“Love on a Rooftop ” ep 47~ep 48 ~ Do Jin:”How much more will you disappoint me?”

Do Jin finds out the whole truth, but he can’t believe his mother will do something like that, but decided to reopen his café. Dae Shil finds out that Seung Ah switched the tea jars and scolds her. Because she needed an excuse to leave the house for a few days, Seung Ah takes that opportunity and pretends to run away from home.

When she knew Seung Ah was in the hospital, Seung Hye ran away to her without seeing a car coming towards her. Since Yoon Ho was close, he saved Seung Hye from being hit by the car. Tired of the way Seung Ah treats Seung Hye, Dong Seok tells Seung Ah that Seung Hye was kicked out of the house after spilling hot water on her.

Personal thought: OH MY GOD! Seung Hye is such a fool! She doesn’t deserve to be a older sister. How can she say that she is Seung Ah’s older sister when all she does is covering for Seung Ah’s wrong doings. She should put Seung Ah in her place so she won’t do such things again, but no, no one say anything to little Seung Ah…except for Dae Shil and Seung Jae. But since Seung Jae and Dae Shil put Seung Ah in her place, Seung Hye doesn’t tell them anything.

I’m starting to be sure that Seung Ah is the way she is because of Seung Hye. Can’t Seung Hye realize that spoiling and covering for Seung Ah isn’t what she should do if she really loves her sister? Can’t she realize that Seung Ah’s acting is her own, unconsciously, cry for help? Seung Ah wants Seung Hye to act like a really sister and scold her when she does something wrong, even if she doesn’t say so, but Seung Hye ….Seung Ah ruined someone’s dream and hard work when she destroyed Do Jin’s business, so why is Seung Hye covering for her? Dae Shil was right to say that Seung Hye is worse than Seung Ah because she covered for her. When she found out the truth, Seung Hye should’ve grabbed Seung Ah and took her to Do Jin to reveal what she did. Can’t she realize that covering for Seung Ah isn’t helping her, but ruining her? What would happened if Seung Ah thinks once day that she should just kill someone, than what? Will Seung Hye cover for her again???????

Episode 47

Coming home, Do Jin hears secretary Bae talking on the phone with his mother. Without knowing that Do Jin is behind him, secretary Bae talked about the switched tea jars. Do Jin is shocked to find out that his mother was the mastermind behind the tea switched. He takes secretary Bae inside Kyeong Tae’s apartment to find out everything. Before entering the house, Do Jin took secretary Bae’s phone and hear his mother saying herself that she was behind the tea switch, but when he wanted to talk to her, Mi Ja closed the conversation. Kyeong Tae is shocked to find out what Mi Ja did using Seung Ah.

Do Jin remembers what his mother told him and how she acted when he suspected her of switching the tea and now that he knows the truth he can’t believe what his mother did.

Seung Ah’s surgery was scheduled. While she was thinking about an excuse to leave the house for a few days, Seung Jae tells Seung Ah that Seung Hye wants to talk to her. The reason Seung Hye wanted to see Seung Ah was to ask her to tell Do Jin the truth. Seung Ah refuses once again, but this time Dae Shil heard them talking. Hearing that Sueng Ah switched the tea jars from Do Jin’s café, Dae Shil scolded both Seung Hye and Seung Ah. Dae Shil scolded Seung Hye for covering all the bad things Seung Ah does. Meanwhile she scolded Seung Ah for switching the tea jars and ruining a person’s business. While she was scolding Seung Ah, Dae Shil asked Seung Ah to go and tell Do Jin the truth, if she will not tell Do Jin the truth then she doesn’t deserve to be part of the Dongnakdang family. Taking advantage of this situation, Seung Ah packed her things and left. Seung Hye and Dae Shil believe that Seung Ah left because of the words Dae Shil said, but she actually left because she needed a few days away of the house for her surgery anyway.

Running away from home, Seung Ah went to Se Ryeong’s house, where she met Yoon Ho also. Worried that Seung Ah run away from home and Seung Hye could be looking for her, Yoon Ho called Seung Hye. He called down Sueng Hye and convinced her to let Seung Ah sleep with Se Ryeong that night.

