yi decided to date since they don’t have any reason not to. When her shift is over, Chang Soo and Ji Yi went o have dinner together. But before going to the restaurant, Chang Soo took Ji Yi shopping since he has to match her style with his style. After buying Ji Yi a lot of clothes and shoes, the new couple went to have dinner at a Japanese restaurant.

Personal thought: What’s the point of babbling about your pride and how you don’t want to date a rich man that doesn’t have any intension of getting married and the next day you start dating him and accept him buying you expensive clothes?

Yoon Ha hasn’t been able to sleep lately even taking sleeping pills didn’t help her. As soon as she told Joon Ki the truth her tension went away and she started yawning and being sleeping. Arrived at Joon Ki’s house, he tells her to rest while he makes dinner.

While eating dinner, Yoon Ha doesn’t want to go home.

Yoon Ha:”I don’t want to go home. What if I don’t want to go home completely?”

Joon Ki:” Don’t go!”

Since she will be spending the night at his house, Yoon Ha needs certain things. Together with Joon Ki, Yoon Ha went shopping for clothes and underwear.

Arrived at Ji Yi’s house, her Cinderella dream finished. She returns the clothes Chang Soo brought her and breaks up with him. During their meeting, Ji Yi kept calculating everything in her mind and she doesn’t want a relationship like that. She likes Chang Soo more and more, but she starts to hate herself more and more. But Chang Soo isn’t; the type that gives up easily.

Chang Soo:” You have an ability to bring out a man’s sense of responsibility. “

Later at the house, Chang Soo thinks about Ji Yi. After talking to his mother, who absolutely doesn’t want her son marrying a poor girl, Chang Soo sent texts to Ji Yi. She answered the first text, but then she stopped. She knows that she is that one that will be hurt when the relationship will end. Since Ji Yi doesn’t reply, Chang Soo calls her. Hearing that Ji Yi misses him, Chang Soo changed and went to see her.

After sopping, Yoon Ha and Joon Ki went to eat and ride the bike. They have a sit and talk. The ask questions to one another to know each other best. Yoon Ha decided to tell Ji Yi the truth also.

There is something bothering her. When she confessed her lies to Joon Ki he said that he also lied to her. Now Yoon Ha wants to know what he meant by that, but Joon Ki can’t tell her the truth and lies to her one more time. Then they talk about each other’s dreams. To achieve her dream Yoon Ha plans to leave her house. On the other hand, Joon Ki to be able to achieve his dream has to keep Yoon Ha close to him and close to her family.

Joon Ki:”You’re reality is my dream!”

Personal though: I’m really curious what is going to happen to Yoon Ha when she will find out the real reason Joon Ki is dating her. Will she remain the same or will she became a female version of her father? Will there be someone by Yoon Ha’s side when she will be disappointed of Joon Ki? Maybe her brother will come back alive at that moment…

Yoon Ha is really different to other rich girls that Joon Ki met. So is he, unconsciously, falling for her? There are moments that I have the impression that Joon Ki begins to fall in love with Yoon Ha, but then…

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