“Love on a Rooftop ” ep 45~ep 46~ Do Jin found out what happened with the sunshower tea.

Yoon Ho sees Seung Hye coming out of Mi Ja’s room and to make her feel better he invites her out on a picnic the next day. The same time Dae Shil goes on a date with Kyeong Tae and acts like a complete fool.

Do Ji hears by mistake a conversation between his mother and her secretary and finds out that the person who switched the tea jars was his own mother.

Episode 45

Yoon Ho enters Mi Ja’s office to meet the woman that president Jang liked. Inside he saw Seung Hye. He introduced himself to Mi Ja and left leaving the two women to talk. After Yoon Ho left, Mi Ja began insulting Seung Hye and like fool Seung Hye bowed her head and listened to everything without defending herself. Because she thinks that she was rood to Mi Ja after hearing that Seung Ah lied, Seung Hye accepts everything Mi Ja tells her. Then Mi Ja told Seung Hye to look for president Jang and make him understand that between her and Do Jin isn’t anything and that she wishes for Do Jin to have a good relationship with Se Ryeong.

Yoon Ho returned to president Jang and told him that Seung Hye was in Mi Ja’s office. President Jang was a little surprised to hear that and remembers something that Mi Ja told him earlier about Do Jin and Seung Hye not being able to have a relationship because she, Do Jin’s mother, will not allow it.

When Seung Hye came out of Mi Ja’s office, she found Yoon Ho waiting for her. He wants to talk to Seung Hye, but she is too upset.

Kyeong Tae called Dae Shil and after Seong Nam left, they were able to talk. They arranged a meeting for the next day so that Kyeong Tae could explain Dae Shil why she shouldn’t meet Seong Nam anymore. Because she needs dating advise, Dae Shil went to Seung Ah.

Arrived home, Seung Hye meets her father and they went to talk in Seung Hye’s room. While they were talking Seung Jae came in because his grandmother was calling Seung Hye.

Sun Im knows Hong Seok Chun and after finding out what happened with the sunshower tea and with Do Jin’s café, she called Hong Seok Chun so that Seung Hye could explain him what happened.

In the morning while Seung Hye was making breakfast someone send her a text. It was Yoon Ho, who was waiting for her in front of her house. When he saw how upset was Seung Hye the other day at Mi Ja’s restaurant, Yoon Ho decided to make her feel better and in the morning he came to kidnap Seung Hye.

The whole day, Yoon Ho and Seung Hye had fun, they ate what Yoon Ho prepared for their picnic and they’ve rode the bike. At night when Yoon Ho brought her home, Do Jin who was waiting for Seung Hye, saw them and became jealous.

Personal thought: Thumbs up for Yoon Ho and his way of making Seung Hye forget her problems and relax, at least for a day.

Dae Shil meets Kyeong Tae. During their meeting she does everything Seung Ah said. Seung Ah told Dae Shil that men like woman who always smile and woman that follows their lead. As Seung Ah thought her, when Kyeong Tae tripped and fell, Dae Shil kept smiling. When Kyeong Tae said that almost died on he was about to be hit by a car while he was coming to see Dae Shil, all Dae Shil did was smile like a fool. When she needed to use the toilet, Dae Shil asked Kyeong Tae if she should go or not at the toilet because she will follow his lead.

During lunch, Dae Shil sited next to Kyeong Tae, again smiling like a fool, and at everything Kyeong Tae was saying she was smiling while hitting him.

Personal thought: Who in the world told Dae Shil that if Seung Ah dresses well and has expensive things knows how to date? There are really men who like that kind of idiotic smile during dates? Dae Shil should have used common sense and feel out the mood during her date. Why would she smile while her date told her that he almost was hit by a car and died? If Kyeong Tae likes her, he likes her for who she is, not because she smiles like an brainless idiot or leaves him bruises from all that hitting.

Episode 46

Do Jin came to see Seung Hye after finding out from Se Ryeong that Mi Ja didn’t accept Seung Hye’s apology. He sees Seung Hye coming home with Yoon Ho from their picnic. He is jealous! He calls Seung Hye, while watching her and Yoon Ho from across the street, but Seung Hye didn’t answer, she just rejected his call. She is actually feeling guilty that she spent an amazing time at the picnic with Yoon Ho while Do Jin is suffering after closing his café. Also Seung Hye still thinks about what Mi Ja told her, that Seung HYe should tell president Jang that there is nothing between her and Do Jin.

Arrived home, Do Jin waits for Seung Hye to call him, but the one that called is Kyeong Tae. He managed to get into Mi Ja’s house while following her from the restaurant. Since Kyeong Tae is in Mi Ja’s house, he can open the door to Do Jin and let him talk with his mother. To make Do Jin feel guilty and make him do what she wants, Mi Ja refused to talk to her son or see him since the day he saw the tea jar at her house.

The same time Yoon Ho arrived home happy. He meets Se Ryeong and tells her about his day. Yoon Ho also decided that he won’t lose Seung Hye in Do Jin’s favor.

In the morning Seung Hye goes jogging to clear her mind. Seung Jae sees her and goes with her. While they take a small break, Seung Hye tells Seung Jae what is on her mind. She is upset that Mi Ja doesn’t like her and doesn’t allow her to have a relationship with Do Jin.

Returned home, Seung Hye goes to her room to change her clothes when Seung Ah comes in after Yoon Ho’s phone number.

Do Jin and Kyeong Tae slept at Mi Ja’s house. They were hoping that in the morning Do Jin will be able to talk to his mother. But in the morning Mi Ja had other plans. She called Se Ryeong for breakfast. During breakfast Mi Ja forced Do Jin promise her that he will marry Se Ryeong because the only woman Mi Ja will accept as daughter-in-law is Jang Se Ryeong. Mi Ja also forbade Kyeong Tae to keep seeing Dae Shil.

Personal thought: If you run that much as Seung Hye and Seung Jae supposedly did shouldn’t they sweat? Next time they should make it more credible and ask the staff members to spray some water on them.

After breakfast Se Ryeong went to work. Seung Ah came at Se Ryeong’s office to see if Se Ryeong found her a plastic surgeon. That day Seung Ah went with Se Ryeong at the hospital.

On his way home, Do Jin received a phone call from Kyeong Tae asking him to bring some toast home. At the toast shop, Do Jin met Seung Hye who was watching the store for her aunt. They had a small conversation and Seung Hye rejected Do Jin’s feelings for her. Since she was adopted she knows how important parents are for their children so she doesn’t want to be the reason Do Jin will fight with his mother.

Arrived home, Do Jin hears a phone conversation between secretary Bae and his mother. Secretary Bae came to get Do Jin and his stuff from Kyeong Tae’s house and while waiting for Do Jin, he was talking with Mi Ja on the phone. Without knowing that Do Jin was behind him, secretary Bae talked about the sunshower tea jar that they’ve stolen form Do Jin’s café.

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