Early in the morning, Seung Hye arrived at Se Ryeong’s house to pick up Seung Ah. Yoon Ho opens the door for her and goes to get Seung Ah from Se Ryeong’s room, but they weren’t there. Even earlier Se Ryeong and Seung Ah went to the hospital.

Yoon Ho calls Se Ryeong and both him and Seung Hye ask Se Ryeong to convince Seung Ah to go back home, but Se Ryeong doesn’t want to. She and Seung Ah have other plans. Later while Yoon Ho was taking Seung Hye to the bus station, Seung Ah called Seung Hye. She wanted to tell someone in her family that she is getting her surgery and she chose Seung Hye to be the first person to know.

Seung Ah:”I’m about to go into surgery.”

In a hurry to go see Seung Ah and be there for her in an important moment like that, Seung Hye isn’t paying attention while crossing the street and a car is coming towards her.

Meantime Dae Ho met with Do Jin to return the money he gave Seung Hye. Later at the house Dae Shil shows Dae Ho, Dong Seok and Sun Im the drawings Seung Hye made when they send her back to the orphanage.

Episode 48

Tired of the way Seung Ah treats Seung Hye, Dae Shil takes the initiative and shows Sun Im, Dae Ho and Dong Seok the drawings Seung Hye made while she was send back to the orphanage. Realizing how much they’ve hurt Seung Hye, the family decides to show Seung Ah the pictures.

The moment Seung Ah called to tell Seung Hye she is getting her surgery done, Seung Hye runs to Seung Ah without seeing a car coming towards her. Luckily Yoon Ho was close and saved Seung Hye from being hit by the car. Then to make sure Seung Hye will arrive safely at her destination, Yoon Ho got Seung Hye a taxi.

Seung Hye arrived at the hospital after Seung Ah entered the surgery room. She is really nervous so Se Ryeong takes Seung Hye to the cafeteria and buys her a juice. Since Seung Hye is grateful towards Se Ryeong for paying Seung Ah’s surgery, Seung Hye wants to pay those money back no matter what. But Se Ryeong doesn’t want Seung Hye to pay her back, she wants Seung Hye to never cross her paths with Do Jin.

Do Jin is disappointed in his mother’s actions. He wants to tell everything to Seung Hye and apologize to her for what happened, but first he wants to talk to his mother. Speaking of the devil, the moment Do Jin said he has to talk with his mother, Mi Ja was at the door. Do Jin asked his mother to apologize to Seung Hye and Seung Ah and to go visit Sun Im to apologize for switching the tea jars. Sun Im trusted Do Jin and gave him her teas, but her reputation had to suffer because of the switching teas incident. Of course Mi Ja refused.

Finding out that his mother was the one that broke their promise first, Do Jin decided to reopen his café, against his mother’s desire.

Do Jin:”How much more will you disappoint me?”

When Seung Ah opened her eyes, she saw Seung Hye holding her hand. Since the surgery went well and Seung Ah woke up, Seung Hye will go home to bring Sueng Ah things she needs. What Seung Ah needs the most now is her mother. Arrived home Seung Hye tells the whole family that Seung Ah got the surgery she wanted. Because Seung Ah wants to see her Dong Seok accompanied by Seung Jae went to the hospital.

After sending Seung Jae home, Dong Seok gave Seung Ah the drawings Seung Hye made after they send her back to the orphanage. That night Seung Ah found out that Seung Hye was kicked out after spilling hot water on Seung Ah and hurting her.

When Seung Hye returned to the hospital, Seung Ah was looking at the drawing Seung Hye made with her. She tried to hide the drawing when Seung Hye entered, but the notebook fell. Both sister passed the awkward moment jokingly.

Seung Hye spend the night with Seung Ah at the hospital. None of them can sleep so Seung Ah asks Seung Hye to sing her a lullaby as she used to when they were children. During the song Yoon Ho called Seung Hye. Hearing that the person who called Seung Hye is Yoon Ho, she intervened in the conversation. She asked Yoon Ho to come see her.

In the morning when Seung Hye, Seung Jae and Seung Ah left the hospital they saw Yoon Ho waiting for them in front of the hospital. Yoon Ho came to take Seung Hye and her sibling’s home.

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