“When I See You Again ” ep 4~ You Qian:” Have you ever thought of me?”

Things begin to warm up between An Xi and You Qian, but something happened at his old house and You Qian starts giving An Xi the cold shoulder.

After the competition with Hai Kuo, You Qian became An Xi’s debt creditor and he is tormenting her, but at the same time An Xi is trying to make his smile and be happy.

Epsiode 4

When Xiao Hu and Da Hu told him that they saw You Qian and An Xi together and they seemed to be a couple, they didn’t seem to fight and hate each other as Jiang Hai Kuo believed, Hai Kuo and his two men made a plan so that You Qian won’t make it to the competition the next day. Afraid that he could lose and not see An Xi again, Hai Kuo , who promised the gods the he will compete made a plan so that You Qian won’t come.

Xiao Hu and Da Hu threw a paper with a drawing and a message into You Qian’s room calling him to the haunted house. The haunted house is the house You Qian and his grandfather used to live while they were in Pu Lang Village. An Xi, who came to bring some desert to You Qian, saw the paper and afraid that something could happened to You Qian went to the haunted house.

Later when You Qian entered his room he found the desert An Xi brought him. He asked Mei Wen were is An Xi and found out that she left earlier forgetting her phone in the kitchen. Back to his room, You Qian found the paper with the message and realized where An Xi left. In a hurry You Qian went to his old house and found An Xi trapped in a fish net.

You Qian found some bottles, which he broke, and with a crock he released the captive An Xi. While coming out of her trap, An Xi tripped and You Qian caught her. You Qian was holding An Xi while looking into each other’s eyes. Their hearts start beating faster and You Qian is about to kiss An Xi, but they hear a thunder.

Since it’s raining they have to wait at the haunted house until it stops. Bored An Xi plays with the fish net and again needs You Qian’s help. That moment was the first time An Xi saw You Qian laughing. When they were waiting You Qian realizes that the house is well conserved, that there is no dust as it should be. He goes inside and sees that the house was well maintained.

Seeing You Qian interest in the house, An Xi is scared that he could be interested in buying it and start telling all sorts of stupid ghost stories. But You Qian is no fool and he doesn’t believe what An Xi was saying and also he knows the truth since it was his house until ten years ago. Because he doesn’t know that he is An Xi’s first love and that she stops everyone from buying that house because she wants to buy it herself, You Qian misunderstand her and gets upset.

Personal thought: Amazing how in dramas one can find all the things he needs at the right time. What where those bottle there exactly when You Qian needed them? Also why that thunder had to be at that moment? Couldn’t the thunder wait for a few seconds? Well it could, but then it wouldn’t be any drama anymore and You Qian wouldn’t misunderstand An Xi…

Why isn’t An Xi recognizing You Qian? I get that he changed, that he isn’t the ugly nerd he used to be, but his name didn’t change…

Still angry that An Xi is spreading false rumors about him and his grandfather, You Qian leaves early in the morning without anyone seeing him. He goes to his old house and remembers the days before he left Pu Lang Village. Some bullies were bullying him when An Xi came and saved him again. After An Xi left him at his house, You Qian heard some girls saying that another boy got rejected after confessing to An Xi. When a boy was confessing to her An Xi used to send them on the mountains at the Angel’s Lake to bring her angels tears. Hearing that story You Qian went on that mountain and picked the angel’s tears. On his way back he slipped and fell. Hurt, You Qian fainted. Mountain rescuers looked for him and found him barely breathing. When he came to his senses at the hospital, You Qian left without permission and went to An Xi’s house to give her the angel’s tears. You Qian arrived at An Xi’s house at a bad time. She was already upset and when she heard that he risked his live for those angel’s tears, An Xi got furious and screamed at him. She insulted You Qian and threw the bottle with the angel’s tears.

Upset, You Qian returned home and fainted in front of his grandfather. A mount later, You Qian was still in the hospital. Because he was insisting to go home, You Qian’s grandfather had to tell him that the house was sold to pay for You Qian’s surgery. Remembering that his grandfather lost the house because of him, You Qian decided to go to the green onion field at the competition he has with Hai Kuo.

