“High Society ” ep 6 ~ Yoon Ha:”I want to e with you…forever. ”

Yoon Ha enjoys her relationship with Joon Ki. That relationship gave her the straight she needed to leave her house. So she decided to have a new start. To have a fresh start and to not have Joon Ki involved in her family’s problems, Yoon Ha quit her job and left her house.

Chang Soo found out that Joon Ki and Yoon Ha are dating and called them out to confirm.

Episode 6

Yoon Ha spend the night at Joon Ki’s house. No one in her family realized that she didn’t come home the whole night. They found out when the butler went to call her for breakfast. At Joon Ki’s house, Yoon Ha spent the happiest night from her life until that moment. She could rest. In the morning she made breakfast for Joon Ki and herself. He was surprised himself that a rich girl like Yoon Ha could cook. She is totally different from what he thought she would be and from all the other rich girls he met. During breakfast Yoon Ha told Joon Ki her plans for the future, she will quit her job at the market and she will also leave her house. Yoon Ha might want to be different from her family, but still she is part of a rich family so she has some places on her name which means she has where to stay when she will leave her house.

Meantime, at the house Yoon Ha’s older sisters, Ye Won and So Hyun try to understand why Yoon Ha is planning to leave the house at that precise moment. They think Kyeong Joon left things prepared for Yoon Ha which is making Ye Won and So Hyun worried.

Arrived at work, Yoon Ha goes to the manager’s office to quit her job. There she finds out that Ji Yi is dating Chang Soo and that Chang Soo’s older brother called Ji Yi to his office. Knowing the environment of rich people, Yoon Ha went to Chang Soo’s office. She is worried about Ji Yi, how hurt she will end up. On the other hand Chang Soo calms down Yoon Ha while telling her that he likes Ji Yi more than any other girl he met and even if he can’t promise Ji Yi that they will get married and she will be accepted in his family, Ji Yi accepted the situation.

From Chang Soo’s office, Yoon Ha went to Ji Yi. She wants to make sure that Ji Yi is alright. She isn’t! Chang Soo’s brother didn’t act as she expected, but he humiliated her when he told her that he is on her and Chang Soo’s side so if Ji Yi wants to enter their family the easiest way for her is to get pregnant.

When Yoon Ha told Ji Yi who she really is, Ji Yi didn’t believe her and just ran away to meet Chang Soo. After consoling Ji Yi, Chang Soo went to his brother’s office from which he found out that Joon Ki and Yoon Ha are dating.

Later Yoon Ha meets Joon Ki. She promises him that he will never get the same treatment from her family as Ji Yi received.

Yoon Ha:”When you’re meeting with me, I will make sure that there isn’t a situation where you are insulted by my family. Real pride doesn’t get hurt by other people. I want to e with you…forever. ”

Angry after finding out that Joon Ki is dating Yoon Ha, Chang Soo calls Joon Ki to the rooftop. When Joon Ki arrived, he can’t ask him anything. He asked Joon Ki to help him hurt his brother and also he asked Joon Ki if Joon Ki has something to tell him. Chang Soo tells everything to Joon Ki, he trusts Joon Ki, but Joon Ki doesn’t tell him anything.

Later Chang Soo went on a blind date with a girl that his mother chose.

Meantime Yoon Ha went to see her father. She told him that she will leave the house and become independent, but she will keep everything she received from him until now as compensatory for all the stress and scars her father gave her. From her father’s office Yoon Ha went to Joon Ki’s house to wash the dishes they left in the morning. There she met Joon Ki’s mother who also came to clean. Yoon Ha likes Joon Ki’s mother, she is completely different form her own mother and Joon Ki’s mother seems to like Yoon Ha.

Chang Soo left from his blind date and went on a date with Ji Yi. They went at the amusement park. At fist Chang Soo didn’t want to go and didn’t want to do all the thinks Ji Yi, but wanting to see Ji Yi happy, Chang Soo gave in to everything.

While she was posting some pictures online with her and Chang Soo, Ji Yi saw the news with Yoon Ha and realized that she really is the daughter of the president of Tae Jin Group, but finding out that Chang Soo went on a blind date with Yoon Ha and didn’t tell her made Ji Yi feel dirty. She can accept being angry and move on, but she can’t stand feeling dirty. She leaves angry on Chang Soo. Before she left, Ji Yi confirmed to Chang Soo that Yoon Ha and Joon Ki are dating.

After cleaning up Joon Ki’s house, Yoon Ha and Joon Ki’s mother went out to have dinner. Joon Ki also came. While they were eating and enjoying themselves like a happy family, Joon Ki received a phone call. It was Chang Soo! Joon Ki went to see Chang Soo, who not starts to believe that Joon Ki doesn’t like him, but he needs him. Later Yoon Ha also arrived. Chang Soo called her also without Joon Ki knowing.

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