In the morning An Xi tries to wake You Qian up before the competition, but he is not in his room and his car is also missing. An Xi and Zhi Lin hurry to the field where Hai Kuo, Xiao Hu and Da Hu were waiting. When everyone thought that You Qian won’t come anymore, You Qian showed up. He went straight to the field and began picking green onions. When the competition was over, You Qian won and the hostel’s creditor’s rights are his from now one.

Personal thought: How in the world the mountain rescuers knew where You Qian was? He didn’t tell anyone, but still they knew where he went. It doesn’t say anywhere in the episode that he didn’t tell anyone, but I suppose that if You Qian would’ve told his grandfather then the grandfather would’ve stopped him from risking his live. Then when he left the hospital, You Qian didn’t had anything at his heat, but later after he fainted in front of his grandfather he has bandages around his forehead. Did he heart himself when he fainted in front of the grandfather or did he had any sort of contusion from falling on the mountain?

At the hostel everyone is happy that the rights will be An Xi’s again. She tries to take the right from You Qian, but he isn’t giving them to her.

You Qian:”I did promise to bring back the deed form Jiang Hai Kuo, but I never said I would give the deed and rights to you. Starting today your debt creditor is me.”

The only person who noticed that You Qian is acting weird is Mei Wen. Everyone else is just happy that An Xi got rid of Hai Kuo. For An Xi it doesn’t matter that the creditor changed. At least this one isn’t forcing her to marry him and is not threatening to tear down the hostel. She feels that now she can have a good night sleep. She keeps calling You Qian “master Xia” and she is paying attention to anything You Qian needs, including his glass of water during dinner.

After dinner it’s time for You Qian to choose his new room. He rejected all rooms and chose as his room the room An Xi is using. An Xi, who is an optimistic, believes that something good could come from changing rooms, something like experiencing the live at her hostel as a guest and realizing what she can do so that the future guests could have a better holiday there. Meantime in his new room, You Qian can’t fall asleep. He discovers some presents in An Xi’s room and he becomes more upset with An Xi.

You Qian:” It’s been over ten years! You still have so many memories, yet I don’t have anything left. I’ll make you regret meeting me after ten years. What others gave you, you consider a precious keepsake. What I gave you, you smash it on the floor.”

In the morning, An Xi comes to wake up You Qian. She is also asking him if he needs something so she could satisfy his needs, but You Qian sees needs as weaknesses.

You Qian:” Needs are a weakness. To have need is to have fatal injuries. As long as you have a good grasp of one person’s needs, you can open fire any time.”

Hearing You Qian’s way of seeing things, An Xi decided to prove him wrong. No matter what You Qian does to torture her, she will do it. Even if that mean to ride her bike ten kilometers to change his flat tire and back.

After she changed the tire, You Qian expected her to ask him a ride back, but An Xi just asked him the tire she just changed to sell it.

Returned home, You Qian hears An Xi telling Mei Wen and Zhi Lin that she started the rumors about his old house being haunted. Before An Xi could say why she made up those rumors, Zhi Lin saw You Qian at the door.

Since You Qian is always having a long face and treating them with the cold shoulder, An Xi decided that You Qian needs their special treatment. An Xi takes You Qian from his room to her special place, the place where her father used to take her every time she was upset…to see the firefly. Mei Wen and Zhi Lin also came. While Mei WEn sings, Zhi Lin brings the food they’ve prepared and a bottle of lychee.

When Zhi Lin asked him if there were a lot of girls who liked him when he was younger since he is so good looking, You Qian looks at An Xi and answers the question.

You Qian:” I used to look very ugly. So nobody liked me. “

While Mei Wen finished her second song, You Qian finished the bottle of lychee wine. Mei Wen and Zhi Lin went back to the hostel to bring another one leaving An Xi and You Qian there. The lychee wine is getting on You Qian.

You Qian:” It seems that the fireflies don’t want me to be happy.”

Suddenly a lot of fireflies appeared. Both An Xi and You Qian are happy to see them. The wine is getting more and more on You Qian. He is drunk and fells in An Xin’s arms. She takes him to the bench and manages his head. Meantime You Qian talks about things that An Xi doesn’t understand.

You Qian:” Believe that you’re an angel. Have you ever thought of me?”

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